Google Wi-Fi vs. Google Nest Wi-Fi –An in-depth comparison

Google Wi-Fi vs. Google Nest Wi-fi

The Google Wi-Fi and Google Nest Wi-Fi are mesh routers that are ideal for home connections. They are made by the same company and they boast some of the best speeds and ranges. Which one of the two is better?

A good home connection gives you quite a bit of freedom. It allows you to work from home and your kids can also do their studies online. A great home connection allows for multiple high speed connectivity with no down time and no dead zones, and you will agree that this is easily one of the best things.

Google Wi-Fi and Google Nest Wi-Fi are made by the same manufacturer. Both of them are mesh routers, meaning that you can connect multiple devices to increase the total speed and range achieved. Notably, they are quite compact, and you will find that they are smaller than regular routers. So, which one of these two is the best, and for what reason?

What are the differences between Google Wi-Fi and Google Nest Wi-Fi?

Google Wi-Fi
Google Nest Wi-Fi
4.17 x 2.70 inches
4.3 x 3.6 inches
1,500 square feet
2,200 square feet
Transmission Speed
400Mbs at 2.4GHz

867 Mbps at 5GHz

400 Mbps at 2.4GHz

1,733 Mbps at 5GHz

800MHz Dual Core
1.4 GHz Quad Core
1 WAN, 1 LAN
1 WAN, 1 LAN

Google Wi-Fi vs. Google Nest Wi-fi – How do they differ?

Design and Build

When it comes to first looks, the Google Wi-Fi router strikes you as a simple looking device that has a touch of sophistication. It looks compact yet beautiful and goes well with many forms of home décor. You will notice that this device bears a cylindrical shape that mimics that of a small Bluetooth speaker. Even though routers are ideally not meant to be moved about, this router is made using rigid plastic which gives it a good deal of longevity.

Just like the Google Wi-Fi, the Google Nest Wi-Fi is a cylindrical router that is also compact. You will notice that it looks a good deal simpler than the Google Wi-Fi, but it stands a bit taller. Being a small router, it is easy to install and will not take too much space. This router’s body is made with strong plastic that gives it good strength and longevity.

The Google Wi-Fi Router features a more sophisticated build than the Google Nest Wi-Fi, making it stand out in this category.

Speed and Performance

The Google Wi-Fi Router is a mesh router, meaning that it can be connected to other Google Wi-Fi routers or satellite devices for the purpose of increasing speed and range. An arrangement of 2 or 3 devices would mean total coverage in a massive home with multiple storeys. The single unit, however, does a decent job on its own. It delivers a combined throughput of 1,200Mbps over a range of 1,500 square feet.

Also a mesh router, the Google Nest Wi-Fi can be connected to multiple satellite devices to increase speed and range of transmission. However, it works quite decently on its own. When compared to the Google Wi-Fi, this device offers better coverage and faster speeds, delivering 2,200Mbps over a range of 2,200 square feet.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi is a better router than the Google Wi-Fi since it boasts a wide range of transmission and better speeds.

Ports and Connectivity

The main objective of a router is to ensure that you can connect as many devices as possible wirelessly. However, it at times becomes necessary to have multiple wired connections. This is where ports come in. The Google Wi-Fi disappoints to a certain level in this regard, offering the standard 1 WAN port, and just one LAN port. However, each satellite device comes with one LAN port that can be used for more connections.

Similarly, the Google Nest Wi-Fi comes with very few ports. It offers 1 WAN port and 1 LAN port, meaning that you may have to get an extender if you would like to connect devices directly. Just like the Google Wi-Fi, this router’s satellites also come with an extra port, but they can only be accessed if you decide to have a mesh system.

Both the Google Wi-Fi and Google Nest Wi-Fi offer a similar number of ports, setting them on equal footing in this regard.

Google Wi-Fi vs. Google Nest Wi-Fi – A comparison overview

Google Wi-Fi RouterOverview

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One of this router’s most outstanding characteristics is its beautiful and elegant build, coupled with a compact physique that makes it quite a sight to behold. A clever LED ring  in its middle section makes for quite a spectacle, especially in the dark.

Since it is a mesh router, it can be connected to other similar routers or satellite devices to boost range and speed of transmission. The Google Wi-fi relies on an 800MHz Dual Core processor that makes it capable of transmitting internet in medium size to large homes depending on the number of routers and satellites connected.

As with many routers of its caliber, this router is a dual band router that delivers speeds from two different bandwidths. A 2.4GHz bandwidth delivers 400Mbps while a 5GHz bandwidth delivers 800Mbps. You are going to like how easy it is to operate this router since it comes with a mobile app that grants you full access via your mobile phone. Google also offers 24/7 tech support to all users of this device in case they encounter any trouble during use.


  • It is a mesh router
  • Covers a decent range
  • Delivers impressive speeds
  • Comes with a mobile app for easy control


  • It has only one LAN port

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Google Nest Wi-Fi Overview

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The Google Nest Wi-Fi came as an improvement of the Google Wi-Fi, and it does a stellar job when it comes to covering your home with high speed internet. Inside the router are 4 antennas that prove excellent for making sure that there are no dead zones or downtime as you surf.

This router depends on a 1.4GHz Quad Core processor that works with a 1GB RAM and 4GB flash memory for optimal performance. The Google Nest Wi-Fi is also a dual band router that delivers 400Mbps from a 2.4GHz bandwidth and a 1,733Mbps speed from a 5GHz bandwidth.

Aside from having a mobile app that grants you complete access from your mobile phone, this routerscomes with other performance enhancing features like MI-MUMO technology, superior security and beamforming.


  • It is a mesh router
  • Transmits high speed internet
  • It is small and does not take up too much space
  • Covers a wide range


  • It comes with just one LAN port

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Verdict: So, which one is better – Google Wi-Fi or Google Nest Wi-Fi?

The Google Nest Wi-Fi router stands out as a better device since it boasts a stronger processor, better speeds and wider range. For this reason, it would be a more ideal choice than the Google Wi-Fi for larger homes.


  1. Can I connect the Google Nest Wi-Fi to other routers?

Yes, you can. It is possible to connect it to Google Wi-Fi and other previous routers from the same company.

  1. Can I stream 4K videos on the Google Nest Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can. It is strong enough to amply support this.


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