ZTE Velocity Vs Velocity 2 – A Comprehensive Comparison

While most hotels and convention centers are currently ensuring that their guest can access WiFi, most of the time it comes at a fee. The installation of WiFi in social places is going on we don’t deny but at a snail’s pace, and the reason why many people prefer to use mobile data; and, for those who rely on the internet to work or transact business would rather use the mobile hotspots.

Another problem with public WiFi is that it becomes crowded easily which leads to slow internet speeds, what’s more, is that it is a security risk because not every hotel or conference room is keen on security making it easy for someone to hack into your machine. Because of the above hiccups, we are providing you with a reliable option, both in terms of security and signal strength.

The ZTE Velocity and Velocity 2 are mobile/portable WiFi hotspots that you can use while on the move, with these units you don’t have to worry about the third party prying eyes, and if you are traveling with a team or are using the hotspots at home, then you can have up to 10 internet-enabled devices connect to the network. Let us see how they perform when put against each other.

What are the differences between the Zte Velocity and Velocity 2?

ZTE Velocity
Velocity 2
Number of connected devices
10 devices
10 devices
2800mAh (10hrs of streaming)
2.5 x 0.7 x 4.5 inches
4.54 x 2.61 x 0.61 inches
4.6 ounces
6 ounces
Download speeds= 150mbps

Upload speeds= 50mbps

Download speeds= 600mbps

Upload speeds= 150mbps

Operating System
Wi-Fi Technology / Frequencies: 802.11 b/g/n/a/ac
Google Android

ZTE velocity vs. Velocity 2 – How do they compare?

Design and Build

Sporting a white attractive color the Zte velocity mobile hotspot is thoughtfully built, once powered you will be presented with a colored responsive and intuitive screen. At the top of the unit, there are two buttons the power and the WPS button, this feature is configured to help make the process of connecting to a secure wireless network easier.

In a normal situation, you would be required to type in the password but with the WPS button, you will be able to connect various devices. On the top left side you have the micro SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) a storage card that works differently from the standard SD cards. At the bottom, you get the micro USB charging port and the sim card port.

Velocity 2 has the same build and design as the Zte velocity, but some features are visibly lacking in velocity, for example, instead of the micro SDHC, for velocity 2 you will get the external antenna connector. Then at the bottom part is where you will find the micro SDXC slot combined with the Nano sim storage.

Now the major difference between these two devices in terms of build and design is the location of the sd card storage and the fact that Velocity 2 micro SDXC micro SD has a capacity of up to 128GB, and you can also expand your storage to 400GB by getting a card of that capacity. The Micro SDHC can only offer you either 16 or 32 GB, which then makes Velocity 2 the better unit because of the high capacity storage card and the conveniently located port.

Battery Capacity

Your mobile hotspot battery capacity is relative to the hours that you will be online, in which case you should always go with a high capacity battery so that you can stay connected for extended hours. ZTE velocity is equipped with a 2800mAh battery, that will offer you up to 10 hrs uptime, well that can be convenient which means that most of the evening hours you will be offline unless you charge it.

Velocity 2 on the other hand, is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery which will offer you 5 hours more from what the Zte velocity is offering. Now 15 hours without having to look for a charger is what makes the Velocity 2 mobile hotspot the better unit when compared to Zte.


Upload and download speeds will give you an idea of how fast you will be able to carry out the various networking activities. High upload speeds, means that your videos and other large files will be easily uploaded, while higher download speeds, mean, live streaming, music, or image downloads will be seamless.

Velocity 2 therefore, offers high upload and download speeds, at 600mbps download and 150mbps upload, features that make it the better unit when compared to ZTE velocity 150mbps download and 50mbps upload. The speeds offered by both units are decent for whichever activities that you wish to carry out on the internet, only that one is way faster.

ZTE Velocity vs Velocity 2 – A comparison overview

ZTE Velocity- Overview

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The ZTE velocity white mobile hotspot is GSM unlocked, meaning that it is compatible with the GSM carriers, the type that are known to use the sim card services like the AT and T, among other GSM sim cards such as straight talk and H2O. Important to note is that the unlocked sim cards cannot work with the CDMA carriers, which don’t use sim cards for services like Verizon or Sprint.

The unit presents users with a 2.4” capacitative touch screen, is internationally compatible within over 90 countries, and can conveniently offer WiFi services for up to 10 devices.


  • The unit is easy to use all you need to do is insert the sim card
  • Fairly priced
  • Highly portable
  • Can accommodate up to 10 devices
  • The unit is carrier independent


  • Constantly drops connection
  • The battery takes longer to charge and does not last

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Velocity 2 Overview

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The Velocity 2 mobile hotspot device has been designed to work any GSM network with a Nano-sized sim card. Important to note is that you will have to get your complementary sim card from your network provider.

The hotspot device supports various network frequencies, a good example being, UMTS/HSPA+ 850/1700/1900 LTE Bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 29, 30, 66. The battery capacity is decent offering users up to 15 solid hours of connectivity, for this unit users get to customize their WiFi range, which is the amount of WiFi that they want to spread.


  • Affords uses a customizable WiFi range
  • Offers up to 15 internet connectivity hours
  • Can accommodate up to 10 devices
  • The device is unlocked thus compatible with the GSM carriers
  • Offers high upload and download speeds


  • Retails at a higher price

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Verdict: So, which one is better- Zte Velocity or Velocity 2

Velocity 2 is the better unit because it offers high upload and download speeds, and has incorporated a high capacity battery.


  1. Does the ZTE Velocity 2 come with a warranty?

Yes the ZTE Velocity is backed by a 90-day warranty

  1. How long does the ZTE velocity battery last?

The ZTE velocity is equipped with a 2800mAh and lasts up to 10hours

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