Does Squaretrade cover dead pixels?

Yes, Squaretrade covers dead pixels. Squaretrade protection covers tablets and cellphones. If you purchase the plan you will covered for parts and labor costs that are arise from normal tear and wear. For defective pixels, SquareTrade will match the manufacturer’s warranty for the term of the protection plan. If this does not exist, SquareTrade will cover a failure of three or more defective pixels. This is within one square inch area of display. For displays of up to 17” you get covered for 6 or more defective pixels. For screens greater than 18”, you get 8 or more defective pixels. 

What does a SquareTrade plan cover?

Squaretrade will cover you for all mechanical/electrical failures that result from normal use of an electronic device. The company cover goes beyond your manufacturer’s warranty i.e. if they deny liability. Once you get into the plan you get 100% cover for parts and labor with no deductibles. If you have a screen failure, the SquareTrade cover will take care of dead pixels, discoloration, lines on your screen, and cases of dim screens that make it harder to use your TV.

The plan also covers your TV when there is a power supply burnout, speaker/sound failure, and broken buttons on your TV. 

Squaretrade phone cover 

As you know, smartphones can be quite hard to expensive to repair. Most people opt to purchase a new phone whenever they encounter issues with their current. Squaretrade offers you various cost savings when you choose to cover your phone. Squaretrade offers you various plans like its 1-year plan for $89, 2-year plan $149, and the 3-year plan $179. 

When you get a SquareTrade plan you should note that you can cancel it at anytime and get a refund. This will cover your malfunctions, spills, and cover drops. The cover is available for any working phone in spite of its age or date of purchase. You can get your claim processed 24/7 hassle free. 

How SquareTrade compares with others

Monthly premium 

How to gain the squaretrade mobile cover

If you are in any of the top cell phone providers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint, the company will help you leave your current contract without penalties or fees. Your cover will automatically renew itself unless you cancel it, this means there will be no gap in protection. You can also cancel when you want at anytime for the remaining of the coverage. Should you get a new phone then you can transfer your squaretrade plan to your new phone. 

The squaretrade plan will cover the following things for your phone: 

  • Speaker malfunctions that result to no or low audio on your phone 
  • Broken headphone jack
  • Touchscreens that are unresponsive
  • If the original battery can’t hold more than 50% of charge
  • Large damages from cracked screens
  • Liquid damage from spills or splashes
  • Microphone malfunctions 
  • Charging port failure 

Phone repairs are done fast and you should have yours fixed on the same day. In case this does not happen and your phone spends the night for repairs they will pay for it. Considering that the average costs of phone repairs is around $639 and squaretrade charges fees of $149, you are getting a good deal. 

How to get your phone fixed if you have a SquareTrade cover

When you notice that your phone is in need of repairs you should file a claim with the service provider so that they can schedule repairs. You should have your purchase receipt with you. How your phone is repaired will depend on the type of plan you have, type of damage and what the item is. 

  • The first option is to send your phone to the company for repairs. Here your phone should be fixed in the next five business days or sooner. The company carters for the cost of shipping to and fro the repair shop.
  • The second option is to take it to your local same day repair shop. Once repairs are completed you can send the service receipt to squaretrade for reimbursement. 
  • If you have a smartphone or iPhone you can get a replacement phone for next day deliveries. The cover carters for the shipping costs.

Part of the reason for many people opting for SquareTrade as opposed to the warranties offered by cell phone companies is the fact that the warranties are affordable and the company has simplified its claim processes. When your phone screen cracks the first thing you will need is to login to the SquareTrade website and file your claim. The approval process has being simplified so that it should take a very short time. You will then be informed whether to have your phone repaired or replaced. At times depending on the outcome of this you may end up being reimbursed for the cost of the phone. This reimbursement is equal to your warranty covering amount. A SquareTrade warranty sets your back to $8.99 monthly charge which if you consider how much you get a high end phone for is quite affordable and offers good value for money. 


Having a smartphone today is almost a must as you need a convenient way to check your emails while on the move and communicate with others. However, it can be saddening to lose your priced phone to damages if it falls down or cracks. Having a warranty from a company like SquareTrade allows you to have the peace of mind that your phone is safe even if it comes up with a cracked screen. 


Does SquareTrade cover cracked TV screen?

The company offers 2-yr to 4-yr protection plans that cover accidents on screens costing up to $3,000. This accidents will cover your cracked screen

Does SquareTrade cover broken TV screen?

Yes, the cover does cover screen failure and cracked screens

Does SquareTrade cover accidental damage?

When you get the accident plans only it will cover your dropped and cracked screen. The plan also extends to spills and liquid damage

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