Secure shell Network FTP vs FTPS – How do they compare

secure File transfer Protoco

FTPS and SFTP are two of the most common means of file transfer over the internet between two devices. How do these two file transfer protocols compare?

FTPS – This is a hybrid form of FTP which is achieved by running the protocol through a secure SSL or TSL layer. This security layer is placed in this position to offer additional security for the data that is being transferred within the protocol. Its only ar4ea of difference from the original FTP is the layer of security.

SFTP – This is a file transfer protocol that is built on a Secure Shell network and has no direct link or relationship with FTP, other than the fact that they have the same primary function.

Why would they be compared?

FTPS and SFTP are often compared because they are assumed to be different versions of FTP. As shown above in the general definitions, this is not true, with SFTP being an independent file transfer protocol built on SSH and FTPS being FTPS run over SSL. An accurate comparison of the two, aside from the SSH and SSL comparison, would be to compare FTP to SFTP.


The comparison between FTPS and SFTP is valid and would be the same as comparing SFTP to FTP, with the exception of its security. In this respect, they are said to be equally secure, though SFTP is preferred because it is built on the secure network, and does not need to be run through it like FTPS.


Which port does SFTP use?

It uses a single port, port 22

What is needed for SFTP?

SFTP does not require a two factor authentication. However, the user has the option of allowing both a user password and ID paired with SSH keys. In this case, the user would need to have both the SSH key and the user ID and password

SFTP also needs port number 22 to establish the connection between devices.


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