Cisco SG 350 vs. Cisco SG 350X- Which new generation SMB Managed Switch series is better?

Cisco’s 300 collections is a high ranking SMB line of Switch technologies designed to create highly efficient work spaces at affordable rates. Take a look as we compare the Series’ 

The Cisco 300, 350 and 350X collections, while wonderful at delivering broad spectrum features and improvements on small business networks, can get quite confusing. To be clear, both the Cisco 35 and 350X are designed as replacements for the older Cisco 300 devices. All of these provide the ideal combination for building well connected workforces. Below is a comparison review for both new generation product lines, where we review the product highlights and features collectively within each series, and compare them to one another. Read on for further insight.

What are the differences between the Cisco SG 350 and the Cisco SG 350X?

Cisco SG 350
Cisco SG 350X
Stackable Managed Switch
Stackable Managed Switch
10 to 52 ports of Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
24 or 48 ports of Gigabit with Multigigabit Ethernet ports. 12, 24, or 48 ports of all 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports.
Yes, up to 4 members

Cisco SG 350 vs. Cisco SG 350X – What are their differences?


True stacking capabilities allow users to unite witches with a network for to deliver The Cisco 350X unlike the 350 collection are capable of stacking with one another. With a maximum stacking limit of 4 units, users can combine 350X devices into a functional unit. When stacked, these devices introduce 208 managed ports.

The Cisco 350X offers better network performance in terms of management, availability, scalability among other benefits when compared to the non stackable 350 series. By radically reducing complexity within the network, stacking allows for easy system and witch management.

This single difference, stacking, is responsible for other difference among the 350 and 350X including difference in performance, availability, and even price.

Cisco SG 350 vs. Cisco SG 350X- A comparison review

Cisco 350

The Cisco 350 collection constitutes a wide range of Switches enabled with great features for Small to Mid Sized businesses. In fact, Cisco describes this line as a budget friendly collection, suitable for building SMB networks. Since they’re so affordable, the line is a great option for businesses looking to set up a great network foundation without breaking the bank.


Technically speaking: the Cisco 350 line is a series of Managed Business Switches coupled with tools for fast and reliable access within the network. In fact, the features within this collection are tailored to improve availability within your network among other things. For example, the L3 traffic management which allows for a seamless operation. Layer 3 support allows for enterprise class

Among the benefits of the Cisco SMB 350 is the ease of deployment available for these devices. Commercial customers and clients can easy manage or deploy these devices: with the help of various tools of course. For instance the unique USB port connection on the front panel allows users to access image configuration and transfer. Various tools are set up to allow quick deployment or upgrade. Some of these include the auto smart port intelligence and the Text view feature, both of which contribute to easy set up.

Moreover, this series is built to deliver high performance reliability and resilience. The technology comes with dual images which allows without interruption in the network. Integrated advanced security features result in advanced defense mechanism, and extensive information protection.

Other benefits of the 350 series include efficient power consumption, thanks to all the power efficiency features. Additionally, POE capabilities on the models and Multigigabit performance are responsible for a general improvement in network speed and availability without setting up different cabling infrastructure.

Cisco Sg350-28P

Cisco Sg350-28P 28-Port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch
  • ETHERNET PORT CONFIGURATION: 24-port 10/100/1000, 4 x 1G uplinks (SFP)
  • POWER OVER ETHERNET: 24 PoE ports with 195W total power budget, PoE, PoE+, 60W PoE

The Cisco SG350 is one of many fixed configuration managed Ethernet switches in the Cisco 350 series. The switch comes equipped with a total of 28 Gigabit network ports. Two of the slots are designated for SFP and two more are combo ports that support fibre connectivity.

This Cisco sg350 model is enabled with 41.66Gbps switching capacity, and 95.23Mpps forwarding performance on a 64-byte packet standard. The USB slot on the switch is used for file management purpose. The switch supports 802.3az on all copper ports.  Like all other switches in this series, it is designed with an advanced 3 layer traffic management system.  Its static LAN 3 layer routing capabilities allow VLAN communication and traffic management.

Guest VLANS, extensive access control list and other security features on the switch keeps unauthorized users away and data protected. The switch supports IEEE 802.1X port security, Dynamic Host Configuration and other Protocols.

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Cisco 350x

If you’re looking to improve your network performance, then the 350X series of switches may be what you need. It is a wide collection of network switch technology enabled with different features. These ensure quality network performance on enterprise level. Cisco describes this line as a collection of stackable Managed devices all of which are suitable for small and midsized enterprises. Traditionally, smaller but data intensive businesses find it difficult to match their data demands without breaking the bank. Fortunately, the 350X collection offers a budget friendly option for you.


With the 350x, users can deploy Gigabit and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and other advanced capabilities on to their business network. However, the focus will be the SG models available in 8-48 ports with Gigabit and Multigigabit Ethernet capabilities: and 10GE uplinks. The 10G ports are available over copper and fiber connections, making deployment quite cost effective. Enabled with True Stacking abilities, you can manage the devices on this as one unit. This is unlike clustering which requires individual unit configuration and troubleshooting.

Across the board, these devices are enabled with a rich consort of capabilities. Apart from an overall improvement within your network operation, the features on these models allow for ease in deployment and management.

Cisco’s signature strong security is featured on this collection, with many tools dedicated to the protection of your business data while keeping out any authorized users. The collection supports various protocols, many of which in combination result in advanced functionalities. Speaking of which, these devices are capable of L3 traffic management allowing network segmentation without decrease in performance.

Cisco SG350X-24

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This model is one of many on the 350X series with 24 Gigabit Ethernet Ports. It is enabled with 128Gbps switching capacity, and 95.23Mpps forwarding performance on a 64-byte packet standard. While this particular model is not enabled with POE or POE+ support, there are models on this line that support this standard.

Available ports on this Switch include 24 10/100/100 ports, with two 10GE ports available over copper or SFP+ combination. Technically speaking, this device can be described as a Layer 3 Managed Switch with 24 ports and the official tag: SG350X-24-K9.

Various protocols supported on this model accommodate advanced features on this Switch. This includes remote management protocols, routing protocol among others. These features work in combination to deliver unsurpassed speed, with advanced security features at an affordable price.

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Now, let’s compare the Cisco SG 350-28P to the SG350X-24

Cisco SG 350-28P
Cisco SG350X-24
Number of ports
Switching capacity
41.66 Gbps
128 Gbps
Efficient power consumption
Integrated security


Evidently, the Cisco 350 and 350X are quite similar. Both these managed switches offer the right kind of features any enterprise class scalable network might need. Suitable for different kinds of deployment, and available in a wide section of models, both of these New Generation devices are highly effective for various small and midsized business operation.

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