How to install Boomerang on Roku [2021]

Cartoons are known for being one of the best entertainment content for people of all age groups, and especially for kids. The entertainment space has undergone major developments giving alternatives to watching cartoons on various platforms apart from cable TV.

When growing up, we were hooked to cartoons such as Scooby Doo, Richie Rich, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, and many others. Back then, the cartoon show pool was shallow. However, with apps like Boomerang, nowadays there are over 4000 cartoons & movies that you can catch on the app including your old-school favorites. Boomerang is a subscription-based app with ad-free content that you can download on almost all streaming devices including Roku.

To install Boomerang on Roku, go to the Roku Channel Store and add the app to your Roku streaming device. Let’s help you install the app by walking with you step-by-step.

Steps to installing Boomerang on Roku

The Boomerang app is available on the Channel Store making it simple to install it on your Roku streaming device. If it’s your first time using a Roku device, then connect the device to your TV, and set it up. Turn on both the TV and Roku device and go to the home screen on your Roku by clicking on the home button found on the remote. Next, navigate to ‘Streaming Channels’ and click it. Under it, select the ‘Channel Store’ option and click on ‘Search Channels’ from the menu to continue. In the search bar using the on-screen keyboard, type ‘Boomerang’ and search. From the suggestions, click on the app and then click the ‘+ Add Channel’ button on the app’s page. Boomerang has now been added to your streaming device. To open it, go to the home screen and then the Streaming channels list.

There are other ways that you can use to install Boomerang on Roku that may come in handy under certain situations. They include:

Using the Roku app

If you have the Roku mobile app on your phone, then open it on your phone and click on ‘Channel Store’. In the Search bar, type in ‘Boomerang’ and then select the Boomerang app from the displayed results. On the next page, click on ‘+ Add Channel’ to install the app.

Via the web

Another way to install Boomerang on Roku devices is through the web, and all you need is the Roku websiteon your web browser and sign in using your Roku credentials. At the top of the screen, navigate to ‘What to watch’ and hover over it. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Channel Store’. In the store, enter ‘Boomerang’ in the search bar and select the app from the results. To add it to your Roku device, click on the ‘Add channel’ button.

Signing up/in Boomerang on Roku

Open the app on your Roku streaming device and click the ‘Subscribe’ button on the welcome page. There are two plans to choose from – a monthly or annual plan with both coming with a 7-day trial period free. To continue, select a plan, next, verify your age and then sign up using either a Roku email or a different one. Remember that if you use the Roku email address, you will be billed through Roku. When asked, enter your Roku PIN to authorize Boomerang access. Your payment will then be made via the Roku account. To confirm your subscription, sign in. If you already have a Boomerang subscription, then simply go ahead and log in to your account.

Canceling Boomerang on Roku

Boomerang subscription automatically renews and you will need to cancel it if you don’t want to use the service anymore. There are two ways to cancel the subscription. They include:

  1. Roku device

Make sure you’re on the Boomerang app on the home screen and then press the asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote. On the next screen, select ‘Manage Subscription’ and then click on ‘Cancel Subscription’.

  1. Roku website

Open a web browser on any device and copy-paste this link in the address bar and visit the Roku page. Next, log in to your Roku account and then click on your profile picture. Under it, select ‘choose My Account’ and click on ‘Manage Your Subscriptions’. Go to the Boomerang channel, click on ‘Cancel subscription’ and unsubscribe.

Installation steps in pictures

Press the home button on your Roku remote and go to the Roku home screen

Boomerang on Roku    

Select Streaming Channels

install Boomerang

Click on Search Channels and type Boomerang in the search bar and click on the app from the suggestions

 install Boomerang on Roku

Click on +Add Channel to install

 Boomerang on Roku

How to install Boomerang on Roku: A snap shot 

Installation process
Action required
Add the Boomerang app from the Roku Channel Store
–          Roku streaming device

–          Internet connection

–          Simply open the Channel Store on Roku and add the channel to it

Final Thoughts

With Boomerang now added and activated on your Roku streaming device, you can go ahead and enjoy a wide variety of your favorite movies and cartoons going back in time. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can still do so from the Roku device.


Can I cast Boomerang from my phone?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is to enable the screen mirroring feature on your Roku device. On Android devices, all you have to do is cast Boomerang. If your Roku model supports Airplay, then you can Airplay it from an iPhone.

Is Boomerang free on Roku?

When subscribing to Boomerang on Roku, the app gives you a free 7-day trial period without incurring any cost. After that, you have the choice of choosing between two plans of $4.99 per month or $39.99 annually.

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