Ubiquiti Unifi Switch – 24 Ports Review

Everything you need to know about the Ubiquiti Unifi Switch – 24 Ports. [A Finding the best network switch is important if you’re looking to connect multiple wired devices at your home or office to deliver fast and reliable network speeds. The Ubiquiti Unifi Switch 24 Ports is a network switch that can simultaneously process data traffic on all ports at line rate without losing any data. 

Building a wired network may not work unless you’re using a reliable Ethernet switch. An Ethernet switch will come in handy if you have more wired devices than ports on your router, or you have some wired devices that are in the same place but far from your router. Most switches have a plug and play configuration that can easily be used by both experts and beginners to create a home or office network without any problems. I have been trying to create a home network with wired connections to all the devices in my home entertainment center without having so many cables running from my living room to the bedrooms. I thought a network switch will be the perfect solution.

Ubiquiti Unifi Switch – 24 Ports review and breakdown

Ubiquiti UniFi Switch - 24 Ports Managed (US-24-250W),White
  • The UniFi Switch delivers the forwarding capacity to simultaneously process traffic on all ports at line...
  • Product dimensions – 19.09” L x 11.24” W x 1.72” H | Ports quantity – 24 | Background noise...

The Ubiquiti Unifi switch 24 ports is a fully managed gigabit network switch that is built to expand your network and boost your wifi performance and intelligence switching for your growing networks. The 24 auto-sensing gigabit Ethernet ports can provide you with a stable and reliable network connection for multiple Ethernet-enabled devices. This Unifi switch will provide the forwarding capacity that will ensure that there’s a simultaneous process of data traffic coming from all the ports without losing any packet. To ensure there’s a total and non-blocking throughput, this 24-port switch will support up to 26 Gbps with a forwarding rate of up to 38.69 Mpps.

By default, this Unifi aitch can automatically sense 802.11af/at devices which means they can automatically receive PoE. However, for the 24V passive PoE devices, you need to manually enable them to use the Unifi controller software. This switch also provides you with an extensive layout of advanced layer 2 switching features and protocols and also provide layer 3 routing capabilities. The Ubiquiti Unifi switch has a front panel that hosts 24 port gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports for connecting your wired devices, 2 1GB SFP ports for uplink and fiber connectivity, and a pinhole reset button. The Unifi Controller software allows you to configure and monitor the switch and other Unifi devices with the help of the user interface. You can also run the controller in the Cloud to help you control multiple Unifi sites remotely using a centralized interface. You can configure a variety of features, view status information for each port, check statistics for all LAN throughput for each port, an much more.

What we liked

  • Very easy to use
  • Very easy to configure the switch using the controller
  • You can use the controller to control other Unifi devices
  • Compact device that you can fix to a wall

What we didn’t like

  • It runs pretty hot
  • The switch isn’t 24V passive PoE compatible

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Ubiquiti Unifi Switch 24 ports specs

Ubiquiti Unifi Switch 24 ports
Wireless type
Non-blocking throughput
Up to 26 Gbps
Forwarding rate
38.69 mpps
Switching capacity
52 Gbps
Max. power consumption
Max deliverable PoE
Networking interface
24 (10/100/1000 Mbps) RJ45 Ethernet ports, 2 1GB SFP Ethernet ports
Operating temperatures
23-104 degree F.

Ubiquiti Unifi Switch 24 ports features

Build quality and suitability

Most home users usually place their mount their switches on their wall or a desktop in plain sight. Having a switch with a quality build is more aesthetically appealing instead of one with a cheap build and the Ubiquiti Unifi switch 24 ports is built with a sturdy casing that inspires robustness. When it comes to the suitability of the switch, the Ubiquiti Unifi switch 24 ports can be used for both home and office use, especially if you have lots of wired devices that you need to connect to your network. Most of the switches use a plug and play configuration that is very easy to use so you can create your home or office network in no time.

Number of ports

The Ubiquiti Unifi switch 24 ports are plenty of ports that you can use for different needs. Apart from the 24 RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports that can simultaneously process traffic from every port without losing any data, the 2 SFP ports support uplink of up to 1 Gbps which makes a great optical fiber backhaul. With a 250W power consumption and an 802.11af/at compatibility, this managed PoE+ switch is capable of powering several PoE-compatible network components like VoIP phones, access points, and many more. You can also use either of the 2 SFP ports to connect it to high-speed storage devices.


The Unifi 24 switch helps you to eliminate the use of too much electric wiring because you can place the switch wherever it’s needed, on your wall, rack, or desktop. It also uses an auto-MDI/MDIX that makes the switch backward compatible with traditional network devices in your home or office. With 24 ports this switch will allow you to connect up to 24 power-hungry devices to your network at the same time.

Who is it best suited for?

The Ubiquiti Unifi switch 24 ports is a power switch that is designed for convenient management for gamers, homes, and businesses that need an office network. Also, it’s a great switch if you have lots of wired devices in your home and you don’t want to have a lot of wires in your home.

Are there alternatives to the Ubiquiti Unifi switch 24 ports?

Yes, there are different network switches you can get that can connect more or less wired devices to help you create a manageable network from a central location. These include Netgear 8 port GS108, Tp-link 16 port, Tp-link 5 port SG105.

Features of alternative network switches

Netgear 8 port GS108
Tp-link 16 port
Tp-link 5 port SG105
Management type
Suited for
Small and medium businesses
Home office, small office, workgroups
Home, gaming, business
Mounting options
Desktop or wall
Desktop or wall
Desktop or wall
1.97 pounds
5.78 pounds
12.8 pounds
Transfer method
Store and forward
Store and forward
Store and forward
Operating temperatures
32-104 degrees F.
32-104 degrees F.
32-104 degrees F.

Final verdict. Should you get the Ubiquiti Unifi switch 24 ports?

Yes, you should because it will not only upgrade your network to a higher capacity system but also centralize your cabling function for data transmission and power supply. It’s a highly cost-effective network switch that provides you with an easy way to manage your network and provide PoE for other devices.


How many watts does a 24 port switch use?

A 24 port PoE switch that is based on 802.3af has a total PoE budget of 300W and when used at full capacity, the max. power consumption per port 12.5W per port.

Can I use a PoE port with non-PoE devices?

Yes, you can. The auto-sensing PoE ports can detect if the connected device is a PoE device or not.

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