Virtual Private Network Vs File Transfer Private – How do they compare

Virtual Private Network Vs File Transfer Private

FTP is known to be rather insecure in its transfer of files over the internet, while VPNs are known for their ability to give the user security when using the same internet. How do these two compare and relate?

Definition of terms

  • FTP – This is a File transfer protocol that uses TCP port 21 and 20 to establish a dual connection which works to allow the user to transfer files over the internet. Its highest review points are its speed and efficiency while its biggest drawback is its lack of security.
  • VPN – This is an acronym for a Virtual Private Network, which is a software that allows its user to have a virtual secure network on top of their existing connection. It gives the user anonymity on the internet while encrypting the data that they transfer to other users.

Why would they be compared?

The only point of comparison between the two would be the option of running FTP over a VPN. This is because the biggest problem associated with FTP is its lack of security in regard to the files and other forms of data being transferred between the host and the server. Using a VPN would add a layer of encryption on this data which would go a long way in protecting it.

Reasons that a user should not rely on a VPN for security in FTP:

  • A common effect of using VPNs, is the lagging of internet and general device functions. This could translate in a significant lag in the speed of data transfer, making it wiser to switch to FTPS or SFTP
  • Your VPN may have communication breaks, between which your device would be open and vulnerable to hacking.
  • It is a tedious process compared to getting a file transfer protocol that is already run through a security protocol like SFTP.


There would be no reason to directly link FTP to VPN, other than the fact that running FTP over a VPN gives it an added layer of security.


Is it illegal to have a VPN?

No, it is not. However, if the VPN is used to carry out an act that would be illegal without its use, then it still is illegal with its use. An example of such a case would be illegal pirating and downloading of music and other forms of media from the internet.

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