Best Nest WiFi Mounts in 2021 (Reviews and Guide)

These are the best Google Nest WiFi mounts for you.

With Google Nest WiFi routers taking over more and more homes thanks to the efficiency and the elegance of this smart home network management system, it’s important to remember that you will only get the best of this smart home unit/ system if you have it set it up. And if you are looking for the best approach to ensure that your Google Nest WiFi unit is placed at a location that ensures the best internet coverage throughout your home, it might be a good idea to invest in one of the best Nest WiFi mounts on the market.

The Google Nest WiFi systems boast an elegant and improved design, and since these hubs also double as Google Assistants for your home, thanks to the smart speaker incorporated, you want to make sure that the placement of your Nest WiFi is done right. For some people, the right placement of their Google Nest WiFi system involves placing this smart home hub on the table or on a desk, but if you need to boost wireless coverage, or if you like decluttered spaces, which means making the best use of walls and other surfaces, then the Nest WiFi mounts will come in handy.

But which are the best mounting options for your Google Nest WiFi? What should you look out for in your search for the best WiFi mounts? Well, you are in luck, and this review gives you all the answers to your questions, along with recommendations for the best Google Nest WiFi mounts. So, keep reading!

Comparison Table for the Best Nest WiFi Mounts

Best Nest WiFi Mounts


Best for
Wasserstein AC Outlet Mount
Best Overall, Space-Saving Nest Mount
Nest WiFi Point Genie
Best Mount for Point Installations
Delidigi Wall Mount Bracket
Best Nest WiFi Mount with Simple Design
Mount Genie Easy Outlet Shelf
Most Versatile Nest WiFi Mount
SPORTLINK Wall-Mount Shelf Holder
Best Mount for the Neatest Installations

Reviews of the Best Nest WiFi Mounts

  1. Wasserstein AC Outlet Mount – Best Overall, Space-Saving Nest Mount

If you are looking to save space on your smart home hub installation, then this Wasserstein AC Outlet Mount might be the best option for you. While it calls for a little more assembly because you’d have to put in a bit more effort removing the existing cover plate for your power outlet, it is one of the sturdiest outlet mounts. This nest mount is superbly designed to hold your Nest WiFi, as well as anything else that weighs about 7 pounds, and the best part is that it’s designed to give you very easy access to your AC outlet, the moment you tuck away the cable.

But that is not all that you get from this Nest mount: it has a lot more to offer, and among them is the versatile mounting design made possible by the fact that this mount is compatible with other gadgets, meaning that you could also use this mount if you are looking for a way to enhance your smart home system.

You might also like this mount option for your Nest WiFi because you won’t have to deal with messy installations or cables running throughout your walls. Also, the installation is quite easy since you don’t need to drill walls or use alternative types of mounts, which might not work very well. And it comes with a 3-months warranty.


  • No hanging cables or messy installation
  • No drilling required for installation
  • Versatile mount
  • Saves space
  • Sturdy, and it holds up to 7 pounds easily
  • Affordable
  • Nice, compact design
  • Features a protective support


  • The warranty period could be longer
  • The existing socket must be replaced

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  1. Nest WiFi Point Genie – Best Mount for Point Installations

Nest WiFi Point Genie: The Simplest Lowest Profile Outlet Holder Mount for Google Nest WiFi Point | Reinforced Support | Great Sound | Open Access | No Messy Screws! (1-Pack)
  • Our mount is the lowest profile mount on the market with additional support for the Google Nest Wifi...
  • Please note that this mount will only work with the Nest Wifi Points (speaker holes on bottom) and NOT...

Designed specifically for the Nest WiFi, this Point Genie mount for your Nest WiFi is one of the best mounts on the market for smart home hub units.

This mount unit is ideal for use if you need your home to have the best wireless coverage from the Nest device, and it ensures that you have the WiFi device mounted right. Besides holding the Nest WiFi unit in place, it also comes with a simple yet effective solution to help you keep all the cables neat and well-organized – you get to wrap the cables within that mount before installing the point and plugging it into your wall power outlet.

This mount also boasts a low profile, and it comes with reinforced support, but the best part is that you won’t need any extra screws to have it secured in place. The low-profile setup of this mount allows you to enjoy great sound from your Google Nest WiFi unit. It’s also fitted with the patented dummy ground adapter by Mount Genie.

Note, however, that it is not strong enough to hold the Nest router, but it will hold the Nest WiFi points well – these are the units with speaker holes at the bottom.

You might also like this Genie mount because its design exposes the speakers completely so that the light ring remains visible, and you can switch the mute button “on” or “off” easily. On top of that, you won’t have to deal with clutter or messy cabling thanks to the patented Cord Groove Organizer for neat setups.


  • Secure setup
  • Simple and neat installation
  • Ease of use
  • Elegant mount with a sleek design
  • Added support for the adapter
  • Convenient


  • Not for use with Nest Router

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  1. Delidigi Wall Mount Bracket – Best Nest WiFi Mount with Simple Design

Delidigi Google WiFi Wall Mount ABS Bracket Holder Shelf for Google Nest WiFi Router and System[Built-in Cable Management](1 Pack, Black)
  • PERFECT DESIGN: Brand new saving space design. Perfectly fit with Google wifi , Google nest wifi router...
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT: Built in cable management slot, perfectly hides the cables inside. No Messy Wires!

If you are looking for a simple mount for your Google Nest WiFi, you might like this mounting bracket by Delidigi. This mount gives you an efficient and simple approach for keeping your Nest unit safely tucked away while keeping the cables hidden.

The mount bracket is designed such that you can wrap the able right beneath this mount before screwing the mount on to the wall. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the best part is that you get a year-long replacement warranty.

This ABS wall bracket works well for wall and shelf installation, and the built-in cable management feature ensures that you have a neat, space-saving nest mount. You could use this mount for your Google Nest WiFi, the WiFi system, or your router.

Note, however, that you need to drill the wall to install this mounting bracket. The screws and the anchor will keep the mount stable once installed; it is sturdy. This mount is also quite versatile, and you can use it for a wide range of applications and used in the office, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or the garage.


  • Affordable
  • Simple design
  • Good cable management system
  • Versatile mount bracket
  • Sturdy


  • Requires drilling

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  1. Mount Genie Easy Outlet Shelf– Most Versatile Nest WiFi Mount

The Easy Outlet Shelf by Mount Genie - Works With All Outlets - 60 Second Install - Hidden Cord Cable Storage - Perfect Google Home Mount, Nest Wifi Mount, for Cameras, Voice Assistants, and More
  • The first truly easy to install, great looking outlet shelf, designed to hold small electronics -...
  • Works with your existing outlet cover and installs in just a few seconds using our patented pressure...

If you are looking for the most versatile wall mounts on the market for your Nest WiFi, a surveillance camera or your voice assistant, and pretty much any other smart home device that needs secure mounting, then this Easy Outlet shelf might be the best option for you. It is ideal for holding small electronics weighing not more than 1lbs. Unfortunately, the weight limit of this mount means that you cannot use it to hold a full-size Sonos or your Echo device.

It takes about a minute to be installed, and you won’t have to worry about unsightly cables because of the hidden cable management/ storage option that will keep the cable pretty much out of sight.  Before you order your mount, you need to make sure that the unit is compatible with your outlet and the power outlet cover.

This mount could also be the best option for you if you are looking for a little more freedom in terms of installations, especially because this mounting unit easily goes on either side of your power outlet, allowing you more room/ clearance for countertops and cabinets. Also, the pressure bracket comes backed with a thin and strong foam layer to tightly hold and prevent any slippages, hence the protection of your tile walls or the drywall.


  • No damage to the wall
  • Very versatile
  • Easy installation
  • Simple, sleek, streamlined design
  • Space-saving
  • No more loose cables/ clutter
  • Cord management system


  • Won’t work for heavy electronics like the Nest Hub

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  1. SPORTLINK Wall-Mount Shelf Holder – Best Mount for the Neatest Installations

SPORTLINK Wall Mount Shelf Holder Stand for Wyze Cam Pan, Blink, Yi Camera, Amazon Cloud Cam, Nest Cam, Netvue, Furbo Dog, Arlo Q and More Home Security Camera (1 Pack)
  • Multifunctional: This premium wall shelf organizers are ultimate ideal for the Home Security Cameras in...
  • Cable Management: The slim all-white wall plate with built-in cable management on both sides protrudes...

If you are looking for a Nest WiFi installation option that will hide all the cables completely, this Sportlink mount might be exactly what you need. It could also be the best fit for you if you don’t like retrofitting or messing with your outlet cover plates. The reason for that is that this mount boasts a sturdy design, and it supports a maximum weight of 10lbs, meaning that you won’t have to ever worry about the safety or the stability of your Nest WiFi. And with the cables hidden from sight, you will have the best Nest set up in your home.

It’s made of durable ABS plastic, and it features a sleek, minimalistic design to match any home décor, oozing class.


  • Sturdy ABS Plastic mount
  • Easy installation
  • 10lbs weight capacity
  • Durable
  • Versatile/ multifunctional
  • No cables


  • Not suitable for Sonos

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Buying Guide for the Best Nest WiFi Mounts

At the end of the day, the market is full of mounts that are purported to be the best, but if you are looking for a sturdy mount that will hold your WiFi router safely in place, giving you peace of mind, there are several considerations that you need to keep in mind.

But first, should your wireless router be mounted?

Do you need to mount your Nest WiFi?

Well, there is no right or wrong answer to this question, and you may or may not mount your Nest WiFi. You could be comfortable with your Nest router sitting on the desk, but someone else might prefer having the router out of the way, hence the need for the mount. If you are in the second category, this guide is for you. The best part is that there are different kinds of mounts and a solution for everyone, whether you need an elegant mounting solution that blends well with your home fittings/ fixtures and décor or if you don’t mind a mount that’s more of a standard mounting system that calls for drilling walls.

What to look for in a wall mount for your router.

You need to keep a number of considerations in mind before you mount your router because one wrong move or mount could result in the router falling out and breaking, and you realty don’t want to deal with such a loss.

So, you need to ask the following questions to guide your search for the right mount.

  • Is the suggest location the best place for your router to sit in, with regards to the layout of the house?
  • What’s the size of your home and which type of construction material was used
  • Are there mounts that are more specific for your Nest WiFi?
  • What’s the weight of the Nest WiFi, and will the mount support the weight adequately?
  • What is the cabling system like, can you stand unsightly cables, and what provisions are there to keep the unsightly wires from being all over the place?
  • Do you need to drill the mount into the wall?
  • What material is the mount made of? Is it durable, made of high-quality materials, and is it worth your money?

These are just some of the questions that you need to ask as you look for the right Nest WiFi router for your home. They will guide your search by ensuring that you have the best mounting system to match the size and weight of the Nest router, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

That said, let’s look at the main categories of wall mounts that you could use for your Nest WiFi router.

  • Clip-on brackets – the clip-on brackets, as the name suggests, are simple and small plastic brackets that will attach to the walls by use of screws, while gripping on your router, keeping it safely held in place. These brackets are light, cheap, and made of plastic, but they are not the most durable mounting brackets.
  • Outlet Adapters – the next option is the outlet adapter. It’s one of the best mount brackets, and if you don’t wish to deal with any unsightly wire spools, then this mounting option might be the best for you.
  • Wall Mounts fitted with an option for cable management – the other type of wall mount feature a cable management solution, and you have to run the router’s power cable behind your home’s drywall, and the cable will only come out on the other end through an outlet. It might not be the best option for you if you live in an apartment, but if you are moving into your own home and don’t mind making changes, this setup will leave you with the cleanest and the most professional setups.


Which are the biggest mistakes one could make when installing Google Nest WiFi?

You might have grand plans for mounting your Google Nest WiFi router, and you might be in a rush to get things done, but there are mounting mistakes that you must avoid at all costs. They include:

Use of thumbtacks

It might work, technically, but the thumbtack isn’t a reliable mounting option, especially because your Nest might fall off if the thumbtack comes loose, if you bang the door, or if you play your music a little too loudly. And even if you don’t do these things, the weak mounting of the system means that you will be forced to live in your life as you would walking in eggshells, always worried that vibrations would result in the accidental fall or breaking of the Nest WiFi unit.


Like the thumbtacks, nails are just as unreliable, and the worst part is that they will leave you with a bigger hole on the wall.

Command hooks

Though they are technically designed to support gadgets and other items that need mounting on the wall, the command hooks are unreliable, quite clumsy, and your Nest WiFi hub/ speaker system will not feel secure hanging from the command hook. Also, your Nest WiFi router will not lie against the wall, but far from the wall because the hook sticks out.


Neither duct tape nor the double-sided foam tape will do the trick, and the and your Nest WiFi will easily fall off when you use tape. It’s just too risky, and you shouldn’t use any type of tape as a Nest WiFi mount.

Can I mount my Nest WiFi Without a Mounting system or accessory?

Yes, you can. But you’ll be forced to live with the visible cable. Google’s Nest WiFi comes with a built-in notch that allows for easy walk mounting, and you don’t necessarily need any extra hardware to install the unit. This installation option is pretty much straightforward, and it will be done in minutes. Unfortunately, the power cords protrude, and this won’t work for everyone.

As a result, you need alternatives that come in the form of wall mounts or brackets. You could also find accessories from third parties, for example, outlet adapters, clip-on brackets,

and even the wall mounting systems with cable management features.

Which is the best placement for my Google Nest WiFi?

While you’d be tempted to place the wireless router on a nearby desk, the right placement of the Nest WiFi is important. Here are some of the best placement tips for your Nest WiFi.

  • Choose a central location in your home so that your router is able to send out wireless signals in all directions, or for a large percentage of your home to have wireless coverage.
  • Place the router on a raised spot because wireless routers tend to spread signals downward.
  • Keep it away from other electronics, obstacles, or large objects to avoid interference.


The Nest WiFi mounts above are some of the best mounts on the market today, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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