Tivo vs. Roku – Find out what a good streaming stick should comprise of

Manufacturers of streaming devices try to produce quality products to outdo their competitors. Tivo and Roku are both popular streaming sticks that different customers consider.

They can help you stop paying expensive cable charges and give you access to lots of content at an affordable cost. Before you settle for either of these devices, you should find out how they compare. That is where we come in. Our guide can help you explore more on these two streaming devices. Enjoy!

What are the differences between Tivo and Roku?

Operating system
Roku OS
More options
Fewer options
Less volume of channels
A high volume of quality channels
10 ounces
0.8 ounces
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Tivo vs. Roku- How do they compare?


Both Roku and Tivo come with remote controls, but they have some significant differences. Since the Tivo remote has more buttons than the Roku remote, it offers more options. The Tivo remote includes change and volume controls, as well as numerals and a guide button. The manufacturer of Roku takes a minimalist approach when making the remote. Though the Roku remote is simple to use, it does not have much to offer compared to the Tivo remote.


If you choose Tivo, you may not enjoy a high volume of channels compared to choosing Roku. Though the Tivo+ app offers different channels, it is not as good as what the Roku Channel provides. Many people are impressed with the Roku channel since it offers a wide selection of TV shows and high-quality movies. Roku is better than Tivo when it comes to channels.


You have to pay attention to the cost of different streaming devices, especially when you have a specific budget. Roku is a streaming device that can give you more value for your cash compared to Tivo. It is not only cheap but also loaded with all the right features to boost your streaming experience. The price point of Tivo is a bit higher compared to that of Roku.

Tivo vs. Roku – A comparison overview


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This dongle stands out since it offers 4k resolution and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats. Though the company has been known for its text-heavy interface, it has made some changes to this streaming stick to keep up with popular brands such as Roku.

Once you plug in this streaming stick at the back of your Android TV, you can access different services and apps. It includes the most popular streaming services, such as Google Play, Sling TV, Netflix, Twitch, and Hulu. Many people are impressed with the live TV programming offered through Locast and Sling TV. Unlike most streamers that come in a round design, Tivo s a rectangular streaming device that has a slim body. It contains a short cable and a micro-USB port.

You will also find the available remote to be quite user-friendly. This contains a lot of rubber buttons that increase convenience during use. Some of the buttons included in this remote are Netflix and Google Assistant buttons. You can therefore control it through voice commands. Once you hold on to the Google Assistant button, you should speak into the built-in microphone. This feature enables you to open apps, search for content, and even control different smart home devices.

The manufacturer also uses Google Chromecast technology in this streaming stick to help you cast content from a smartphone, computer, or tablet to the television. The interface also comes with different menus that you can access through a bar found on the left part of the screen.


  • It is affordable
  • The streaming stick offers live TV support
  • Google assistant functionality
  • It supports Dolby Vision and HDR10


  • The interface is not sleek.

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Tivo specs

Filmrise Classic TV, Reel Truth, TMZ, the Preview channel, Outside TV, Football Daily
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality


If you have never used a streaming stick before, you should go for a user-friendly one. Most beginners choose the Roku streaming device since it has a clean interface and can give you a good streaming experience. This is a dongle that can plug into the HDMI socket of your TV.  Since the package does not include an HDMI extension cable, you should consider buying it separately.

You will not experience any problems trying to set up this streaming stick since it comes with a guide that can take you through the entire process. Once you have plugged in this dongle into your TV, it checks your connection and specs to determine the type of video quality the setup can receive. This streaming stick can support 4K video at 60fps.

Like other streaming devices, Roku also comes with a small remote that you can use for playback and navigation. The Roku remote offers at least four shortcut buttons for services such as YuppTV, Netflix, Rakuten, and Red Bull TV. It comes with a clean interface that contains numerous menu options to help you get a polished experience. The manufacturer tries to keep the menu options brief. They include a standard search feature, settings options, channel store, and “My Feed.”

If you want to access different apps, you should focus on the channel store. This contains thousands of apps that you can pick from. You can also check the recent movies and TV shows from the “My Feed” section. Roku is a high performing streamer that supports 4K, HDR10, and HDR content. It can help you access some of the unique services that you do not get while using other streaming devices such as All 4 and ITV Player.

Like Tivo, Roku also uses the casting technology to help you send videos and photos from a smartphone to the TV. If you like watching movies at odd hours, you can connect your headphones and use the private listening mode to view content without disturbing anyone. Apart from its enhanced functionalities, you will also find the cost of the Roku streaming stick quite budget-friendly.


  • Has a sleek interface
  • Easy to set up
  • Has thousands of apps
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Offers 4K, HDR10, and HDR support
  • It is cheap


  • The package lacks an extension cable

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Roku Specs

Operating system
Vivo, Hasbro, Pandora, Smithsonian, Popcorn Flix
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality


Roku and Tivo are both streaming dongles that have a lot of similarities. For instance, they use similar quad-core processors and can attach to the HDMI socket of your TV. Despite this, such streaming devices are not equals. Doing comprehensive research is the only way to find the right streaming stick for your home.

Verdict: So, which is better? Tivo or Roku

We took our time to compare Roku against Tivo and discovered that most people are more comfortable with the Roku operating system than the Android TV OS used in Tivo. Roku is a user-friendly streaming device that comes with a clean interface. You can get every content you desire with only a few clicks since the home screen is not cluttered. Though the Roku remote does not have so many options, the Roku channel stands out in terms of quality and volume. It even gives you access to YouTube TV. This made us choose Roku as the clear winner.


What apps can I access through Tivo?

Some of the apps you can access via this streaming stick include Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu.

How does the Roku streaming stick work?

This device is designed to plug into your TV to help you access more content directly from the internet.

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