Google Wi-Fi vs. Google OnHub AC1900 from Asus – An in-depth comparison

Google Wi-Fi vs. Google OnHub AC1900

OnHub devices are some of the most reliable routers for home connections. They also feature incredible builds. So, can the Google OnHub AC1900 from Asus beat the Google Wi-Fi router when it comes to home transmissions?

When a market such as the one for routers is flooded with a myriad of devices that have varying characteristics, it can become a tall order zeroing in on a particular router and deciding that it is the one you are going to use. The process requires a lot of research and comparison. Thank heavens for the likes of us.

Enter Google Wi-Fi and Google OnHub AC1900 Asus. These two devices are strong contenders for the coveted ‘Best router for mid-range transmission’ price. They do not just perform; they also feature incredible builds. So, really, which one of the two should you choose for good home connectivity and why?

What are the differences between the Google Wi-Fi and the Google OnHub AC1900 Asus?

Google Wi-Fi
Google OnHub AC1900 Asus
4.17 x 2.70 inches
7.94 x 5.03 x 5.20 inches
1,500 square feet
2,500 square feet
Transmission Speed
400Mbps at 2.4GHz

867Mbps at 5GHZ

600Mbps at 2.4GHz

1300Mbps at 5GHz

800MHz Dual Core
1.4GHz Dual Core
1 WAN, 1 LAN
1 WAN, 1 LAN

Google Wi-Fi vs. Google OnHub AC1900 Asus – How do they differ?

Design and Build

Router designs are as similar as they are diverse. There is not a single look that goes too far, or one that is too simple. After all, these devices are made to work in a technological world where all forms of creativity or lack thereof fits anyway. That said, the Google Wi-Fi strikes a balance between futuristic and simple. Bearing a cylindrical shape that sets it apart from most routers, it fascinates with its beautiful yet discreet design. An LED light that runs through its middle section makes for an intriguing look, especially in the dark.

The Google OnHub AC1900 Asus is a device that does not look much like a router with its shape that mimics an inverted tumbler. It is a tall cylindrical device that is almost twice as large as the Google Wi-Fi. Interestingly, it is quite narrow, meaning that it will not take up too much space where you set it. For excellent coverage, it bears 9 antennas that are excellent for boosting speed and range of internet transmission to ensure zero downtime and no dead zones.

The Google OnHub is the better router than the Google Wi-Fi since it has a unique shape and also 9 antennas that ensure speed and range are consistent.

Performance and Speed

As a home router, the Google Wi-Fi performs quite well to ensure you enjoy good speeds and great coverage. It is important to note that it is a mesh router that works to ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is well covered. That said, the Google Wi-Fi delivers a combined throughput of 1,200Mbps over a range of 1,500 square feet.

The Google OnHub AC1900 Asus is a router that was built for performance. Interestingly, this router operates as a single unit and does not come with any satellite devices for assisted coverage. In spite of this, it is able to deliver an impressive 1,900Mbps throughput over a range of 2,500 square feet.

The Google OnHub AC1900 Asus outperforms the Google Wi-Fi since it operates as a single unit but still delivers high speeds and a better range of transmission.

Ports and Connectivity

One of the most important features in a router is the ethernet ports for physical connectivity. The Google Wi-Fi router does not offer much accommodation in this regard since it only comes with only 1 WAN port and 1 LAN port. As for connectivity, it comes with a mobile app that allows you to install and control it using your mobile phone.

The Google OnHub AC1900 Asus seems to check all boxes apart from that which pertains to ports. It only comes with 1 WAN por and 1 LAN port, meaning that it may be impossible to connect multiple devices to it via ethernet cables. It also comes with a mobile app that lets you access it from your mobile phone.

These two devices are almost similar in this category, but the Google Wi-Fi stands a bit taller here because it has a better app than the Google OnHub Asus.

Google Wi-Fi vs. Google OnHub AC1900 Asus – A comparison overview

Google Wi-Fi Overview

Google WiFi System, 1-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage - NLS-1304-25,white
  • A new type of connected system that replaces your router for seamless wifi coverage throughout your home,...
  • Network assist technology keeps your connection fast by always selecting the clearest channel and fastest...

This device has a unique build that looks stylish and elegant. It is a compact router that measures 4.17 by 2.70 inches and it has a cylindrical shape. Unlike many routers made to be installed on a wall or ceiling, this router comes with a flat base that allows you to set it on any flat surface of your liking. For excellent coverage, this router comes with 4 antennas that are internal, and they ensure that the speed and range of transmission are efficient.

For excellent performance, the Google Wi-Fi depends on an 800MHz Dual Core processor that works alongside a 512MB RAM and a 128MB flash memory to ensure great throughput. As with many routers of its caliber, it is a dual band router which means that it transmits from 2 different bandwidths. A 2.4GHz bandwidth delivers 400Mbps while a 5GHz bandwidth delivers an 867Mbps speed.

The Google Wi-Fi comes with many performance enhancing features like beamforming and MI-MUMO technology. It also comes with Network Assist that manage your network from the background.


  • It is quite stylish
  • Transmits at decent speeds for a medium sized home
  • It comes with a mobile app
  • Has many performance enhancing features


  • It has few ethernet ports

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Google OnHub AC1900 Asus Overview

ASUS SRT-AC1900 AC1900 Onhub Google WiFi Router,Black
  • The Google On app for Android and iOS allows simple setup and management
  • ASUS-exclusive Wave Control lets you prioritize traffic to devices with a wave of your hand

We cannot get enough of this router’s incredibly unique design. The Google OnHub by Asus was made to act as a 2-in-1 device, providing great internet speeds and coverage and beautiful home décor. This is the reason why it does not spot a logo or feature indicative of its actual functions.

For optimal functioning, the router is fitted with a 1.4GHz processor that works alongside an impressive 1GB RAM and 4GB flash memory to give good speeds and range. Since it is a dual band router,it transmits internet from two bandwidths. A 2.4GHz bandwidth gives 600Mbps while a 5GHz bandwidth gives a 1300Mbps transmission speed.

Impressively, this router’s antennas have the capacity to detect the least congested network to ensure you receive the best speeds and optimal performance at all times. its firmware also auto-updates for the best security and overall performance features.


  • It has a stylish design
  • Comes with 9 antennas
  • Delivers incredible speeds
  • Covers a wide range


  • It has few ports for ethernet connections

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Verdict: So, which one is better – Google Wi-Fi or Google OnHub AC1900 Asus?

The Google OnHub AC1900 Asus is the better performer in this comparison. It looks great and has much higher speeds than the Google Wi-Fi router and can also transmit over a wider range than its competitor.


  1. Does the Google OnHub AC1900 come with a speaker?

Yes, it does.

  1. Can the Google Wi-Fi and Google OnHub Ac1900 Asus be connected?

Yes, they can be connected for better speeds and range.


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