Cisco SG 550X vs. Cisco SG 500X- Which Cisco 500 generation of Switches is better?

If you are interested in comparing the Cisco 500 generation of Switches, take a look at our comparison review. Here, we zero in on both generations within this product line, the Cisco SG 550X and Cisco SG 500X, to determine which is better.

The Small and Midsized Business Switches from Cisco, popularly termed as the SMB collection are widely known for their foundational role in a business network set up. These switches are specifically designed to solve performance issues within business without adding complexity to the network, or breaking the bank.

If you are not familiar with the Cisco 500 collection, it is a series of Stackable managed devices, all of which can deliver advanced capabilities to business operations. While the 550X was designed to replace the 500 series, many users still rely on the previous generation. Take a look as we differentiate these advanced small enterprise class Switches.

What are the differences between the Cisco SG 550X and the Cisco SG 500X?

Cisco SG 550X
Cisco SG 500X
Available in 24-48 10/100/1000 GE configuration port
Available in 24-48 10/100/1000 GE configuration port
Stacking Performance
763.09 Mpps forwarding rate, 1,040 Gbps bandwidth performance
238.1 Mpps forwarding rate, 320 Gbps bandwidth performance
10G copper and fiber interfaces
5G copper and 10G fiber interfaces
Flow based mirroring and redirection


Cisco SG 550X vs. Cisco SG 500X -How do these compare

Power efficiency

Cisco features enhanced power efficiency protocols to help optimize consumption.  Both models have adjustable LED lighting which can be turned off to conserve power. They also feature automatic off support, with inactive lines regularly turned off.  The SG500 and SG550 also feature application integrated circuits which are designed for optimized consumption levels. In addition to these protocols, the switches also offer energy efficient ethernet support.  The SG550X features smart fans which automatically adjust speed based on switch temperatures for even more power efficiency.

Advanced features

Since its release, the 500 collection has incorporated various advancements to ensure various improvements within various network operations are made.   Both models offer high power PoE+ support, in addition to some Layer 3 features. They also offer comprehensive VLAN management tools, as well as high speed stack interconnects for improved service.  These switches offer SNMP support, provide a number of access points, provide sufficient configuration wizards and offer both simple and advanced user interfaces.  The SG 550X supports more advanced features, including better interconnects and intelligent software such as smart fans for more rounded performance.


These two switch series support stacking, with both options offering true stacking with compatible models.  You can monitor and control multiple switches through a single platform, with your protocols auto-configured for new additions.  The SG 550X will offer better performance than the SG 500X thanks to the use of more powerful interconnects. It also offers link aggregation which improves stacking bandwidth for demanding applications.

Cisco SG 550x

The Cisco 550X series is the newer generation of Cisco 500 switches.   This line of Switches is dedicated to deliver enhanced network performance, with advanced security capabilities. While the series carries some of the features from the older generation, it includes additional upgrades. These are responsible fir improved performance, including increased resiliency within the system and much more.


Cisco describes this collection as a next generation series of gadgets as they are manufactured with features to improve efficiency within operations. This series is great fir growing and demanding networks. The SG tag is designated to Cisco 550x models enabled with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity ports which are available in 24-48 number of ports.

Technically, the series is a Stackable Managed Ethernet Switch collection which combines software and hardware improvements to deliver advanced capabilities. For instance, the models adopt high performance 10GE connectivity. This encourages flexibility within growing business, with improved forwarding rates and overall better switching capacity performance.

True stackability unlike clustering ensures the Switches within the stack allow for configuration, management and troubleshooting over a unified platform. Moreover, the fact that you can mix stack these devices into one stackable unit makes for a very versatile network device. Stacking with these devices help reduce downtime and improve reliability and resiliency within the network operation. The external RPS system offers power redundancy in addition to the cooling fan redundancy provided.

Model designs on this collection include various power efficiency features and capabilities. For instance, the POE capabilities supported allow for simple and cost effective deployment. PoE+ support is available for powering these switches over Ethernet cabling.

SG 550x 48-K9 NA

Cisco Systems SG500X 48-Port Gigabit PoE Switch (SG500X48MPK9NA)
  • Simple-to-use graphical interfaces reduce the time required to deploy, troubleshoot, and manage the...
  • The switches also support Text view, a full command-line interface (CLI) option for partners that prefer...

The Cisco SG550X 48 stackable managed switch offers superior performance and advanced capabilities to handle a demanding network environment.  It will protect your business information, while improving the availability of critical applications and optimizing your network bandwidth.  Enabled with 48 ports this Cisco SG550X offers an Ethernet port configuration of 10/100/1000 4x10G uplinks. The unit also features 2x10G combo, L3 dynamic routing and 2x SPF options alongside 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

In addition to these key features, this model offers static routing and time based access control list benefits. Full command interface and simple configuration wizards on this model helps you monitor and control your network.  Additionally, it features smart port intelligence to help them detect device connections and offer optimal security for every port. The switches will support flexible configuration, allowing you to mix 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet models within a  single stack without any complications.

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Cisco SG 500x

Cisco designed the 500X as part of the greater Cisco 500 series of networking solutions. While the collection feature the SG and SF models.

Aside from the Cisco SG500 foundational technology, the SG 550X models incorporate various performance features unavailable within the rest of the collection. For instance, these Switching models come with improved network resiliency.  The Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol allows these devices to expand resiliency available on individual units to the entire network operation. With this, users can enjoy uninterrupted access and performance across the network. The result is a more connected and productive workforce.

SG 500X- 48-MP-K9 NA

Cisco Systems SG500X 48-Port Gigabit PoE Switch (SG500X48MPK9NA)
  • Simple-to-use graphical interfaces reduce the time required to deploy, troubleshoot, and manage the...
  • The switches also support Text view, a full command-line interface (CLI) option for partners that prefer...

The Cisco SG500 X 48 port stackable managed switch offers a forwarding performance of  130.95 Mpps and a switching capacity of 176 Gbps.  The switch offers spanning tree protocol and post grouping aggregation, as well as advanced VLAN support which includes voice and multiple TV VLAN applications for enhanced ease of use. For Layer 3 support, the switch offers both IPv4 and IPv6 routing, as well as multiple DCHP options.

It features multiple hardware stacking with high speed stack interconnects for efficient stack management. The interconnection allows you troubleshoot, monitor and manage stacks under a single entity for efficient network management. This unit also offers embedded SSL and extensive access control lists to enhance security levels.

Alongside the seamless configuration and operation, the Cisco sg500x switch also offers high power over Ethernet to ensure efficient consumption levels to manage your power usage levels. It also features embedded intelligence and automatic shutoff to ensure optimum consumption levels throughout.

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Now, Lets compare the SG 550x 48-K9 NA to the SG 500X- 48-MP-K9 NA

SG 550x 48-K9 NA
Cisco SG 500X- 48-MP-K9 NA
Number of ports
Advanced VLAN support
Power efficiency
√ (With RPS for redundancy)
Integrated security with Flexible configuration options


In conclusion, the Cisco SG 550X tops the SG 500X due to its more powerful output.  While both models offer integrated security, POE capabilities and IPv6 support alongside other benefits, the SG 550X will deliver better network efficiency.

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