How to cancel a google fiber account

Google Fiber is a broadband internet service offered in only 18 cities across the US, though they are slowly increasing their reach. What people have come to value about it is the high-speed internet with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Even with their impressive services, people are still choosing to opt out. One way to make the cancellation via your Google Fiber Account under Manage Profile and Cancel Fiber Service Link. Alternatively, you can access the help center through Google Fiber’s contact page, which allows you to get in touch with a customer service agent.

Why cancel your google fiber account

Google Fiber is continually expanding throughout the US, with its main appeal being the high-speed internet of 1000Mbps. While there is a lot of praise for the speeds and competitive prices, not everyone chooses to stay on with the services. Reasons sighted in forums and other platforms for opting out varies, but here are customer’s top concern. You might find that you share similar sentiments.

High price: While the speeds are impressive with google fiber, not everyone can afford the high price given cheaper alternatives. There are two packages; for 1000Mbps, you pay $70 monthly and $50 for 100Mbps. When you compare the two, the former appears to be more economical, but the price is still too high. Not everyone requires such speeds in their home, and thus not something they would prioritize.

Frequent downtimes:Even with the high speeds, you’re not always guaranteed consistentservice. Many customers have complained about the downtime the company faces, which is quite irritating for the average person. One expects reliability for the cost, but switching to other companies becomes the better alternative when that’s not possible.

Better alternatives:Given the price and issues people face, some companies have stepped up and offer improved services. When someone does a cost-benefit analysis, they find that opting out of google fiber is better.

Unavailability in some regions: Some people have to cancel their google fiber account because the services are not available in the locations they shift to. When that’s the case, people have to make do with the service providers in the region they move to.

Canceling your google fiber account

There are two ways you can go about canceling your google fiber account. Let’s get into it.

Method 1

Step 1:Sign into your fiber account. You’ll need the email address and the password you used to get a Fiber account.

Step 2: Make your way to the accountpage and click on Manage Profile

Step 3: Click CancelFiber Service Link

Step 4: Click Continue on each dialog box prompting the cancellation

Step 5: Pay an outstanding bill you might have

Step 6: Return the equipment or pay a replacement fee if you choose to keep the equipment

Once you click on terminate, the service will be canceled immediately, and you won’t have access to it. It’s something to keep in mind in case you did need something more from google fiber.

Method 2: Help center

If you’re experiencing technical difficulties with your account or machine, you need to call customer service. That remains your only option if you’re to cancel the services on time. Reach out to the help center and choose the approach you want to take. There is the choice of selecting the phone, live chat, email, or other available options.

Whatever you choose, ensure that you do a follow up to ensure that you’ve indeed canceled that service—if you’re near the cancellation threshold, then making a phone call would be a better alternative. If you opt for the live chat, please note that you’ll have to enter your name, email, indicate if you’re a currently Google fiber customer, and then ask your question. You’ll then have to wait for a customer support member to respond.

What if I am shifting to a new address?

cancel a google fiber account

When moving to a different location, it won’t only be your items that you take with you. You will need to do the same for your google fiber too. Call the company and ask them to transfer your connection to your new premises. You can do this by calling the customer support number. If that’s too much of a hustle, then you can cancel the connection and get a new one from your new location.

While you might enjoy google fiber, there are instances where you’re forced to make the cancellation anyway. This service is not available everywhere, and that might be the case at your new address. For that reason, you need to cancel and go for a different internet provider altogether. What one can hope for is getting an alternative that serves you just as well.

How to terminate my google fiber account

Cancellation options
Approach to cancellation
Termination via fiber account
-Sign into fiber account using the email address and password

-Account page > Manage Profile > Cancel Fiber Service Link > agree to the prompt

-Pay outstanding bill

-Return equipment or pay a replacement fee

Termination via customer support
Contact customer support via

– Email

– Telephone

– Live chat

Final thoughts

Canceling your google fiber account need not be a pain. The simple steps offered here will help you begin making the steps to finding a better internet provider alternative for you. Whatever method you choose, remember to confirm that your account has been canceled and return the equipment to avoid getting fined.


What locations is Google fiber available?

Google Fiber is available in 19 cities across the United States. Head over to their official website,, and under Fiber Cities, you can check if the service is in your area.

What other products does Google fiber offer?

Other products include Wi-Fi, streaming TV, and phone packages.

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