Amplifi alien vs. Unifi dream machine – Find a high performing router for your home or business

Mesh network systems are in high demand since they help people at home and in business access reliable internet. If you are prepared to let go of your outdated model, you should consider such systems.

Some of the mesh networks that you can pick from include Amplifi alien or Unifi dream machine. These comprise different nodes that communicate with one another wirelessly to boost your network’s speed and help you enjoy better coverage. Both mesh capable systems come from one company known as Ubiquiti. Find out how they differ.

What are the differences between the Amplifi alien and Unifi dream machine?

Amplifi alien
Unifi dream machine
Wifi 6 ( 802.11 ax standard)
 Wifi 5 802.11ac standard
Download speed-510 Mbps

Upload speed-530 Mbps

Download speed-800 Mbps

Upload speed-100 Mbps

Radio frequencies
Tri-band system
Dual-band system
Unique features
Built-in controller
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Amplifi alien vs. Unifi dream machine- How do they compare?


Though these routers both come from Ubiquiti, the manufacturer uses different designs to make it easy for people to tell them apart. Amplifi Alien is a mesh kit that contains both a black router and a mesh point. Unifi dream machine, on the other hand, is an all-in-one device that comes in white. This router has a better design than that of Amplifi Alien since it is more compact and space-saving.


Amplifi Alien is more advanced than the Unifi dream machine. This is because it is based on the wifi 6 technology and uses the 802.11 ax wifi standard. Unifi dream machine, on the other hand, is based on the wifi 5 technology and therefore uses the 802. 11 ac wifi standard. It cannot offer a high throughput than Amplifi Alien.

Unique Features

Amplifi Alien contains the teleport feature, which can create a VPN so that you can access your network even when you out of your house. Though the Unifi dream machine may not have this feature, it contains controller software. This allows you to manage your home network and even check statistics regarding the devices you connect to the network. In terms of the features, both routers tie.


When it comes to performance, Amplifi Alien is better than the Unifi dream machine. This is because it uses three frequency bands and as well as 12 polarity antennas. After testing Alien Amplifi, it recorded speeds of up to 500 Mbps at close range. Unifi dream machine is a dual-band router that is not so fast. At close range, this router gave us speeds of 450 Mbps.

Amplifi alien vs. Unifi dream machine – A comparison overview

Amplifi alien

Many people choose this system since it has greatly simplified mesh networking. You don’t even need prior knowledge of such systems to use Amplifi Alien. Since it comes with a plug and play design, even inexperienced people can use it. The mesh system contains two parts, namely the router and a mesh point.  Apart from the two-piece kit, the company gives you the option of buying an additional router if you want more coverage. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the mesh points separately.

The units come in a black design and feature an LED ring on the bottom part. You will also notice a touchscreen on the router. Use this to learn more details regarding your network, including the number of clients it can support and its IP address. Compared to most routers, Amplifi Alien comes in a bigger design.

Though the two units look identical, you may notice some differences between the router and its mesh point. For instance, the touch screen is only available on the router and not on the mesh point. Some of the ports that are available on Amplifi Alien include WAN and LAN ports. This system contains powerful antennas that can easily extend the wifi coverage. It is a tri-band system that delivers high speeds and throughput.

In terms of the software, this mesh wifi system utilizes a smartphone app that you can access from an Android or iOS device. The app gives you access to numerous features and networking functions such as UPnP for gaming, custom DNS, and DHCP. Using this router, you can even give your guests access to your network or monitor how your kids use it.


  • It is to set up
  • Has access to numerous features
  • Well-designed touch screen
  • Delivers fast speeds and extensive wifi coverage


  • It does not contain a dedicated backhaul.

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Unifi dream machine

Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine | UDM-US
  • High‐Performance Dual Band 802. 11ac 4x4 Wave 2 AP
  • Managed 4-Port Gigabit Switch

This is a cylindrical wifi system that has the same design as most routers. Since it comes in a compact design, it makes it ideal for internet users with limited space. The capable router is equipped with a quad-core CPU and firewall, which leads to fast connections. Though it may not be the fastest router from Ubiquiti, it can help you conduct regular online activities, including browsing and streaming.

This device contains at least 4 Ethernet ports. This router is known for its convenience. It can easily integrate with other devices and help you expand your network. Unifi dream machine uses 2 4x 4 MU-MIMO connectivity, which supplements the 802.11 ac output. Many people can use this router at a go without experiencing any performance issues since it is fast and offers excellent wifi coverage. It can cover small or medium-sized homes with wifi. You can even use the Unifi dream machine in your business.

In terms of the software, this system uses a built-in controller that can help you configure and monitor your network from different locations. You can use the Unifi dream machine to set up VLANs, routing, or even create guest networks.


  • Suitable for enterprise environments
  • Contains controller software
  • It is easy to use and scale
  • Has a spacing saving design


  • Does not have the best speed

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If you want a high-performing home network, you should use a mesh network system. These two Ubiquiti routers are highly performing systems that act as access points, switches, and routers. Though they have some similar features, such as the same connectivity options and mobile apps for management, they don’t perform the same.

Verdict: So, which is better? Amplifi Alien or Unifi dream machine

After comparing Ampifi Alien to Unifi dream machine, we found out why these routers have differing price points. Amplifi Alien impressed us since it has high throughput and speeds thanks to its wifi 6 technology. We also liked the wifi coverage it offers and unique features such as teleport. Though Unifi dream machine has an easy to use controller software, it does not have the highest speeds. The all-in-one device may be easy to scale, but it may not give you the best performance. That is why we chose Amplifi Alien as the clear winner.


Can I turn off the lights on the Unifi dream machine router?

Yes. Use the Unifi interface to turn off the lights of this router, especially at night.

Can I rely on Amplifi Alien for gaming?

Yes. Since this router offers excellent speeds, it can help you enjoy PC gaming without any interruptions.

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