Tp-link deco vs. Ubiquiti – Discover how you can enjoy a stable and seamless wifi

Investing in an internet connection can help you achieve a lot of things. If you need a good router, you should compare models such as Tp-link deco and Ubiquiti.

We reside in a 4000 sq. ft house that contains a basement. The router we had been relying on was struggling to give us a strong signal, especially in the basement. When my spouse suggested we look for a new router, our first options were Ubiquiti and Tp-link deco. We decided to compare them to find out which one was a better router. This is everything we discovered from our comparison.

What are the differences between Tp-link deco and Ubiquiti?

Tp link deco
5,500 sq. ft
5000 sq. ft.
Download speed-76 Mbps

Upload speed-5. 16 Mbps

Download speed-54.6 Mbps

Upload speed-5. 01 Mbps

Ethernet ports
Flash Memory
4 GB
32 MB
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Tp-link deco vs. Ubiquiti- How do they compare


Every mesh router has a different design depending on the company it comes from. The Tp-link deco router comes in a cylindrical design. It features LED status lights, two-gigabit ports, and a type C USB port. Apart from that, you should expect three nodes in one unit. On the other hand, Ubiquiti is a circular-based router that also contains a small display and 1 Gigabit Ethernet port. You have to decide the number of beacons you need. Tp-link deco has a better design than Ubiquiti.

Hardware capacity

When choosing a router, you should not only focus on the design but also the hardware. You should check the processor since this is the most crucial part that controls the router. Most customers of Tp-Link Deco are impressed with its hardware. It features a quad-core processor, Ram of 512 MB, and flash memory of 4GB. On the other hand, Ubiquiti features a quad-core processor, flash memory of 32 MB, and RAM of 128 MB. Tp-link deco has a better hardware capacity than Ubiquiti.


Tp-link deco delivers maximum speeds of 1267 Mbps on both of its radio frequency bands. On the other hand, Ubiquiti delivers combined speeds of up to 1000Mbps. When we put both routers to the test, the Tp-link deco recorded speeds of 48.8 Mbps at 30 feet, while Ubiquiti delivered a speed of 30 Mbps from the same distance. In terms of performance, Tp-Link deco also does better than Ubiquiti.

Tp-link deco vs. Ubiquiti – A comparison overview

Tp-link deco

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A whole-home wifi system can give you excellent performance. That is what you should expect from picking the Tp-link deco. This unit contains three pieces that are designed with mesh technology. They can help you cover the entire house with wifi and eliminate any dead spots in areas such as the basement or upper floors.

When you choose the three-piece unit, you should expect them to give you wifi coverage of up to 5,500sq ft. You are not limited to the three nodes since you can always buy extra ones if you need more wifi coverage. The units come in a matte finish that gives them a stylish design. They can easily blend in with the rest of the décor in your living room.

Tp-link deco is a well-equipped router that includes a lot of useful features. Some of the connectivity options you should notice in the unit include a USB type C port and 2 Ethernet ports. It also comes with LED indicators that display different lights to help you figure out your network’s status. The units also feature a quad-core processor and at least four internal antennas.

Since this router uses beamforming technology, it can send wireless signals to clients with ease. Apart from that, it offers MU-MIMO support and thus can transmit data to different clients simultaneously. While using the router, you can switch between the radio bands for better throughput thanks to adaptive routing technology.

Though the Tp-link deco has a lot to offer, it only allows you to manage your network through a mobile app. The installation should take you a few minutes. If you have young internet users, you can prevent them from accessing certain sites since this router offers parental controls.


  • Offers MU-MIMO support
  • Has a great performance
  • It is easy to install
  • Offers virus protection
  • Parental controls available


  • No web-based app

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Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise AP Unifi
  • Ubiquiti Networks networks Unifi AP Enterprise solution

As the mesh wifi market expands, companies such as Ubiquiti continue producing quality routers that you can use in different locations. Choosing the Ubiquiti router can help you enjoy excellent wifi coverage. During purchase, you should consider the size of your home and choose the right number of beacons that can give you comprehensive wifi coverage. If you buy a single unit, you should expect wifi coverage of up to 5000 sq. ft. Three Ubiquiti units can, however, give you wifi coverage of up to 6000 sq. ft.

If you are new to such routers, you should not find Ubiquiti hard to use. It has a straightforward setup and lots of features. You can control and manage your network with a mobile app on an iOS or Android platform. Many users like the beautiful looking app and the simple to use interface. This is a dual-band router that uses the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. Though this is not the fastest router, it has well-designed beacons that can complement your décor.

One of the things that helps this router perform well is the inclusion of internal antennas. It contains at least four antennas which can broadcast network in different directions. The manufacturer places the antennas in strategic positions to propel the wireless signal up further away.


  • It is easy to install
  • Impressive design
  • You can choose any number of beacons
  • The mobile app is available on different platforms


  • It is not budget-friendly

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Whether you enjoy playing online games or watching movies, you can enjoy a seamless experience by investing in the right router. Choosing one from a popular brand can help you get a quality one. Both Tp-link deco and Ubiquiti are always competing for more customers. They come from well-known companies and fulfill the needs of many internet users.

Verdict: So, which is better? Tp-link deco or Ubiquiti

After comparing Tp Link Deco to Ubiquiti, we found some key differences in them that give them different capabilities. TP-link deco impressed us since it has a better hardware capacity and delivers a consistent performance. It also has so many features that increase versatility during use, such as parental controls, QoS settings, Mu-MIMO support, and virus protection. Though Ubiquiti has a great looking app, it cannot match the performance of Tp-link deco. In terms of the features, it is not as comprehensive as the Tp-Link deco. All this is what made us choose the Tp-Link deco to be the clear winner.


Can Tp-link deco give me a secure network?

Yes. Choosing this router can help you enjoy a secure network since it protects the network through features such as anti-virus and parental control.

Can I use Ubiquiti outdoors?

No. This router is designed for indoor purposes only.

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