Mhs900l Vs 8800l – Which mifi performs better

From the introduction of telephones to face timing, innovations and inventions are taking over the world, and humans are barely able to put a name on any progressive invention. So, as you struggle to keep up with technology we would like to introduce you to the Mifi hotspot. 

Not that it is a new technology but since its introduction to the networking industry back in 2009 by Novatel wireless, the device has undergone some major changes and improvements over the years, meant to make it more effective as regards functionality. Mifi’s allow people to work on the go, if you, therefore, spend extended hours outside your office or home and need to have an internet connection all through, then you might have to get either the Mhs900l OR THE 8800L.

Using these devices comes with several advantages, one is that you can connect many devices, say your laptop, iPad and phone, or tablet, all of which will be connected to the internet simultaneously. What’s more, is that when you use Mifi to connect to the web it tends to consume less battery when compared to using WiFi. Let us, therefore, find out which one between the Mhs900l and the 8800l offers the best service and connectivity.

What are the differences between the Mhs900l and the 8800l

6.7 x 4.5 x 2.1 inches ( bigger in size)
5.5 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches ( compact)
Hrs of usage
Up to 10 hrs of usage
Up to 24hrs of usage
Access WiFi in more than 200 countries
Download speeds = 11.09mbps

Upload speeds = 1.63mbps

Download speeds = 44.55mbps

Upload speeds = 1.45mbps


Mhs900l vs. 8800l- How do they compare?

Speeds and performance

Given that most people download a lot of stuff from the internet both the Mhs900l and the 8800l offer higher download speeds when compared to the upload speeds. There is however a significant difference in the download speeds that both of these units offer, with the 8800l offering faster download speeds at 44.55mbps while the Mhs900l offers 1.45mbps.

Now when compared to 3G, the download speeds for the 4G LTE area tend to be much higher, offering a satisfying 5-12mbps, meaning that both the Mhs900l and the 8800l offer sufficient download speeds. The above then brings us to the next big question, what are the recommended upload speeds?

Well, good upload speeds that you should be looking out for are 5mbps, the above also depends on the applications that you are running, in which case many people like to upload content in form of videos. So both the Mhs900l and the 8800l have low upload speeds, at least below 5mbps, but they are effective nonetheless depending on what you are using it for.

The 8800l is the better unit when it comes to speeds and performance, because it offers high upload speeds and average download speeds.

Build and design

Beginning from the dimensions, we are noticing that the 8800l is quite compact when compared to the 9900l, which is bigger. The Mhs9900l does, however, feature some attractive aesthetics, incorporating a partly matte black finish with a small screen at the top to guide and inform users of the progress of your connectivity, your battery level, the signal, and the number of connected devices.

The 8800l, on the other hand, is not very pretty but serves its purpose well, all the information regarding your connectivity, battery percentage, number of guests, or the devices that are connected to the mobile hotspot will be provided on the large highly responsive and interactive screen. Users will also get information on their signal strength, their current data plan, complete with the amount of data that has already been used.

When compared to the sleek bodied Mhs9900, the 8800l tends to afford users more information and even offers them a helping hand via the help option displayed on the interactive screen. The Mhs9900l limits the information that it offers because the screen is quite small.


10hrs of internet connectivity means that you will be disconnected for a good part of the day, which could mean loss of business, school among other internet activities that netizens are engaged in. The above is what you will get from the Mhs9900l; if you, therefore, don’t spend a lot of time on the internet or rarely use it as the day slows to a stop in the evening then this is the perfect unit.

However, if your life revolves around the internet and being out of coverage is not an option then you will need the 8800l, mobile hotspot because apart from allowing you to add more devices to your network it will ensure that you stay connected to the internet for a full 24hrs.

The 8800l is, therefore, the better unit because it offers connectivity for up to 24hrs while the 9900l only offers connectivity for about 10hrs.

The Mhs900l vs the 8800l – A comparison overview


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When compared to the 8800l the, Mhs 900l seems to be a bit large but will fit in your pocket nonetheless. The unit is quite functional and will allow connectivity to about eig

ht WiFi-enabled devices, is quite simple to use and to know that it has powered up there is a small light that will blink at the front bottom part of the unit. The Mhs900l provides users with a fast Verizon 4GE LTE connection while on the move, so at $111.82, you stand to enjoy internet connectivity for up to 10hrs.


  • Offers the best range and coverage
  • The device is compact and portable
  • The display battery provides the relevant information


  • Poor battery life

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8800l- Overview

Want to stay productive from sunrise to sundown then the 8800l will suffice, the unit offers faster connectivity thanks to the optimized DL/UL speeds that enable easy and faster connectivity in many places. The above means that you will not be restricted from using your mobile hotspot no matter your location.

Users are also furnished with a 2.4 inch color, touch screen that offers a rather intuitive interface, with the relevant help prompts making it easier for people to get connected.


  • Allows users to connect up to 15 devices that can stream simultaneously
  • Users can share files via the Mifi 8800l’s network but by using the multi-functional USB port
  • The built-in secure Auto VPN allows a secure connection


  • Navigating the screen is a problem

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Verdict: so, which is better, the Mhs900l or the 8800l

After a thorough evaluation of the features and functionalities of both the Mhs900l and the 8800l mobile hotspots, we conclude that the 8800l is the better unit because it offers connectivity for up to 24hrs.


  1. Is it possible to set a private password on the Mhs900l?

The device comes with its password but you can set a new private password.

  1. Can I use an external antenna with the 8800l?

Yes, the device, is equipped with two external antenna ports

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