Mifi 6620l vs. 8800l – Which Mifi performs better

Unlike WiFi, MiFi has been configured to support both WiFi and the mobile data technologies, the portable devices work just like routers and will support up to 10 devices or more. However, with this option, you get to be mobile with it and will give your phone a break from hot-spotting, a feature that is notoriously known for consuming battery power.

Internet connectivity is no longer an option but a necessity whether you are in the office, walking out to lunch, or traveling out for a business meeting or for vacation. Almost everything now happens through the internet, business meetings, businesses have even upgraded from the brick and mortar stores to the virtual stores, and the best part of all this is that you don’t need a router to stay connected.

The Mifi 6620l and the 8800l from Verizon allow netizens to stay productive when not connected to WiFi or cable internet. Though from the same company the units are significantly distinct in build and design, and in features and functionalities, read on to find out how?

What are the differences between the MiFi 6620l and the 8800l?

Mifi 6620l
Connected devices at a time
Battery Capacity
2 in 1 battery offers up to 20 hours
4400mAh battery
Over 200 countries
Over 200 countries
5.08 x 3.62 x 2.32 inches
7.72 x 4.29 x 2.6 inches
9.6 ounces
5.6 ounces
Upload speeds= 16.2 mbps

Download speeds= 19.8mbps

Upload speeds= 2-5mbps

Download speeds=5-12mbps


MiFi 6620l vs. 8800l- How do they compare?

Build and design

The build and design of a MiFi device will determine its portability, and storage, but almost all of them are small in size with others way smaller and lighter in weight like the Mifi 8800l that weighs a mere 5.6 ounces. Featuring a rubberized outer, the MiFi 8800l features a very simple build, no option to connecting to other external devices, but easy to use via the intuitive and interactive 2.4-inch color touch screen.

The grey and black color combination make for an attractive but professional outlook for the 8800l at least when compared to the 6620l that features a combination of the bright red and black color. Both units are compact, can fit in a small pouch or inside your pocket, and keep your connected for as long as the battery can last.

So as regards build and design the Verizon Mifi 8800l is the better unit because of its simple blending of the not so bright colors, its lightweight design, and the minimized dimensions.

Battery capacity

A longer lasting battery means you will stay connected for extended hours, so while in transit a good Mifi should at least offer you over 20 hours, which covers a good part of the active hours. The Mifi 6620l 2 in 1 battery will, therefore, provide users with up to 20 solid networking hours, while the 8800l that has been equipped with a 4400mAh battery cannot afford so many hours, and it would, therefore, be good if you had a backup battery, a power bank or a charger.

The Mifi 6620l is, therefore, the best unit because it offers users up to 20 hours of internet use while its counterpart offers a maximum of 4 hours.


Do you know that you can improve your Mifi Wifi signal, indeed you can and all you have to do is use the Mifi hotspot boosters, which are designed to pull the weak signals from a transmitter then boost and re-broadcast a stronger signal to the connected internet-enabled devices. Well, the above is a simple way of speeding up your Mifi, which in the long run will stabilize your connection and improve your internet signal.

Both the Mifi 6620l and the 8800l offer decent upload and download speeds but the Mifi 6620l seem to be offering faster upload and download speeds when compared to the Mifi 8800l. The latter has very low upload speeds ranging between 2-5mbps, so while the above speeds will allow you to carry out some basic activities, you might have to boost the speeds offered.

Offering a solid 16.2mbps upload speeds and up to 19.8mbps download speeds, the 6620l is the better unit for networking as it allows users to easily upload and download large files.

Mifi 6620l vs. 8800l – A comparison overview

Mifi 6620l Overview

The Mifi 6620l comes equipped with an internal sim card, an LCD that will provide you with all the relevant networking information including your password. The unit can be charged in case of low power, and here you have been provided with two options, where you can either use the mini USB or the standard USB.

The Mifi accommodates up to 15 devices without discrimination, you can, therefore, hook up a laptop, a smartphone, tablet among other internet-enabled devices. Now, this unit can be used in over 200 countries meaning that you don’t have to carry the numerous phones that you have for use in the different countries, instead just carry the Mifi, your phone, and laptop and you are good to stream.


  • The battery life is great
  • Offer the much needed wireless security
  • The Mifi offers a reliable internet connection
  • Connects up to 15 devices on a single network
  • The large colorful display is pretty intuitive


  • Not convenient for the long haul
  • Has a problem staying turned on
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Mifi 8800l Overview

The 8800l takes over from the 7730l Mifi hotspot, the latest 8800l Mifi has incorporated an advanced LTE modem and also has the Qualcomm snapdragon x20. The unit is additionally considered as the world’s first category 18 hotspot, the above means that the peak theoretical speeds for the downloads and uploads are high. With the peak theoretical speeds set at 1.2gb per second on download and up to 150 Mbps for the uploads.

So while the above might be true, the real tests in practice are worlds apart. The unit has also incorporated the auto VPN technology, so users with the open VPN server that they have subscribed to can VPN traffic from their private network attached to their hotspot, which is an enhanced security feature, for people who want to keep the prying eyes away from their stuff.


  • The best rural internet solution
  • Equipped with a powerful and durable battery
  • Offers the best service in areas that have good reception
  • Offer faster upload and download speeds
  • Provides security for the devices that are connected to the network


  • Does not come with the sim card
  • The build is of poor quality and the unit, therefore, breaks easily
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Verdict: So, which one is better, the Mifi 6620l or the 8800l

The Mifi 8800l is the better unit because it has incorporated the latest security features, offers up to 20 hrs of internet connectivity thanks to the powerful battery. The unit additionally offers decent download and upload speeds is light in weight and can be used in over 200 countries.


  1. Can the Mifi 6620L connect to a router through the Ethernet?

No, the Mifi does not have an Ethernet port and you can only use it for WiFi connections

  1. What type of charger does the Mifi 8800l use?

The 8800l uses the USB-USB-C

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