File Transfer Protocol Vs Trivial FTP – How do they differ?

File Transfer Protocol Vs Trivial FTP

FTP is one of the most well-known protocols in file transfer. It is often compared to TFTP, which seems to be based off of it. How do the two differ?

FTP – This is a file transfer protocol that is based on the basic internet protocol and is designed to allow the transfer of files between users over the internet. It is widely popular because it is easy to access, fast and allows for the efficient transfer of large files.

TFTP – This is an acronym for Trivial File transfer Protocol, which is a simplified FTP version. It is made simple by the fact that; the data requires no authentication for it to be accessed and it uses only one port, number 69 (TCP). This makes it very insecure, and it would only be safe to use over a trusted LAN connection. For this reason, it is not widely used and there is little to no information on it.

Why would they be compared?

FTP and TFTP are often compared because TFTP is a simplified version of FTP, which creates the basis for all the differences between the two.

What are the differences between FTP and TFTP?

Only 5
Port number
No 20 and No 21
No 69
File transfer service
Software size


Aside from the differences listed in the table, FTP and TFTP are essentially the same, with the exception that TFTP is less secure than FTP due to its simplified nature.


The comparison between FTP and TFTP is redundant because it is the same functionality, on that one is made simpler than the other, like a redundant lite version.


Where is TFTP used?

It is mostly used to back up router configurations such as Cisco files and IOS images as well as diskless booting.

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