Tp-link deco m5 vs. Eero – Your home deserves an excellent mesh Wi-Fi system

Have you invested in a router but still experience network problems? A stand-alone wireless router cannot cover a large house. Comparing Tp-link deco m5 vs. Eero can help you find a better solution.

I have been operating an online business from my home for a while now. Though this business changed my life, I had to go through a lot of challenges to get to where I am today. One of the significant challenges I overcame is internet issues. I once thought that my router was enough to give me the reliable internet that I needed. This was not the case since I had to deal with slow internet from time to time. When I decided to look for a better solution, I came across mesh Wi-Fi systems. Since Tp-link deco m5 and Eero were some of the most talked-about systems, I decided to compare them and came up with this guide.

What are the differences between Tp-link deco m5 and Eero?

Tp-link deco m5
5, 500 sq.ft.
5000 sq. ft.
Download speed-300 Mbps

Upload speed-150 Mbps

Download speed-194 Mbps

Upload speed-34 Mbps

QoS options
3 years
1 year
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Tp-link deco m5 vs. Eero- how do they compare?


According to most of the users, Eero offers slow connections than can be as low as 350 Mbps. If you only browse once for a while, this speed may not be an issue, but it can be for a user who has to download a lot of stuff. The second user needs a mesh network system that offers fast speeds, and Tp-Link deco M5 can be a suitable option.

This offers up to 400 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and 867 Mbps on the5Ghz band. The mesh network system, therefore, allows you to transfer files and download a lot of things fast. Even if other people are connected to the network, they do not interfere with the speed. Since it also comes with gigabit Ethernet ports, they help keep the speed high for all your wired devices.


If you are searching for a mesh network system for a very big house, you should be looking at the specifications of Tp-link deco m5 since it has better internet coverage compared to Eero. Tp-link Deco M5 has the potential of providing internet coverage in an area that measures 5,500 sq. ft. while the maximum network coverage for Eero is 5,000 sq. ft. You should, however, know things such as appliances and thick walls sometimes interfere with the Wi-Fi coverage.

If you have such a challenging environment, you can boost the strength of your mesh Wi-Fi system by increasing the mesh points. For you to get the best performance from your router, you should try running an Ethernet cable to your mesh points. Though the set up can be a bit complicated, it can enable you to enjoy a consistent performance while using either of these mesh Wi-Fi networks.


When I focused on the features included in each of these mesh Wi-Fi networks, I noticed a significant difference. Tp-link deco m5 is more equipped since it comes with features such as QoS options, anti-malware tools, and parental controls that improve the performance of this mesh Wi-Fi system. Eero, on the other hand, lacks QoS options and offers both parental controls and anti-malware tools at an extra cost. You have to subscribe to a particular plan for you to get access to such features. Choosing TP-link deco m5 can, therefore, save you from incurring extra costs.

Tp-link deco m5 vs. Eero – a comparison overview

Tp-link deco m5

TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System(Deco M5) –Up to 5,500 sq. ft. Whole Home Coverage and 100+ Devices,WiFi Router/Extender Replacement, Parental Controls/Anitivirus, Seamless Roaming, 3-pack
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If you have never used a mesh network before, you should look for one that is easy to use. I recommend that you consider Tp-link deco m5 since it is ideal for beginners. Tp-link is known to be a reputable manufacturer of whole-home WIFI systems. Though it has managed to produce different modes, Tp-link deco m5 is among the most reliable systems that you can choose.

This is a three-piece device that makes use of mesh technology to blanket your entire home with wireless internet coverage. I like it since it is equipped with excellent features that enhance functionality. For instance, this mesh WIFI system offers virus and malware protection to prevent you from malicious sites as you use the internet. If you have children and are concerned about their safety while using the internet, this mesh network unit can help since it comes with reliable parental controls.

Most users also find the QoS options of Tp-link deco m5 intuitive and the installation simple. It offers WIFI coverage of up to 5,500 square feet, thus making it ideal for a large home with different internet needs. It means that you can still access the internet at any point in your home since it eliminates poor connectivity problems. If you still find the coverage not extensive enough, the company gives you the option of buying additional nodes.

The three circular nodes included in your package are identical in terms of their design and functionality. They measure 4.7 inches in diameter and are 1.4 inches high. If the appearance of a mesh network system is a big deal to you, you will like the classy design of these nodes. Rather than storing them away in hidden places, you can easily place them anywhere out in the open since they add class to your home. The matte white finish on the nodes makes them stand out.

Every unit comes with a USB port, Ethernet ports, an LED indicator, and a reset button. The LED indicator displays different colors based on the status of this unit. For instance, when it displays the blue color, it indicates that the router is ready to be set up while the green color shows you that the setup is complete, and the device is ready to use. Watch out for the red light since this indicates issues with connectivity.

The quad-core processor powers the deco units of this mesh Wi-Fi system. It features internal antennas that boost its performance. Tp-link deco m5 is an AC1300 device that delivers excellent speeds. This can support simultaneous data streaming and beamforming that sends signals directly to different devices. The mesh Wi-Fi network also makes use of adaptive routing technology to pick the best radio band so that it can deliver optimal throughput.

For you to start using this system, you have to get familiar with the deco app.Though this app is easy to use, most people are disappointed with the fact the mesh Wi-Fi network does not give you access to the app through a PC. Make use of the WIFI settings included in the iOS app to customize your device according to your preferences. For instance, you can modify the name of your network and set a password for it. Feel free to create guest networks so that your visitors can have quick access to your home network when they visit you.


  • Delivers excellent throughput performance
  • Offers malware and virus protection
  • Installation is easy
  • The mobile app is well designed
  • Reliable parental controls


  • It lacks a web interface

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Amazon eero mesh WiFi system – router replacement for whole-home coverage (3-pack)
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You can solve your WIFI problems by choosing a reliable mesh network system such as Eero. This was one of the first mesh networks to be created and launched back in 2016. Though the competition for the best mesh networks keeps on getting stiffer, some people still choose this system since it has a lot of benefits. Having different nodes in various parts of your home rather than relying on a single one can help you enjoy high Wi-Fi speeds. That is what the manufacturers of Eero promise customers who choose this system.

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in using mesh Wi-Fi networks, you can set this one up and configure it within 10 minutes. Ensure you access the Eero app from your smartphone and follow the guidelines for you to connect it accordingly. Some people like the beautiful design and size of this mesh network system. Since it is small, you can easily fit it on your bedside table or even a bookshelf. According to the manufacturer, you should place the different nodes on flat and hard surfaces far away from your wall, windows, or even electronics.

The package includes three pieces that come in a sleek design. Eero mesh network system can offer internet coverage of up to 5,000 sq. ft. This should be sufficient unless you reside in a huge mansion. Just like Tp-link deco m5, this system is keen on providing strong parental controls for the sake of your kids’ safety. You not only get the chance to block access to some websites but also can regulate the number of hours your children can access the internet. It, therefore, reduces the constant supervision of underage internet users. The problem with Eero is that it charges extra for such features.

Most users, however, reveal that the mesh Wi-Fi system delivers excellent throughput performance. If you use the internet for simple tasks such as browsing from time to time, then you may not notice any speed issues. For a person who uses the net regularly on things such as downloading content, you may not find the speed from this unit high enough. Since it delivers an average rate, you have to determine your internet needs before purchasing it to avoid disappointments.

This is a dual-band system that allows different people to stream data online at the same time. It is also known to support automatic band steering and beamforming. If you have been using the Alexa device, feel free to give commands to this mesh Wi-Fi system to do various things such as pausing network access to particular devices or even turning off the guest networking. The system can also give you access to anti-malware tools if you subscribe to a specific plan. If you are concerned about internet security, you may consider subscribing to the plan. The problem with Eero is that it does not have QoS settings.


  • The app is professional and polished
  • Has a sleek design
  • The setup is straightforward


  • Most of the features are not free
  • It does not have USB ports

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Do you have a large home and depend on the internet a lot? You should consider getting a mesh router. This is an advanced technological system that offers Wi-Fi networks to large spaces. Homes that have an unusual layout encounter a lot of WIFI dead zones that can be disappointing. Choosing a mesh Wi-Fi system can help you get extensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home so that you can stream, transfer files, or even download lots of content from the internet effortlessly. Tp-link Deco M5 and Eero are some of the competitive brands available today. Though both of them are efficient, they have some significant differences.

So which is better? Tp-link deco m5 or Eero

When I started comparing these two models, one of my friends suggested that I choose the Eero mesh network system. I took my time making my decision since I did not want any future problems. I checked what other customers were saying regarding this system and could not overlook complaints regarding unreliable speed. I also was not ready to pay extra for things such as parental controls, therefore, disregarded his advice. Focusing on TP-link deco M5 made me realize that this was the mesh Wi-Fi system for me due to all the positive reviews it got. Since I bought it, I have not experienced any slow speeds using it, and I like its comprehensive features.


Is it possible for various deco models to work together?

Yes. Since most of them are compatible, some people use different deco models together to improve connectivity.

What is QoS?

Quality of service in any technology can manage data traffic to minimize jitter and latency on the network. It manages and controls network resources.

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