How to Install HDHomerun on Roku [2021]

Keeping up with live TV from all over the world is not easy. However, with a streaming device like HDHomeRun, you don’t necessarily need cable TV to watch your favorite live TV.

HDHomeRun is a streaming service that allows you to stream tons of live channels both local and international. It offers over 45 channels such as ABC, AMC, NBC, FX, HGTV, and many more.  It also allows you to watch free TV feed on multiple devices across your network. For a Roku streaming device owner, the streaming service has an app in the Roku channel store. With Roku, you can record your favorite live broadcasts and then watch them offline later. All you need to do is install it on your Roku and start streaming.

To install HDHomeRun on Roku, set up your Roku then go to the Channel store and add the app to the device. Let’s take you through the installation process.

HDHomeRun is supported on Roku devices with 9.0 or later firmware version supports MPEG-2.. This allows you to access the HDHomeRun tuner and playback DVR content. On Roku, since the app is in beta, you can only stream live shows without DVR support for now. Before installing the app on your Roku, ensure you have the HDHomeRun tuner, a reliable internet connection and that the Roku device is connected to the same WiFi network that the HDHomeRun tuner is connected to.

Installing HDHomeRun on Roku

Connect your Roku streaming device and the HDHomeRun tuner to the same Wi-Fi network and press the home button on the Roku remote. On the home screen, select ‘Streaming Channels’ on the left pane and then select the ‘Search Channels’ option. In the search bar, enter ‘HDHomeRun’ by typing the on-screen keyboard and select ’HDHomeRun’ app from the suggestions list. On the next page, click on ‘+ Add Channel’ to add the channel to your Roku device. Once the app is done installing, click on the OK button and finally on the ‘Go to channel’ button to open the app.

Via web

Another method to install HDHomeRun on Roku is by opening a web browser on your PC or smartphone and then visiting the Roku channel store. Log in with your Roku credentials and on the main menu, hover over the ‘What to watch’ dropdown arrow and select ‘Channel Store’. Search for HDHomeRun and select the app from the results. On the app page, click on the ‘+Add Channel’ button to add it to your Roku account. The app will then be automatically added across all your Roku devices. Wait for a while and check on your Roku to see if it’s installed.

Issues with the audio

Whatever audio device you use will have to decode AC3 or Dolby Digital over HDMI. To hear audio, you will need an audio device that can do this conversion. Most modem TVs are able to perform this including all Roku TVs. However, if you have issues with your audio go to the home screen and then click on Settings. Select ‘Audio’ and click on the ‘HDMI’ option. Change the option from ‘HDMI’ to ‘Dolby Digital’ and then go back to ‘Audio’. On this screen, select ‘Audio mode’ and change it to ‘Auto(Dolby Digital’. Check to ensure that the issue has been resolved. 

Installation steps in pictures

Press the home button on your Roku remote and go to the Roku home screen


Select Streaming Channels

 Install HDHomerun

Click on Search Channels and type HDHomerunin the search bar and click on the app from the suggestions

Install HDHomerun on Roku

Click on +Add Channel to install 

 HDHomerun on Roku

How to Install HDHomerun on Roku [2021]: A snap shot

Installation process
Action required
Connect your Roku streaming device and TV. Make sure that the device is connected to the same network as the HDHomeRun tuner and then go to the Channel Store. Search for the Xfinity Stream app and add it to the device. Activate the app and start streaming.
–          Roku connected TV

–          Stable Wi-Fi

–          HDHomeRun tuner

–          HDHomeRun login credentials

Open a web browser and visit the channel store. Sign in and add the HDHomeRun app.
–          Stable Wi-Fi

–          PC/smartphone

–          Roku login credentials

Final Thoughts

Despite the app still being in beta, you can catch most of your live TV shows including both local and international. Now that you know how to install HDHomeRun, go ahead and install it on your devices.


Is HDHomeRun Prime supported on Roku? 

For now, HDHomeRun is not yet supported since the app is in beta. 

How do I check my Roku firmware version?

You can check your Roku firmware version by clicking on the Home button and select Settings. Next, select ‘System’ and click on ‘System update’. On this screen, you should see your current software version with the time of the latest update. Updates are automatically downloaded.

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