Apple TV vs. Roku – Which streaming box that can give you the best value for your cash

Do you have a smart TV that comes with a terrible interface? You should consider investing in a streaming device to get access to the latest apps in excellent quality. Some of the streaming devices that you can choose from include Apple TV and Roku.

These two streaming devices give you more entertainment options since you can now access games, TV shows, and even music. You can connect these devices to the TV’s HDMI port to access such content. As smart TVs grow in popularity, the demand for such streaming devices is high. Customers are torn between Roku and Apple TV since they both have a lot to offer. Finding out how they differ is crucial so that you can choose the most ideal one. This review will give you everything you should know regarding them.

What are the differences between Apple TV and Roku?

Apple TV
Operating system
Apple tvOS
Video and audio support
Dolby Vision, 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos
4K HDR and Dolby Atmos
Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 2.0
USB, Ethernet, MicroSD, and HDMI 2.0a
Voice control
Google Assistant

Apple TV vs. Roku – How do they compare

Video and Audio support

Whether you choose Roku or Apple TV, you get the chance to stream different apps effortlessly. Both of these streaming devices offer support for Dolby Atmos audio and HDR video. Apple TV, however, has better capabilities than Roku since it supports Dolby Vision. If you are a home theater fan and have a Dolby Vision TV, you should, therefore, invest in Apply TV.


Even though both streaming boxes may look somehow identical, they have some differences in terms of visual elements. For instance, we discovered that Apple TV is much thicker compared to Roku. Apple TV has a smaller footprint than its counterpart. Roku looks like it was made from cheap plastic while Apple TV has a glossy plastic appearance that makes the overall design impressive.

We also found the Apple TV remote to be quite stylish and sleek. It comes with a touch-sensitive panel that you can use to go through the menus. You can also use the included buttons if you want to enable the Siri Voice controls. The Roku remote is not stylish, but it comes with extra controls. In terms of the design, Apple TV is better than Roku.


The numerous ports in Roku show that this is a versatile streaming device you can rely on. It has a USB port that can help you access local media, Ethernet port, and the HDMI output. This streaming device also contains a microSD card which is not present in Apple TV. Due to the extra elements, Roku is a more versatile streaming device compared to Apple TV.

Operating system

Apple has come up with a user-friendly operating system. Most customers reveal that Apple tvOS is well designed. Though Roku also has a great operating system, you may have to deal with ads as you try to navigate through the content. Even though Roku’s operating system gets the work done, it is not as easy as utilizing tvOS. This makes the operating system of Apple TV better than that of Roku.

Apple TV vs. Roku- A comparison overview

Apple TV

Apple TV vs. Roku

Are you searching for a streaming box that has an excellent app selection? Consider Apple TV. The streaming device can handle 4K resolution content. Many people also like it since it supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos formats. Once you connect this streaming device with your TV, you will enjoy the fantastic looking pictures. Both the menu interface and flyover screensavers are quite impressive.

This streaming device comes with an A10X processor, which enhances its performance. You can easily go through the interface and even load different apps in seconds. The numerous features and excellent capability of Apple TV contribute to its high price. Most customers also like the sleek interface of this streaming device. It not only packs more pixels but also looks quite classy in a home.

If you have never used a streaming box before, worry not, since Apple TV is a user-friendly option. You can enjoy mirroring across different devices, including iPhone and iPad devices. Apple TV, therefore, gives you the chance to share content from a small to a big screen. Apart from streaming videos, you can also use Apple TV to control Homekit devices.


  • It supports Dolby Atmos and Vision
  • The remote is responsive
  • Offers a clean and straightforward interface


  • High price tag

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Apple TV specs

Apple TV+, Acorn TV, Bet+, Cinemax, Epix, History Vault, Mubi, Starz, and Sundance.
HDR and 4K functionality
Live TV
YouTube TV


No products found.

This is one of the streaming devices that shines when it comes to streaming videos from Amazon Prime and Netflix. The highly competitive streaming device comes with a microSD card slot for channel storage. It offers both HDR and 4K support. Using this device enables you to enjoy channels that launch in seconds and fast search results.

The remote comes with programmable buttons that allow you to store different commands. Though Roku has a programmable remote, it fails to support Dolby vision. This makes it face a lot of competition from other streaming devices such as Apple TV, which are known to support such high-end formats.

Most people choose Roku over other streaming devices since it comes with a user-friendly interface. In terms of the design, Roku is a disc-shaped video box that can easily blend in with different equipment. The streaming device also features a quad-core processor and dual-band antenna. On the back of this device, you should find an Ethernet port and a 12V power adapter. Though the package includes batteries and the remote, you can have to but the HDMI cable separately.

One of the unique features that most users like in Roku is private listening. On one side, you should notice an auxiliary audio jack that allows you to listen privately. You also get JBL headphones that you can use to listen alone if you don’t want to wake anyone up, especially when watching at night. You should also not experience difficulties in setting up this device. Once you have connected this streaming device, there is a welcome video that guides you through this device’s key features.


  • Delivers excellent 4K HDR performance
  • Easy to set up
  • Voice remote
  • It is reasonably priced


  • No support for Dolby Vision
  • The package fails to include HDMI cable

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Roku specs

Channels available
Netflix, the Lego Channel , The Roku Channel, Tubi, Pluto TV, Cooking Guide TV
4K and HDR functionality
YouTube TV
Standard IR remote


If you want to access your favorite content fast and without any limitations, you should get a streaming device for your smart TV. Roku and Apple TV are excellent options that support different streaming apps.

Final verdict: So which is better? Apple TV or Roku

After comparing Apple TV against Roku, we discovered that both devices are great for streaming enthusiasts. Apple TV, however, stands out since it offers better format support, more capabilities and channels. You, however, have to invest more cash to secure Apple TV. Despite the high cost, Apple TV is a more capable streaming device compared to Roku. We, therefore, choose Apple TV as the clear winner.


Why should you purchase a streaming device?

A smart TV has with a poorly designed interface and slow apps that can make your viewing experience terrible. A streaming device can give you access to numerous apps quickly to boost the experience.

How long can Roku last?

The hardware should last for long as long as you take care of the remote and box.

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