Google Wi-Fi vs. Apple Airport Extreme – Which router is better for home connections?

Google Wi-Fi vs. Apple Airport Extreme

Google and Apple are arguably two of the largest tech giants in the entire globe. They are known to produce exemplary gadgets and superb tech experiences. So, which one is better?

Google has been around a good deal of time, but until recently, they were known for software related services as opposed to Apple’s long range of devices. In recent times, however, Google started developing devices for multiple use, ranging from phones to routers. The Google Wi-Fi is probably the most common router by Google, and it is an easy favorite for its affordability and reliability. The Apple Airport Extreme is also a great router, but Apple products are known to cost a good deal of money. That said, is the extra cost worth it, or is the Google Wi-Fi the better option?

What are the differences between the Google Wi-Fi and Apple Airport Extreme?

Google Wi-Fi
Apple Airport Extreme
4.17 x 2.70 inches
6.5 x 6.5 x 1.3 inches
Transmission range
1,500 square feet
3,000 square feet
Transmission speed
400Mbps at 2.4GHz

867Mbps at 5GHz

450Mbps at 2.4GHz

1300Mbps at 5GHz

800MHz Dual Core
1 GHz Dual Core
1 WAN, 1 LAN
1 WAN, 3 LAN, 1 USB

Google Wi-Fi vs. Apple Airport Extreme – How do they compare?

Design and Build

At first glance, the Google Wi-Fi strikes you as a very simplistic router, yet it manages to carry an air of elegance about it. It has predominantly cylindrical shape that sets it apart from the numerous box-shaped routers in the industry. With a beautiful LED light running its entire diameter, this router makes for a beautiful lighting effect, especially at night when it is dark. What we like most about it, though, is the fact that it is short and compact, a characteristic that makes it easy to install. You shall not require any form of mounting since it sits on its own base on any flat surface. Surprisingly, the Apple Airport bears a somewhat similar look, only instead of a cylindrical look, it has a cuboidal shape. This router stands tall, with almost 2.5 inches of extra height when compared to the Google Wi-Fi. The bitten apple characteristic of Apple is set at the top of the router.

Even though the Apple Airport Extreme is tall, we like the compact nature and more elegant design of the Google Wi-Fi, and that is why it is the better router.

Speed and Performance

What stands out the most about the Google Wi-Fi is the fact that it is a mesh router, and this characteristic has caused it to be one of the most popular devices for homeconnections. Normally, when purchased, it comes with a satellite device or two. These are intended to boost the range and speed of transmission so that dead zones and down time become a thing of the past. Cumulatively, the Google Wi-Fi transmits at a theoretical throughput of 1,200Mbps and covers a range of 1,500 square feet which is quite decent. On the other hand, Apple brings a new level of speed. Cumulatively, it dispenses internet speed that peaks at 1,750Mbps over a 3,000 square foot range which is quite impressive. Keep in mind that this router is not mesh enabled, but it still manages to do better speed and range than the Google Wi-Fi.

The Apple Airport Extreme proves a valuable asset where speed and transmission range are involved, and these characteristics make it a better router than the Google Wi-Fi.

Ports and Connectivity

The Google Wi-Fi impresses with its elegant and compact build, but these features are probably the reason it comes with such few ports. On the port’s underside are 1 WAN and 1 LAN port. For users that like to have multiple wired connections, this comes as a major let-down. The Apple Airport, however, seems to have the upper hand in this regard since, on its back side, it is fitted with 3 LAN ports, 1 WAN port a USB port. This allows for more connectivity options are far as wired connections are concerned.

The Apple Airport Extreme is a better router than the Google Wi-Fi since it comes with more LAN ports and a USB port.

Google Wi-Fi vs. Apple Airport Extreme – A comparison Overview

Google Wi-Fi Overview

Google WiFi System, 1-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage - NLS-1304-25,white
  • A new type of connected system that replaces your router for seamless wifi coverage throughout your home,...
  • Network assist technology keeps your connection fast by always selecting the clearest channel and fastest...

This seemingly small device has managed find its way into many homes as the preferred router, mostly because it is easy to use, easy t install, reliable and affordable. We especially love that it is a mesh router, a feature that promises excellent coverage in all rooms and all levels of the home.

The engine behind the Google Wi-Fi is an 800MHz Dual Core processor that works hand in hand with a 512MB RAM and a 128MB flash memory to deliver optimal performance. This router is a dual band device, meaning that speeds are dispensed from two separate bandwidths within the device. A smaller 2.4Ghz band transmits speeds that reach a theoretical speed of 400Mbps while a larger band delivers 867Mbos throughput. Since it is fitted with 4 powerful internal antennas, it is able to deliver consistent speeds even in places within the house that are far from the router.

Operating it is quite easy. All you have to do is download a mobile app that grants you total access from wherever you are. Google also provides 24/7 tech support to all users of this router.


  • Small and compact
  • Easy to install
  • Transmits at decent speeds
  • Covers a decent range
  • Comes with a mobile app for easy control


  • It comes with only few ports

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Apple Airport Extreme Overview

Apple AirPort Extreme
  • The intelligent, easy-to-use AirPort Extreme Base Station with simultaneous dual-band support is the...
  • Offers next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology

Apple products often times cost an arm and a leg, but they perform quite well none the less. The Apple Airport Extreme is no exception, and it proves a valuable asset where home internet connection comes in.

For optimal operation, this router relies on a 1GHz Dual Core processor, along with a 512MB RAM and 32MB flash memory. Just like the Google Wi-Fi, it is also a dual band router, dispensing 450Mbos from a 2.4Ghz band and 1,300Mbps from a 5GHz band. As earlier mentioned, this router is not a mesh device, but it does an exemplary job where range is concerned.

What we like about this router is its ability to support multiple devices at the same time, experiencing little strain even during intense gaming and when multiple devices stream 4K videos. On top of this, it comes with many performance enhancing features and superior security to ensure that your information stays secure. However, it is a bit of a disappointment that this router does not come with a user interface.


  • Transmits at decent speed
  • Reaches a wide range
  • Comes with many ports
  • Easy to install
  • Supports many devices at a go


  • It is quite pricey
  • Does not come with a user interface

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Verdict: So, which one is better – Google Wi-Fi or Apple Airport Extreme?

The Apple Airport Extreme stands out as an extremely fast and wide-coverage router when compared to the Google Wi-Fi, and this is why it is the better router.


  1. Is the Apple Airport Extreme a Wi-Fi 6 router?

No, it is not, it operates on the 802.11ac standard which makes it a Wi-Fi 5 router.

  1. Is the Google Wi-Fi backward compatible?

Yes, this router is backward compatible.


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