Nighthawk x10 VS ax12 – which router performs better?

The Netgear nighthawk x10 allows users to experience smooth online streaming, low lag and better speeds. Click on the Netgear nighthawk x10 vs ax12 for a comprehensive comparison between two powerful routers.

If you require high quality connections for your office network, you need a good quality router. The Netgear nighthawk ax12 provides an impressive range of features for both wired and wireless connections. It has 4 gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections, and A WAN ort for internet connection.  Can the Netgear nighthawk x10 keep up with the Netgear ax12 in terms of features and performance? The Netgear nighthawk x10 VS ax12 comparison may help you answer that question.

What are the differences between Netgear x10 and Netgear AX 12?

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 (r9000)AD7200 802.11ac/ad
NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12 Wi-FI 6 Router (RAX200) – AX11000 12-Stream (Winner) 
Wireless frequency bands
2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 60 GHz
2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
1.7 GHz Quad-Core
2.2 GHz Quad-Core
2 5 Gbps USB Type-A
7 Ethernet ports
4 Gigabit Ethernet
2 5 Gbps USB Type-A
Support proticals
Link aggregation
speeds of up to 800mbps on 2.4ghz

1733 on 5ghz and 4600mbos in 60ghz

Speeds of up to 1.2GPS on 2.GHz and 4.8Gps on 5Ghz


Nighthawk x10 VS ax12 – How do they differ? 


The Netgear RAX120 has  two massive collapsible antennas and feature s a multi-gig network port that works as LAN or WAN, a Gigabit WAN port and TWO 3.2 USB ports. The Netgear RAX 120 router is considerably large in size when compared to the RAX 200 which is smaller and lighter.  The RAX 120 measures 12.20 x 7.48 x 1.77inches while the RAX200 measure is 11.70 x 3.07 x 8.30 inches.

The Netgear nighthawk X10 is a large router with 4 adjustable antennas that contain in built led lights. The LED lights on the antenna are meant to indicate if the Wi-FI radios are active. There is also a line of other led indicators along the front edge of the router. Next to these are also WPS and Wi-FI on and off buttons. On the side and back are two USB 3.0 ports and a WAN Port. 6 gigabit LAN ports, power, led and reset buttons.

The Netgear ax12 looks better than the Netgear nighthawk ax10.  The nighthawk ax12 has two wings and 4 internal antennas while the nighthawk ax10 has 4 visible ones.


The Netgear ax12 has a 64-bit quad processor and a clock speed of 2.2GHz.  It is designed with 1GB internal flash memory and 512 MB of DDR RAM.  The router can provide up to 6gbps for smooth 8k/4k ultra HD streaming, video calls, and lag free online gaming while the Netgear rx200 can go up to 11Ggbps. The AX 12 is a 12-stream dual-band router with Wi-FI 6 and can provide a capacity of 12 simultaneous streams.

The Netgear nighthawk x10 is equipped with a 1.7 GHz quad core CPU. It is a quad stream dual BAND 802.11ac router than can support speeds of up to 1733 on the 5 GHz band and 800mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. The Netgear ax10 lets users combine two LAN ports so you can improve file transfer speeds to the compatible aggregate devices. This features works well for network attached storage devices and network switches. The Netgear nighthawk turns in scores of 558mbps on the 5GHZ at a close proximity and 392mbois at a distance of 30 feet.

The Netgear nighthawk AX12 has an impressive performance when compared to the Netgear nighthawk x10

Netgear Nighthawk x10 VS AX12 – A Comparison Overview

Netgear Nighthawk AX12 Overview

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12 Dual-Band 12-Stream Wi-Fi Router RAX120-100NAS (Renewed)
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with existing WiFi devices and new WiFi 6 devices like iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10,...
  • 12 SIMULTANEOUS STREAMS: Provides more capacity so more devices can use WiFi at the same time.

The Netgear RAX 120 AX12 (ax6000) is a popular Netgear 4×4 Wi-FI router.  Not only is the Netgear ax12 stylish, but it also comes with speed, connectivity and range coverage.

This Wi-FI 6 router can support up to 12 Wi-FI streams simultaneously. With wireless AX speed of up to 5-Gbps, this is easily one of the most powerful routers designed by Netgear. It can be used for LAN connections with the WAN port off.  You also get VPN, port forwarding, DDN, static routes and other features with the Netgear RAZ 120.

The router supports OFDMA standard which allows users to send data to multiple devices simultaneously. This means you have less chance of experiencing lag or stutter during real time streaming. This router supports dynamic DNS which is helpful for people who want to set up a remote access service at home. The router can work as a VPN client as well as VPN server.


  • It is significantly faster than other Wi-FI 5 routers
  • Has good VPN options through the nighthawk web interface
  • Has twin 5GHz radios
  • Very easy to connect and install
  • Excellent Wi-FI performance


  • Has no parental control
  • Netgear ax200 review

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Netgear Nighthawk x10 Overview

NETGEAR Nighthawk 12-Stream AX12 Wifi 6 Router (RAX200) - AX11000 Tri-Band Wireless Speed (Up to 10.8 Gbps) | 2,500 sq. ft. Coverage
  • WIFI 6 – STREAM EVERYTHING AT EPIC SPEED: Simultaneously stream uninterrupted movies, games, video...
  • WORKS WITH ALL INTERNET PROVIDERS: Replace your existing WiFi Router (separate modem or gateway...

The Netgear Nighthawk x10 Wi-FI router is designed for large homes, clocked with advanced features that allow for better networking and data streaming. It has MU-MIMO, circuitry that supports 60GHZ 802.11ad networking, data streaming and 160 MHz WI-FI technology.

The router is equipped with a 1.7ghx quad control CPU and a dual band 802.11ac router than can go up to speeds of 1,733Mbps on the 5GHZ band and 800mbps on the 2.4ghz band. The Netgear r900 also supports MU-MIMO data streaming, which allows the device to send data to compatible clients simultaneously. It also has beamforming that directs that Wi-FI signals to specific clients and reduces the need for a broad Wi-FI spectrum.

The Netgear x10 has 4 adjustable antennas that contain blue Led lights on the front edge of the router, the Led lights light up when your Wi-FI radios are active. They indicate the internet, ALL 3 GHZ bands, guest networking, internet, 6 Gigabit LAN ports, LAN port and the 2 USB ports on this router. It supports 160MHZ on the 5gz to help achieve faster throughput speeds. The Plex media support and Amazon drive cloud feature allow users to share and manage images, photos, videos and other media files you have connected on the USB files. To manage this router, you can use the Genie mobile/Netgear genie app.


  • Supports 802.11ad and 160MHZ network technologies
  • Good 5 GHz Performance
  • Has a fast 60 GHz throughput
  • Supports multi-user multiple input multiple outputs (MU-MIMO)


  • It is expensive
  • It lacks detailed quality of service

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Conclusion and Verdict: So, which one is better- Netgear Nighthawk x10 or ax12?

The Netgear nighthawk triband AX12 router is the clear winner between the two.  This is because the Netgear ax12 is faster than the x10. This 12 stream Wi-FI 6 router promises a combined throughput of 10.8gbos which is much faster than the 7.2Gbps by the Netgear nighthawk x10.  This 1.8ghz quad core processor has 8 built in antennas,  supports multi- gig 2.5g Ethernet ,  supports MU-MIMO and other technologies that improve the range, speed and lower the latency of the router.


Does the Netgear nighthawk ax10work with other bands than ac?

The r9000 IS ALS COMPATIBL EWITH 802.11ad 60 GHz, 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz and 802.11a/n/ac 5.0 GHz standards

How easy is it to connect or set up the routers to an existing home system?

The process is really fast. All you need to do is download the app on your phone, connect needed cables, power your router and follow the set up instructions.


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