Is Verizon total mobile protection worth it?

Verizon total mobile protection is worth it if you want to insure your phone from cracked screens, theft, water damage and any form of accidental damage.

Verizon offers five insurance covers and your coverage is largely determined by the kind of protection you desire. The covers include total mobile protection that goes for $11/month, total equipment coverage at $9/Month, wireless phone protection $7.15/month, extended warranty at $3/month and the tech coach at $7/month.

Why total mobile protection is worth it

The total mobile protection goes for $12 to $15 per month and covers a host of mobile phone malfunctions like accidental screen damage or water damages. It also covers theft and loss of phone. The cover also encompasses one of each of these accessories: home charger, battery, car charger, earbud and case.

The cover does not include damage/defects from normal tear and wear. It also does not cover neglect and misuse of phone with removed label or cases where the serial numbers are illegible or where damage is due to spills or immersion in liquid foods. The accidental damage deductible is $9 to $249, loss or theft deductible is the same as the first. You get a claim limit of three months within 12 months. When you consider the deductible it is quite reasonable as opposed to purchasing a new phone.

Same day repairs

When you have insured your phone with the Verizon Total Mobile Protection then you get to enjoy same-day repairs and at times it just takes a few hours to sort you out. The repair can even take place right at your home and this is what makes the plan more popular among mobile owners even though its expensive. Verizon allows you to get back on with your life as soon as possible.

Some of the devices eligible for same day repairs include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5,6,7
  • Apple iPhone SE, 5c,s, 6, 6 plus, 6s and 6s plus
  • Motorola DROID Turbo and DROID Maxx
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & 5

What this means is not all mobile repairs get it done on the same day. The services are relegated to specific cities and regions. Verizon claims that over 60% of their customers get their phones repaired on the same day due to them having over 220 repair locations across the country.

How the service works is that you get charged $79 deductible through the Total Mobile Protection feature. This will cover your cracked or broken screen – which mostly happens to be the most common form of phone damage. The cover also covers over three lines on one account. This gives you a total of nine claims.

Total equipment coverage

Another insurance package that is common with the Verizon is their Total Equipment coverage that goes for $7 to $11 per month. The coverage is for malfunctions, accidental damage like water damage and cracked screens, theft and loss. The accidental damage deductible is $9 to $249 with $29 being for screen repair. The claim limits is three within 12 months.

Extended warranty coverage

The company also offers an extended warranty coverage that covers defects that come once the original phone warranty expires. The plan goes for $5 per month but does not cover accessories and batteries, damaged and stolen phones.

Verizon Protect

If you want more extended phone coverage then you can go with the Verizon Protect with offers you all the protection that is offered by in the Total Mobile protection plus other privacy features like website/Wi-Fi threat detection and system root checks, and anti-virus/anti-malware software. You also get social media monitoring, cyber monitoring and lost wallet guidance. Another cool feature to protect your phone is the call filter that identifies unknown numbers and blocks them.


While Verizon Total protect is awesome you need to note that phone companies also come with their own level of phone protection. If you go with a Samsung Galaxy S7 extended warranty for of $100 you get a coverage of two years which is quite adequate considering the short lifespan of most mobile phones. If you upgrade to another Galaxy phone then you get the warranty transferred. The total amount on a Samsung Galaxy is $100 for two years plus an additional fee of $75 for replacement of device when it ships.

The total amount you will be paying on Verizon insurance for two years is $350 after deductible. But, when you consider you are getting the convenience of same day repairs then the deal is worth it as you can get your phone repaired fast.

How Verizon Total Mobile Protection compares with competition

Price/Monthly premium
Verizon Total Protection
$12 – $15
Malfunctions, accidental damage that includes water damage, and cracked screens, theft and loss
Extended Samsung Galaxy S7 Warranty
$100 plus $75 device replacement
Phone replacement once during warranty
Apple care
$129 for two years
$29 is for screen repairs

Apple also has a plan called the Apple care for their phone. For this you get charged a total of $129 with $29 being for screen repairs. The only downside to this is the fact that Apple repairs can be quite frustrating due to the queuing.


For those who have a habit of breaking or losing their phones more frequently than the Total Mobile protection from Verizon is worth it. For three fixes once a year you will find yourself saving instead of purchasing a new phone. The same day repairs are quite come in handy as you get your phone fixed while at home.


Is it better to get a warranty from my Phone provider or Opt for Total Mobile Protection?

It will depend on what is covered and duration, for most providers the warranty covers your phone for two years or so but with Total Mobile Protection you are covered as long as you continue paying premium.

Does Verizon Total Mobile Protection repair my phone on the same day?

According to Verizon, most customers get same day repairs. However, this is subject to your location and city. At times, repairs just take a few hours and within your home.

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