D-Link Exo Ax5400 Review

D-Link Exo Ax5400 review

If you’re looking for a good mesh router that can deliver a speedy and reliable internet connection throughout your entire house, the D-Link Exo Ax5400 can be a great option.

Having a wireless router that can give you a fast network connection doesn’t matter if it’s not accessible to all the devices in your home. A wifi 6 router has a wider reach that helps to eliminate the dead spots and allocates bandwidth better between multiple devices. This advantage can even be greater if you choose a tri-band router like the D-Link Exo Ax5400 that will utilize a single 2.4 GHz signal and two 5 GHz signals and automatically distribute your connected devices between the bands to reduce congestion and increase the signal speed and strength.

D-Link Exo Ax5400 review and breakdown

D-Link WiFi 6 Router AX5400 MU-MIMO Voice Control Works with Alexa & Google Assistant, Dual Band Gigabit Gaming Internet Network (DIR-X5460-US)
  • [Next-Gen Speed and Range] Combined speeds up to 5.4 Gbps. Get 5GHz band speeds up to 90% faster than the...
  • [Exceptional Capacity] Connect more devices at faster speeds. Up to 4x greater capacity than 11ac, so...

The D-Link Exo Ax5400 is a mesh wifi 6 router that can deliver fast speeds and performance with uninterrupted coverage for video chatting, smooth media streaming, playing video games, and more. As the household’s digital demands continue to increase many people need an excellent router that can handle the network strain and the D-Link Exo Ax5400 can overcome lag and buffer. It can support speeds of up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and 4800 Mbps on the 5 GHz band thanks to MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and 1024-QAM connectivity features. These features can help to improve bandwidth per user, the flow of data through your network, and even your device’s battery life.

This router can support up to 6 continuous streams of 4K content. It has a 4x greater capacity than an AC wireless router to support huge file downloads, ultra 4K video streaming, online gaming, and other smart home activities. The D-Link Exo Ax5400 has been engineered to handle heavy bandwidth processing and has high-powered built-in amplifiers with a 160 MHz channel capacity that helps to ensure that it delivers the fastest theoretical speeds and excellent data throughput. Together with the 6 channel streams, the D-Link Exo Ax5400 will help to significantly help to reduce latency for tons of wifi tasks at the same time.

It has an app-based setup and easy management through the phone’s free d link wifi app that has easy to follow instructions with access control features that you can use to give you greater control of the connected devices and even restrict access to your network. The built-in amplifiers and beamforming help to extend the reach of your wifi signal to all the connected devices over a larger area. The 4 gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and one gigabit Ethernet WAN port provide optional wired connectivity and also allow you to maximize your internet connection while future-proofing your internet speeds.

The built-in QoS allows you to prioritize bandwidth traffic to your preferred devices. Apart from MU-MIMO, the D-Link Exo Ax5400 also uses OFDMA a technology in wifi 6 that splits a channel into 4 sub-channels so signals from different devices get transmitted simultaneously which reduces congestion and a huge boost to bandwidth capacity. You can use Alexa and Google Assistant to allow you to control your network using voice commands. The D-Link Exo Ax5400 will also make automatic daily firmware updates and installs silently in the background to ensure that your devices have the latest features with very secure firmware.

What we liked

  • Uses wifi 6 802.3ax technology for faster speeds, greater capacity, and less congestion
  • Voice control for easier network management
  • Built-in USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports for more shared storage
  • Backward compatibility
  • D link wifi app for easy setup and enhanced parental controls
  • Increased battery life
  • Next-gen speed and range

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t support mesh networking
  • Best for a home that is more than 2000 sq. feet
  • It’s expensive

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D-Link Exo Ax5400 specs

D-Link Exo Ax5400
Wifi 6 router
Frequency band
LAN ports
WAN ports
USB ports
Built-in USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports
Wifi speeds
600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz and 4800 Mbps on the 5 GHz band
Range coverage area
Up to 2000 sq. feet
Smart Assistant
Alexa and Google Assistant
Wifi mesh technology
Mix and match with d link wifi mesh enabled extenders
MU-MIMO technology

D-Link Exo Ax5400 features


The D-Link Exo Ax5400is a great router you can rely on when it comes to speed. As a wifi 6 router, it can deliver maximum speeds of up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and 4800 Mbps on the 5 GHz band. Not all wifi 6 routers can reach such speeds, but thanks to the latest connectivity features that include MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and 1024-QAM they’re higher than the wifi 5 routers and comes with many more benefits. These features will help to improve your data flow through your network and the bandwidth used by each device. However, it will be hard for your router to reach these theoretical speeds if your internet service plan can’t reach that rate.

Functionality and durability

D-Link Exo Ax5400 review design

The D-Link Exo Ax5400 is a dual-band router that takes advantage of the wifi 6 standards to deliver stellar performance with the 2.4 GHz band being 90% faster while the 5 GHz band is 176% faster than its predecessor. It also has a 4x greater capacity that an AC wireless router which means it can provide ultra-efficient support for streaming ultra 4K videos, downloading large files, playing online games, and performing other smart home tasks. It’s also designed with presume-grade parts that will allow it to handle heavy data traffic.

The high-powered built-in amplifiers can handle a 160 MHz channel capacity that will ensure the D-Link Exo Ax5400 can deliver an excellent throughput with the fastest theoretical speeds, while the 1024-QAM will boost your device’s throughput to 25%. When this is combined with the 6 simultaneous streams, there is a significant reduction in latency for simultaneous wifi tasks and you can enjoy fast and smooth streaming on all your connected devices.

Advanced features

The D-Link Exo Ax5400 comes with very useful advanced features that make it a great wifi 6 router to have in your home. The MU-MIMO technology helps to distribute the flow of data simultaneously to all your connected devices, while the OFDMA transmits more data in small data packets together from multiple devices. This means there are less lag and signals from multiple devices can be transmitted together simultaneously eliminating any queues resulting in a 4x boost in bandwidth capacity.

Privacy is a very big concern when it comes to wifi networks and connected devices. The D-Link Exo Ax5400 uses the latest and most advanced standard,the 128-bit wireless encryption that ensures greater privacy for your network and devices.

The target wake time (TWT) feature helps to conserve energy and save the batteries of your connected devices by communicating with them when and how often data should be transferred. This feature increases your device’s sleeping time that helps to extend the battery life of your devices.

The BSS coloring technology colors your wifi transmissions giving them a unique code that results in less signal interference and gives more signal range in the congested areas.

Who is it best suited for?

The D-Link Exo Ax5400is a wifi 6 router that will be perfect if you have a home with multiple devices that need to be connected to a wifi home network, you need increased wifi speeds and range and if you don’t want to replace your router for a long time.

Are there any alternatives to the D-Link Exo Ax5400?

Yes, there are other wifi 6 router alternatives you can get apart from the D-Link Exo Ax5400. These include the Netgear AX8, Netgear AX12, and D link EXO AX1500.

Feature of the alternative wifi 6 routers

Netgear AX8
Netgear AX12
D link Exo AX1500
Wifi 6
Wifi 6
 Wifi 6
Frequency band
Wired, wireless, USB
USB, Ethernet
Wifi simultaneous streams
8 streams
12 streams
4 streams
Wifi speeds

6 Gbps


1.5 Gbps
Smart Assistant
Alexa voice control
Alexa voice control
Alexa and Google Assistant

Final verdict – Should you get the D-Link Exo Ax5400?

Yes, you should if you’re looking for a wifi 6 router with super-fast speeds and great performance benefits of wifi 6 protocol. This router can support super-fast speeds and it’s engineered with advanced technologies to improve its functionality and performance. It’s also a great replacement for your old wifi router which will help to future-proof your devices.


How much faster is wifi 6?

Generally, a wifi 6 has a base speed of 1.2 Gbps per stream which means a dual-stream connection will deliver 2.4 Gbps, while a quad-stream will reach 4.8 Gbps. However, when transmitting data wirelessly in the real world, such rates will be much lower.

What is the benefit of a wifi 6?

Wifi 6 devices that are supported by wifi 6 networks have a lower battery consumption, higher data rate with peak gigabit speeds, and increased capacity with less latency to support multiple users and devices.


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