Cisco SG 200 vs. Cisco SG 220- Which generation of Cisco SMB 200 is better?

In case you are thinking of transitioning from the Cisco 200 Smart series to the Cisco 220 smart series: this review is just for you. Take a look as we compare the older generation Cisco SG 200 to the newer generation models on the Cisco SG 220.

The Cisco 200 is one of the original members of the Small and Midsize Business portfolio of Switches. Since its release, this collection of smart switches has seen an evolution in terms features and technologies allowing even more capabilities on newer generation models.

Cisco 200 Smart switches have since transitioned to the Cisco 250 and 220 series of Switches. This comparison review will focus on the lower cost alternative: the Cisco 220 series. Specifically, the exclusively Gigabit Ethernet enabled models on the Cisco 200 and Cisco 220 series. Here is Cisco SG 200 vs. Cisco SG 220 with more.

What is the difference between the Cisco SG 200 and the Cisco SG 220?

Cisco SG 200
Cisco SG 220
Type of Switch
Cisco SMB Smart Switches
Cisco Smart Switches
Energy efficiency
EEE, auto-power down on inactive ports, embedded intelligence and a fanless design
EEE, embedded intelligence and a fanless design
Bandwidth performance
Up to 100 Gbps
Up to 100 Gbps
Forwarding rate
Up to 74.4 Mpps
Up to 74.41 Mpps

Cisco SG 200 vs. Cisco SG 220- Comparing the two

Network security

It is important that Switching solutions offer a reasonable collection of security features. The Cisco 200 series includes many high level security features that ensure unauthorized access is denied, in addition to safeguarding the network data. On the other hand, the Cisco 220 offers more intensive security that delivers more safety features.  This new level of security on the Cisco SG 200 makes these Switching solutions better equipped

Optimized energy efficiency

An ideal switch should offer impressive performance without compromising on power consumption. The best options will feature power control solutions for reduced operation costs. The Cisco SG 200 and SG 220 feature energy efficient Ethernet, as well as embedded intelligence and  a fanless design across most models in both series.  However, only the Cisco 200 features an automatic power down on inactive links, for enhanced efficiency.

Additional ports

The Cisco SG 220 and SG 200 feature an impressive selection of ports, with users able to choose from 24 and 48 port options across either series. The Cisco 200 offers better value with more 26 and 50 port options.  These switches offer Fast Ethernet ports with additional Gigabit options. Since Cisco 200 also features a mini-GBIC to offer Gigabit uplink and fiberoptic connectivity it will offer better value for an expandable custom build.

Cisco SG 200 vs. Cisco SG 220-A comparison review

Cisco SG 200

This line is a feature rich collection of devices which are designed for essential business network performance. In fact, Cisco describes these devices as the key to every competitive business’ network. With these, you are assured great security with easy to use management features; all at budget friendly costs.


The SMB Switch series comes with all the enterprise class models with great capabilities, reliable security and performance for maximum productivity. This includes the SG200 smart switches. The line features Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and includes some POE ports.

Various energy efficiency solutions added on this series of devices ensure the line remains eco-friendly. Users can optimize energy use with these devices, in addition to lowering energy costs and overall cost of the operation. Flexibility on the network is achieved using additional ports which allow for easy network expansion. Because they are set up for easy managing, deployment on these devices include multiple applications/scenarios: desktop connectivity, wireless connectivity and unified performance using a collaboration of features.

Cisco sg200 -26

Cisco SG200-26 Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch with 24 10/100/1000 Ports and 2 Combo Mini-GBIC Ports (SLM2024T-NA)
  • Get the high availability and performance you need to support vital business applications while reducing...
  • Advanced Features: Control network traffic with advanced features such as quality of service (QoS), Layer...

This Cisco sg200 -26 delivers business level network performance and security even without advanced network management features. Available ports on this Switch include 26 10/100/100 ( gigabit Ethernet)  ports and 2 combo gigabit SFP ports. The Cisco sg200-26 is enabled with 38.69 mbps switching capacity and 52Gbps forwarding performance on a 64-bit packet standard.

The switch supports various protocols and other services to improve on its efficiency, speed and performance. Its QOS features that focus on delay sensitive services, network security, network-wide auto voice deployment,

This model is designed to speed file transfer and improve sluggish networks, keeping your business running.  With security features like VLAN, power over Ethernet, QoS  the switch creates a foundation for safe wireless business networks.

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Cisco SG 220

The 220 series of Switches is a business class line of technology with great management capabilities and quality features. Designed to cater for small to midsized businesses, the 220 line of gadgets is a great option for enterprises on a budget.


The collection promises smart switching capabilities with advanced security protocols and tools backing up the tech. Combinations of features work together to allow users to not only improve their networks but also operate the 220 devices with ease.  These included intuitive tools and features allow easy deployment, and operation.

This portfolio of switching devices features both Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet access, with some models on the line available over POE+. Our focus is the GE enabled models which offer faster forwarding rates and switching capacities compared to their FE counterparts. This allows users to build reliable networks which offer efficient connections throughout the work force. Energy efficient Ethernet in combination with other power efficiency features allow optimal energy efficiency with reduced operation costs, and environmental pollution.

Various security capabilities incorporated into the design e..g the ACLS, ensure your enterprise network ahs the protection you need. These ACL’s in combination with the flow based QoS and other features allow control over the network for maximum operation efficiency.

Management on 220 Switches is considerably easy and quite flexible. Different management tools on these models allow for quick and easy use and deployment without an IT staff.

Cisco sg220 -26P

Cisco SG220-26-K9 26-Port Gigabit Smart Plus Switch, Black
  • Total Number of network Ports: 26
  • Layer supported: 2

The Cisco sg220 -26P is one in many of a series of switches equipped with features to performance, security and ease of operation. It is enabled with 38.69 mbps switching capacity and 52 Gbps forwarding performance on a 64-bit packet standard.

With a total of 26 Gigabit Ethernet ports this switch promises extensive connectivity and application. 24 of these ports are utilized for gigabit Ethernet while the remaining 2 can be used for gigabit Ethernet RJ45/SFP combo. The switch is designed with 2, g300rpm fans and has fan speed control which adds redundancy into its operation. It is compliant with the IEEE 802.1X and port security to increase security levels on specific segments on your network.

Quality of service capabilities PoE+ support and security enable the switch to create a solid foundation for any wireless network. Aside from the basic web based interface and Cisco’s FindIt utility, the switch also comes with options like simple network management protocol and a command line interface.

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Now lets compare the Cisco sg200 -26 to the Cisco sg220 -26P

Cisco sg200 -26
Cisco sg220 -26P
Number of ports
Integrated security
power consumption efficiency features
forwarding rate
29.76 Mpps with bandwidth output of 40 Gbps
6.55 Mpps with bandwidth output of 29.79 Gbps


Both switches offer impressive security and operational simplicity tools. They are automated for smoother troubleshooting and management. These options will deliver a customized structure with a high level of security and intelligence. That said, the Cisco SG 220 offers a better performance than the SG 200, with a better bandwidth performance and forwarding rate. It also offers a wider range of flexible management capabilities for secure and smoother use.

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