Asus Lyra vs. Asus Lyra Mini – A detailed comparison

Asus Lyra vs. Asus Lyra Mini

Are you looking for a good Asus mesh router system? The Asus Lyra and Asus Lyra Mini arereliable mesh routers that offer different speeds and ranges. This article offers an in-depth comparison.

A successful home internet connection is largely determined by a router’s ability to support all devices used therein with great speed and comprehensive coverage. This is why mesh routers have become increasingly popular. The Asus Lyra and Asus Lyra Mini, both from Asus, are highly reliable mesh routers that look identical. They deliver consistent speeds and good coverage, making them quite popular in the in the home front. So, this begs the question: Which one of them is a better router?

What are the differences between the Asus Lyra and Asus Lyra Mini?

Asus Lyra
Asus Lyra Mini
5.9 x 5.9 x 1.9 inches
5.1 x 5.1 x 1.47 inches
5,400 square feet
3,000 square feet
 Transmission speed
400Mbps at 2.4GHz

867Mbps at 5GHz

867Mbps at 5GHz

400Mbps at 2.4GHz

867Mbps at 5GHz

717MHz Quad Core
717MHz Qualcomm Processor
1 WAN, 1 LAN
1 WAN, 1 LAN

Asus Lyra vs. Asus Lyra Mini – How do they compare?

Design and Build

A lot of the time, we pick the look of a router based on where we intend to set it up and the amount of space available. It can be hard to pick a decent router, especially when you are keen about your general house décor. What we love about the Asus Lyra is the fact that it blends in quite well with just about every form of home décor. The reason is because it mimics a flush mount ceiling light, and it comes complete with miniature LED lights that make it look beautiful. With this kind of look, it will not jut be easy to install on your ceiling or wall, it will also add to the general look of the room. The Asus Lyra Mini follows in similar fashion, bearing the same look and shape, complete with the small LED lights. The major difference is that it is smaller than the Asus Lyra.

Even though both routers have identical looks, we like that the Asus Lyra Mini is smaller than the Asus Lyra, and this makes it the better router.

Speed and performance

Slow internet has the capacity to test your patience in ways you did not suppose possible, and that is why the speed and range of a router are two extremely important aspects. That said, it is worth noting that Asus as a company has a track record for making incredibly fast and reliable devices. The Asus Lyra does not disappoint in this regard. When installed as a mesh system, it is able to deliver a cumulative speed of 2,200 Mbps over a range of 5,400 square feet.

Seeing that the Asus Lyra Mini is a smaller version of the Asus Lyra, it is no wonder that it comes in a bit slower. In a mesh set-up, it delivers a total of 1,300Mbps over a rage of 3,000 square feet which is quite decent.

Here, the Asus Lyra delivers more impressive speeds and covers a wider range than the Asus Lyra Mini, placing it higher where performance is concerned.

Ports and Connectivity

Wired connectivity on a router proves just as important as wireless connectivity. This is why it is important for a router to be fitted with several ports which enable wired connections. The Asus Lyra comes with 1 WAN and 1 LAN port on the main router, and 1 LAN port on the satellite device. In the same way, the Asus Lyra Mini’s main router spots one WAN port and 1 LAN port, and each satellite device is fitted with 1 LAN port. This falls short of most consumer expectations, but both routers make up for this with their reliability where wireless transmission is concerned.

Each router comes with few ports that support wired connectivity which is a bit of a let-down.

Asus Lyra vs. Asus Lyra Mini – A comparison overview

Asus Lyra Overview

ASUS Home Wi-Fi System, Pack of 3 (for large homes), Tri-Band Mesh Networking Wireless AC2200 Routers with AI Protection - MAP-AC2200
  • Three (3) Tri-band 802.11AC Wi-Fi hubs with MU-MIMO Technology, each delivering data speeds up to 2134...
  • Coverage up to 6,000sqft with Lyra hubs providing corner to corner wireless coverage for Wi-Fi enabled...

The look on this router is both beautiful and convenient, and we love that it blends in with most home décor. More impressive, however, is its ability to cover a massive home with ease and prowess.

For excellent transmission, the Asus Lyra uses a 717MHz Quad Core processor that works alongside a 256MB RAM and 128MB flash memory. These are largely the power behind this router. Unlike most devices of its league, the Asus Lyra operates as a tri-band router, transmitting internet from three separate bandwidths. A lesser 2.4GHz band transmits 400Mbps theoretical throughput while a larger 5GHz band transmits 867Mbps theoretical speed. In addition, a secondary 5GHz band delivers speeds of up to 867Mbps, bringing the total to an impressive 2,200Mbps speed.

Many users have found that it is quite easy to operate this router, thanks to a downloadable app. From your mobile phone, you can accomplish a myriad of tasks such as switching the router on and off and running speed tests. There are many performance enhancing features on this router, including Mu-MIMO and superior security. A security app, the AiProtect, ensures that your information stays secure as it keeps hackers and other cyber threats away.


  • Transmits at decent speeds
  • Covers an impressively wide range
  • Can be operated from the convenience of your phone
  • Comes with superior security features
  • Has a number of performance enhancing features


  • It is fitted with only few ports

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Asus Lyra Mini Overview

Asus Lyra vs. Asus Lyra Mini

If ever the Asus Lyra had a younger sister, this right here would be it. The resemblance between the two is striking, to say the least, but the Asus Lyra Mini is a tad smaller.

This router was made for commendable performance in smaller spaces, covering a range of 3,000 square feet when set up in a mesh system. The power behind this is a 717MHz Qualcomm Processor which works together with a 256MB RAM and 128MB flash memory. Like many routers of its caliber, the Asus Lyra Mini transmits data from two bandwidths. It depends on a 2.4GHz band to deliver 400Mbps speeds and a 5GHz band to transmit 867Mbps.

A downloadable mobile app makes controlling it quite easy, and it gives the user full access to the router. The Asus Lyra Mini also comes with a number of performance enhancing features which include but are not limited to parental controls, guest network management and MUMIMO technology. For security, this router uses the AiProtect, a software developed by Asus to make sure that all their routers are constantly guarded against cyber attacks and abrupt loss of crucial information.


  • Covers a decent range
  • Transmits at good speeds
  • Has a beautiful design
  • Comes with a mobile app
  • Has many performance enhancing features
  • Protected by AiProtect


  • Has very few ports

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Verdict: So, which one is better – Asus Lyra or Asus Lyra Trio?

The Asus Lyra bears a better capacity to transmit internet over a wider range and at higher speeds than the Asus Lyra Mini. These characteristics make it the better router of the two.


  1. How much does the Asus Lyra Mini weigh?

It has an approximate weight of 1kg.

  1. Is the Asus Lyra a Wi-Fi 6 router?

No, this router operates on the 802.11ac protocol, making it a Wi-Fi 5 router.


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