OFTP Vs FTP – How do they compare


Due to their similarity in name, particularly the derivative nature of OFTP in relation to FTP, the two are often compared with the belief that OFTP is a version of FTP like SFTP and FTPS. What is the relationship between the two?

OFTP – The Odette File Transfer Protocol is used to preform EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transactions between users, typically business partners. It is often compared to AS2 because of its suitability in performing EDI transactions

FTP – This is a file transfer protocol that works by establishing a dual connection, using port 20 for data transfer and port 21 for commands and responses. This makes it suitable for the transfer of large data files over the internet in a way that is both reliable and fast. Its biggest drawback is its lack of security for the data being transferred in the protocol.


There is no relationship or form of comparison between OFTP and FTP other than the fact that they both transfer data and other files between users. FTP is not designed to transfer EDI files but under the right circumstances, it can facilitate such transfers although they will not be as efficient as with the use of OFTP.


Is FTP outdated?

Not exactly. FTP was first designed in the 1940s and since then has advanced and acted as the building block for a variety of file transfer protocols such as FTPS. Although it is still widely used for its speed and efficiency, its lack of security is the major factor behind its being phased out in the IT community. This has been remedied by running it over security protocols such as SSH and SSL, but it is still being replaced by secure forms of file transfer like SFTP, which would make it appear to be outdated.


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