Best SIM card in Germany for students

The cost of cellular data, calls, and texts is proportionate to the SIM card provider.

This is because different SIM card companies offer different rates. As a student in Germany, you want a SIM card that not only enables you to communicate but also at an affordable price.

The best SIM Cards

With that, let’s take a look at the top 10 SIM cards for students in Germany.


Vodafone is one of the largest network providers in Germany with its mother company is based in the United Kingdom. Despite this, it has a lot of branches in Germany and offers several great options to choose from. ItsCallYaAllnet S is ideal for both local and international students. You receive 3 GB worth of data and 200 minutes of calls & texts for EURO 9.99 per month. You also run a possibility of using all these on a 5G network. You can also opt for the CallYa Digital package for 20 Euros per month which offers 10 GB of data and inclusive of calls and SMSs. You also get free EU roaming and you will need additional minutes and data when roaming in Switzerland. This means that you can make & receive phone calls, use mobile data across the European Union at the same rates as the ones in Germany.

Lidl Connect

This is a prepaid package that uses Vodafone as its network provider. On this SIM card, a student receives 3 GB of data for EUR 8 per month. The SIM cards can be purchased in almost any Lidl supermarket across Germany with the option to choose from three packages – the XS, L, and XL. The prices vary depending on the amount of data. For example, the XS package comes with 1 GB of data and will cost you 5 Euros while the L and XL packages will cost you 13 EUR and 18 EUR for 5 GB and 7 GB respectively. For all the deals, 100 call minutes are included.

Aldi Talk

Aldi Talk also known as Paket S is an MVNO that uses a concept similar to Lidl’s as well as Lidl’s supermarkets. The SIM cards can be purchased at all ALDI supermarkets across Germany. The cost of a call and SMS is 0.11 EUR per min/SMS. Its packages are divided into three – S, M, and L which include high-speed internet with SIM prices ranging from 8 EUR, 13 EUR, and 18 EUR respectively. The S tariff comes with 3 GB worth of data; the M offers 5 GB, and the L 7 GB.

O2 Free M

O2 better known as Telefonica is German Telekom’s main competitor. It’s a great SIM card for someone who needs a lot of data at an affordable price. Being a telecommunications company, it’s cheapest deal is 29,99 EUR per month for 20 GB data and calls & SMSs within Germany being inclusive in the deal.


Congstar is a flexible SIM card option for someone using a prepaid package as it allows you to select as many minutes and as much data as you wish. For example, 3 GB worth of data will cost you 7.80 EUR monthly. You can change how much data you want every month. The card costs 9,74 EUR and the cost of calls and SMSs is 9 cents. The SIM card is served by one of the biggest telecommunications company in Germany – Telekom. This means that the connection quality is high and reliable. Also, on Congstar, there’s a prepaid tariff with free internet in Switzerland.

Deutsche Telekom

This SIM card from Telekom offers a flexible range of packages with its data amount ranging from zero GB to unlimited. The basic MagentaMobileS tariff comes with a SIM card only and costs 3 EUR per month. The MagentaMobileM package offers 2 GB and 100 minutes of calls at 9.70 EUR per month while MagentaMobile L has 3 GB of data and 200 call minutes for 14.57 Euros. MagentaMobileXL includes 5 GB and unlimited calls with free texts for 24.32 EUR. Lastly, the MagentaMobileMax package gives you not only unlimited data but also unlimited calls and SMSs for only 100 EUR per month. If you feel none of these packages is enough for you, you can activate the Prepaid Day Flat XXL and get 5 GB for between 4.95 and 5.64 EUR for 24 hours.

Despite these packages looking expensive, all of them include a starting credit balance. For instance, if you purchase MagentaMobileS or MagentaMobileMax, you get 10 EUR. Besides, put in mind that Telekom is the largest telecommunication provider not only in Germany but also across Europe which guarantees you excellent and high-speed internet across. Apart from the MagentaMobile Prepaid SIM card, Telekom has a data-only SIM card ideal for people looking to keep their social media accounts up to date around Germany.

BlauAllnet S

This is a SIM card provider running on O2’s network. It’s a budget-friendly option for students in Germany. With 8.28 EUR, you not only get 3 GB of data, but you also get minutes and SMSs inclusive in the price.

It’s worth noting that all providers in their respective packages have EU roaming but you may need to buy additional data and minutes when in Switzerland since it isn’t a part of the EU.

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