How do I activate the internet on my iPhone?

If you have just bought your first iPhone and you do not know how to activate the internet, no need to worry. The process is quite easy and straightforward. Read on to discover how to do it.

Over the years, iPhones have taken the mobile market by storm. Apple’s iPhone comes in a wide variety of options to meet different needs and budgets. Understanding how to activate internet on your iPhone ensures that you have access to your emails and other internet-based technologies. Whether you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi, you can enable internet on your iPhone through its Settings icon.

How to configure the internet connection on your iPhone through cellular network

You can configure the internet connection on your iPhone using mobile data. Cellular service providers offer various data plans that allow your iPhone to access the internet through 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. Generally, older iPhones access the internet through 3G networks, while newer iPhones, like the iPhone 6 and 6s, use 4G and LTE networks to surf the net.

Before configuring your iPhone’s internet connection, ensure it is affiliated with a reliable cellular service provider. Your iPhone should have a SIM card, placed in the SIM card port on the side of the iPhone, to give it access to a cellular network through a pre-paid or plan service. Whether you have subscribed to a monthly, yearly, or pay-as-you-go plan, the service should include data usage, enabling the phone to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi. Likewise, ensure that your preferred network is available in your area.

Turn off Wi-FI

Turn off Wi-FI

Begin by turning off Wi-Fi on your iPhone through its Settings menu. Leaving the Wi-Fi on will use up the phone’s battery life while trying to connect to various Wi-Fi networks until it returns to an area where it can connect to a network. Once you turn off the Wi-Fi, you force the phone to rely on 3G, 4G, or LTE data usage solely.

How to activate internet connection through cellular data

To activate internet connection through cellular data, open the Settings menu, and tap Mobile Data. Go to Mobile Data Network and fill in your username, password, and APN. You can find this information on your cellular service provider’s website. It is essential to note that browsing the internet using your preferred network can eat up your monthly data allotment quickly if you have not subscribed to unlimited data access.

activate the internet on my iPhone

How to configure internet connection on your iPhone using Wi-Fi

Another way to activate internet connection on your iPhone is through a Wi-Fi connection. Nowadays, there is Wi-Fi connectivity everywhere we go. Whether it is an open or closed Wi-Fi network, ensure that you are within range and have the right password to connect to a closed network.

To activate your Wi-Fi connection, go to your Settings menu, and choose Wi-Fi. Switch it on, select the network you want to connect to, enter the password, and join it. If you have connected to the Wi-Fi network before, you should be able to automatically connect to it when you are in the network range. Otherwise, if there are several nearby networks available, you will receive a prompt asking you to tap to a specific network name and join it by putting in a password.

Once connected, a Wi-Fi icon will appear on the status bar and will indicate the connection strength. Additionally, free public Wi-Fi networks do not require passwords; hence, referred to as unsecured networks. It is easy to track users’ online activities on such networks, making it easy for hackers to access your emails and personal information. Therefore, it is best to avoid using public hotspots when sending or receiving sensitive data. Check whether your internet connection is active by opening Safari.

What if my iPhone cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network?

If your iPhone is having trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi network that you have used before, try resetting the phone and its network settings. Likewise, try connecting your iPhone to iTunes and update the software, or restore the phone.

If it is one specific Wi-Fi network that your iPhone cannot to, try forgetting that particular network. Go to Settings, open Wi-Fi, and tap the right-pointing arrow next to the network’s name. On the next screen, choose to Forget this Network.

Proceed to reset the phone by finding the network name again and entering its password to re-join the network. Make sure that you are connecting to the right network and entering the relevant password. If necessary, you can also attempt to reset your router, if you are using a home Wi-Fi network. Similarly, ensure that you have turned off the phone’s Bluetooth as some users have reported that iPhone’s Bluetooth capability interferes with the Wi-Fi signal.

Mode of connection
How to activate internet
Through mobile data
Settings>Mobile Data> Mobile Data Network> fill in your username, password, and APN
Through Wi-Fi
Settings>Wi-Fi>Choose the preferred network and enter the password to join


As seen above, whether using mobile data or Wi-Fi, getting internet on your iPhone is easy. However, many people prefer using Wi-Fi connection over cellular data as it is cheaper, faster, and more stable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I access the internet on my iPhone?

There could be a problem with your network or connection settings. Try resetting your phone or your network settings.

Can I connect my iPhone to the internet through USB?

You can access the internet on your iPhone through a USB cable by tethering it to your MAC or Windows laptop.

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