Does Geek Squad Build PCs?

Yes. Geek Squad has well-trained employees that can help you build a PC. You can either provide the components you want in a PC or buy them from Best Buy. The process of building a PC can take a few days.

Rather than getting a brand new computer, you can consider the option of a pre-built computer from Geek squad. This service provider can help you save some cash if you don’t want to buy a brand new PC. If you lack the skills to build your PC, get in touch with Geek Squad and let them help you achieve this. Learn more!

How Geek Squad works

Geek Squad is well known for protecting different devices from different incidences. Some of the devices that it covers include cell phones, computers, TVs, and tablets. It is a popular service that is available through Best Buy. When you buy a product from a Best Buy store, you should consider paying for the Geek Squad protection plan.

This service provider became a part of Best Buy in 2002. Together, they offer quality services to numerous customers located in different parts of the world.  It has over 200,000 agents that are always helping customers meet their needs.

If you have such devices, Geek Squad can help you repair or replace them as long you pay for the plans. It offers both in-store and in-home repair services. Best Buy has managed to become among the top electronic stores in the US due to its efficient and reliable solutions.

Does Geek Squad help build PCs?

Apart from its popular services, Geek Squad can also help in building PCs for customers. As soon as the computer parts are bought, a service provider from Geek Squad can inform you of the cost of building the PC and the time frame. The cost of building a PC can be around $99. This, however, varies based on whether you are getting computer parts from Best Buy or another source.

Ensure you talk to agents at a Best Buy store to find out how much you will be charged to have the company build a PC for you. If, for instance, you require hardware installation in the store, you will be charged around $39.99 for these services. You may be charged more for an in-home computer setup. Note that Geek squad does not specify the time frame to build a PC since this tends to vary. It varies based on the work required to set up the PC. Geek Squad can build a PC for you in a couple of days.

If, for instance, you want a gaming PC, you can pay Geek Squad to help you create it. You can give Geek Squad the components you need in the PC and give it time to combine them into a finished PC. If you don’t already have the computer components, you can purchase premade ones from Best Buy and let Geek Squad use them to come up with the finished product.

Can one create a PC using Best Buy Parts?

Since Best Buy also sells different PC parts, it gives customers that know how to build a PC an opportunity to get such parts and create the PC. Some of the computer parts that you can get from a Best Buy store include cases, video cards, hard drives, RAM, power supplies, and CPU water coolers.

If you have the skills to create a PC and have an old PC, you can get parts from Best Buy and upgrade it. This can save you some cash since you don’t have to get a brand new PC. Geek Squad can therefore help you upgrade different components on a PC.  The process of creating your own PC is not that complicated. You can check out different Youtube videos or follow a computer building manual to achieve this.

Before you begin the assembly, you should ensure that the components that you get from Best Buy are compatible with the PC. It is, however, advisable to let Geek Squad build the PC for you since it knows the compatible parts needed for the project.

A summary of Geek squad building PCs

Some of the PC parts that Geek Squad sells
Video cards, power supplies, hard drives, CPU water coolers, RAM
Hardware installation In store-$39.99

PC set up in home-$99.99
The time frame that Geek squad takes to build a PC
 A couple of days

 Best Buy also accepts used computer components

If you have used computer components that you are looking to dispose, you could approach Best Buy. This company has a trade-in program that allows PC users to trade different PC components with store credit. For instance, it allows you to trade the used computer elements for a gift card. The trade-in program can prevent you from getting rid of a computer component that is not completely useless.


If you need a pre-built computer rather than a new one, you should get in touch with Geek Squad. It not only protects different devices but also builds PCs. Geek Squad can help you upgrade your old PC with different components. It has also been working hand in hand with Best Buy stores to offer such services. If you prefer building your own PC, you can still get quality parts from Geek Squad.


Does Best Buy make PCs?

Yes. This is one of the services that you can get from Best Buy.

How much does geek squad cost to fix a tv?

The cost of repairing a TV with the help of Geek Squad begins at $100. It can be more depending on the repairs needed.

Will geek squad replace my tv?

Yes. If, for instance, you paid for the TV protection plan and the TV has a problem that cannot be repaired, Geek Squad can replace it.

Can geek squad fix my tv?

Yes. Geek Squad has a team of experts that specialize in repairing TVs. They can handle most of the repairs on different TV models.

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