How to fix error 1061 on Fire TV Stick

Network related errors are annoying when they show up on your Amazon Fire TV stick since they make your Fire TV unusable. Error 1061 happens to be among them. It mostly appears when you’re trying to access Amazon Prime Video contents and it’s usually brought about by network connection problems.

These errors are common and all they need is a few steps of troubleshooting.

You can fix error 1061 on your Fire TV stick by troubleshooting your Wi-Fi, Fire TV stick, and Prime Video app by manually restarting your router and Fire Stick to clear cache and data.  

Summary of error 1061 cause and how to fix

How to fix
Amazon Fire Tv Stick showing an error 1061
This is caused by network connection issues
Disconnect your Fire TV Stick from Wi-Fi and connect to an alternative network to establish a problem source.


Restart your router and Fire TV Stick by switching off the power source. This clears cache and data. Finally, restart your Fire TV and router and wait for a connection reestablishment.


Check if it has been resolved.

Things to look at and how to fix the 1061 error code

Not all network connection issues are a result of your internet connection being down, sometimes it could be because of something else network related. There are several ways of checking your network and Stick to find the problem.

You can troubleshoot your devices step by step by eliminating probable causes until you establish the root cause and then resolve.


Check your router/Modem

Try isolating the problem by first confirming that your network is properly working. Connect your Fire TV to another internet network such as your phone’s internet by tethering it. Alternatively, check whether any other devices using the same network are working.

If it responds, then your router is the issue but if the other devices are responding then it might be a problem with your Fire TV stick.

If the error is a result of problems with your network connection, make sure your Wi-Fi router/modem is working as it should with stable speeds. Ensure its DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is not disabled.

Disconnect some of the connected devices to your Wi-Fi if they have exceeded the limit in case your network has a limit. This makes room for the Fire TV.

Whitelisting a device

You can try whitelist your Fire Stick if blacklisted or blocked. Check if the network is blocked or blacklisted from your router’s admin panel and unblock it.

A Wi-Fi network you’re attempting to connect your Fire TV to might be hidden which makes it not appear on your list of networks available. Check and confirm its status. If hidden, you can unhide it or connect to it as it is.

To connect:

  • Navigate to your Fire TV stick settings and select Network. Scroll down then select ‘Join Other Network’
  • Enter the SSID of the hidden network and press the Play/Pause button to continue
  • Tap the Play/Pause button to select the security type of network and security code/password then press Play/Pause
  • Confirm the details and press Play/Pause to connect to Wi-Fi

Restart your router

If your Wi-Fi connection is OK and the problem persists, then action as simple as restarting your router/modem may do the trick. Try restarting and see if the problem has cleared.

Forget your network

If you’re still experiencing the same problem on the same network you were connected to earlier, then try forgetting the network and reconnecting to it again.

Go to your Fire TV stick setting, select ‘Network’, put the cursor on the Network with issues, and click on the Menu button on your Fire TV remote. Select to confirm and delete the network. Finally, try connecting again.

In the event the error is persistent when attempting to connect to a specific Wi-Fi, then reset the router to default settings. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if your network is weak or not responding after all these steps.

Manually Restart Fire TV stick 

Try manually restarting your Fire TV stick by following the following steps:

  • unplugging power source from a wall socket
  • Switching off and on at power source
  • Remove the Fire TV’s USB cable
  • Switch on the source of power and try again

You can restart the Fire TV stick using your remote. On your remote, tap and long-press the Play/Pause with Select button at the same time for like 4-5 minutes. Your Fire TV will automatically restart in about 2-4 seconds.

HDMI extender method

Amazon recommends the use of an HDMI extender at all times. If you’re using your Fire TV stick without an HDMI extender, try using it as it can help fix your network connection problem since fitting the Fire TV Stick to your TV’s HDMI port correctly, boosts Wi-Fi connectivity.

What if nothing still works so far? Go ahead and restore your Fire TV Stick to default settings by resetting it. Go to Settings>My Fire TV> Reset to Factory Defaults.

If it’s still not working out, post your question on an online forum, or seek further assistance by contacting the support center and inquire if you can get a replacement.


Errors are a common thing and it is why devices that connect to the internet receive software updates from time to time to fix some of these issues/bugs.


Amazon Fire TV Stick is unable to connect to a new Wi-Fi network.

This could be because it has cached your previous Wi-Fi network and it’s unable to get over it. Try forgetting your old network or clear cache on your Fire TV stick.

My Fire TV Stick keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network

This could because of several reasons such as your internet connection being weak/down and your software being up to date. To solve this, unplug your Fire TV stick from the TV and restart both your router and TV.

After restarting, plug back in your Fire TV stick and check the status.

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