How to kick someone off your wifi Centurylink

It’s very easy to set up wireless connections for both your home and office. You can set up a wireless network using an internet cable or DSL or using your smartphone as an access point and Centurylink allows you to do that.

Although you can set your wireless network easily, you might not be well versed in network security which leaves your wifi vulnerable to hacks and free riders who want to use your wifi for free. You can easily kick them off your Centurylink wifi by changing your wifi password or you can set up a guest network.

Why remove people from your wifi network?

It’s easier and more efficient to remove people from your wifi network instead of asking them to remove themselves. This is because:

  • Nobody will listen to your request when you ask people to stop using your wifi
  • It slows down your bandwidth and internet
  • People can download illegal torrents
  • Hackers will have control of you, your router, network, and internet
  • You will end up getting a plan upgrade because your bandwidth is beyond the set FUP limits

How to check who is using your wifi?

There are many methods you can use to check who is using your wifi.

  • First, you’ll need to disconnect all your connected devices in your home from the internet
  • Once all the devices are turned off, check the activity lights on your router. If the devices connected are blue it means they’re active and unrestricted, red means they’re currently restricted from internet use, gray means they’re not connected to your internet, and if they have a padlock icon, they can be active or inactive, but they’re blocked from using your internet.
  • On your web browser, log onto your router’s access page. All home routers have an online access page and the URL is different for each router and will always come as an IP address. Type in your router’s IP address to open your router’s admin interface. Use the password you used when setting up your router.
  • Once you log in, you’ll see all the connected devices on the maintenance section under connected devices. If you can’t see any devices, turn off all your devices then refresh the list to see the devices connected without your consent.

How to remove people off your wifi Centurylink

If you happen to give someone your password, they can use it to have unlimited access to your wifi network using any of their devices. Here are ways you can use to boot them off:

Change your wifi password

Changing your router’s wifi password is the easiest way of ensuring that nobody will have access to your wifi. This will automatically disconnect all the devices from your wifi network and you can only reconnect using the new password. Anyone who doesn’t have the new password won’t be able to connect. If you have multiple devices, it can be a very tedious process having to enter the new password on all these devices, but it’s the only way to block other unauthorized users from accessing your wifi.

If you forget your password, you can recover all the saved passwords on your Windows PC and any other device. Access your router’s configuration settings in your web interface, log in, and change your wifi password. You can change your wifi network’s name too.

Once you’ve set a password on your router, enable WAP2 secure encryption and ensure you set a strong passphrase.

Create a guest network

Setting up a guest network for your visitors will give them access to your wifi network which means they can’t gain access to your main network. Most routers have this feature in their settings. Your gust network should have a separate password from your main network and if you need to change it to kick off intruders, it doesn’t affect your primary network password.

Use the MAC filtering address on your router

Some routers come with access control features that will control the devices allowed to connect to your wifi. Each wireless device has a unique MAC address and you can use your router to blacklist or ban some MAC addresses from accessing your wifi. You can even set up a whitelist of all the devices that have the authority to connect and this will prevent other devices from connecting.

However, not all routers have this option and it’s not very secure to use it because someone with your wifi password can use it to change the MAC address of their device to match the ones approved to connect to your wifi. It will also take up a bit of your time because you have to manually enter all the MAC addresses when you’re connecting your new devices.

Signs that someone is using your wifi

Poor speeds
If your internet speeds are slow at certain times of the day like in the evening, your neighbor could be using your wifi
High latency
This is noticeable in real-time applications like Skype. Your message could take time to reach your conversation partner
Lack of encryption
If your wifi isn’t encrypted with either WAP or WAP2 security protocol, someone can easily use your wifi
Router reboots
Routers normally reboot from time to time for maintenance, but if your router keeps rebooting all the time, someone is trying to access your wifi network with force


Always ensure that your wifi password is secure to keep your connections safe and fast and prevent someone from using your wifi without your knowledge.Setting up a strong password and learning how to secure your wifi will keep off any intruders using your Centurylink wifi.


Is Centurylink internet unlimited data?

Centurylink has a 1 TB data cap for most of its plans, but if you’re a business or residential customer on the fiber gigabit plan and even the prism customers, you are not subject to this limit so you can enjoy unlimited data.

Does Centurylink internet require a phone line?

Centurylink has high-speed internet services that don’t require you to have a phone line. The speeds will vary depending on your location and the connection speeds available.

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