How to fix DIRECTV Error Code 771

Indicating a signal failure between your receiver and the satellite dish, error 771 mostly occurs in times of bad weather. Regardless of the reason behind it, here’s how to fix this error on DIRECTV. 

Apart from bad weather, bad cable configuration also contributes to a terrible connection which results in the error code 771 showing up on your screen.

If you are running the system on a business unit you might experience the error in some channels and receivers but not throughout your DIRECTV programming.

To fix error 771 on DIRECTV, you must check through your configuration for any bad or broken links. Alternatively, wait out the storm and then call the support team.

During harsh weather such as rainfall or snow, you may experience an interruption in signal between your receiver and the space satellite.

Snow tends to stick to your satellite dish causing error 771. To clear it, you need to either wait out the snow for the sun to melt it off in Spring.

You may also try to brush the snow off if the dish is within reach or you could call the DirecTV technicians to clear out the snow.

Wondering what to do now that your service is cut short? Not to worry because you may watch DVR recordings or on-demand shows.

Fixing DirecTV error 771 

Confirm Error Message 

Error 771 sends out the message: “Searching for satellite signal”. So, if on your screen you see any other message such as “no signal” or “retrieving signal” you must be on the wrong channel or input mode.

Your receiver may also be unplugged or turned off so the first thing to do is to confirm the error message on your screen.

Refresh connection

Find your Access Card located on your receiver box behind a tiny front panel. Remove the card, wait for thirty seconds and then re-insert it.

If this solution works, the problem points to your satellite dish or the cables running from receiver to satellite dish.

You may also press the channel button up and down twice. This will send a response signal to the dish which might work in jumpstarting the connection.

This is a quick and temporary fix for those who do not like taking hours troubleshooting.

Check receiver connection

Check the connections on the back of your receiver if only a few channels are affected. For starters, check the Satellite In (SAT-IN) connection for any loosened cabling.

Especially if you have an HD-DVR, there is a DirecTV coax cable coming from the dish that might be attached to a SWiM brick on your receiver.

With your main receiver located in the living room, your power supply device is located close to the main receiver. Check to confirm that it is correctly and securely plugged in.

You will see a green light indicating that it is working. However, if the SWiM brick is plugged in but giving off a glowing green light, reboot the connection.

This is done by unplugging the cable and waiting 15 seconds before plugging it back in. the SWiM brick should never be plugged into a switch-controlled power outlet.

Test the SWiM meter to see how many connected tuners or receivers there are. If you need more connection ports, upgrade your receiver to a SWiM 16.

Check Satellite Dish 

For a clear signal, your satellite dish needs to have a clear line of sight to the sky. The overgrowth of a tree in height or volume could create a block to your signal.

If this is the reason behind your interrupted service, you need to cut off or trim the tree or you could call technical support to have your dish relocated.

Check coaxial cables

This is the most complex part of troubleshooting error 771 because there are many probabilities behind its occurrence.

Based on the type and number of receivers you have, there will be a different reason for errors on each. Disconnect the cables screwed to the sat-In port of your DirecTV receiver. Wait for 20 seconds then screw the cable back in.

Then turn on your TV and the DirecTV receiver and try viewing.

Table summarizing steps to fix error 771 on DirecTV

Issue Cause Fix


Error 771

Bad Weather Wait out the storm
Improper cabling Check and reconfigure cables
Blocked signal Remove obstacle or relocate satellite dish
Insufficient Ports Upgrade receiver box

Reset receiver 

This step can take up a lot of time most especially when your satellite signal is blocked. So, do it only as the last resort.

It could take you anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to reset it which is very frustrating. The way to reset the receiver is by pressing the tiny red button located close to your Access Card.

The red button may be hard to reach so get yourself a small strong object like a pin to press it. This will restart the receiver and the Tv screen will turn black or blue for a while until the DirecTV logo pops up.

Your receiver will then attempt to gain back the satellite signal. Look out for a percentage bar that will show up at the middle or bottom of your screen.

When the receiver signal gets to 15%, your connection should be back in a few minutes.


These suggested solutions will help you resolve the error code 771 on DirecTV. If after having tried all the tips given here, the error persists, call on the experts to check through your connection and manage the necessary repairs.  

However, if the errors are associated with bad weather, the only thing to do is wait for it to pass.


How can I set up DirecTV on my phone?

Since it is available for both Android and Apple users, you only need to install the DirecTV app by downloading it from Apple or Google Play Store.

How can I improve my satellite’s signal strength?

A bi-directional, auto-gain amplifier and splitter can help you boost your satellite signal. The use of a satellite amplifier may significantly improve the quality of the signal running through the cables connecting the satellite dish to your home receiver box.

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