TFTP Vs SFTP – How do they differ

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SFTP and TFTP are two file transfer protocols, whose names seem to be derived from the common FTP protocol. How are these two file transfer protocols related and how do they differ from each other?

TFTP – This is an acronym for Trivial File transfer Protocol, and it is a simplified FTP version. The factors that make it simple are that it uses only one port, number 69 (TCP) and the data requires no authentication for it to be accessed. This makes it very insecure, implying that it would only be safe to use over a LAN connection. For this reason, it is not widely used and there is little to no information on it.

SFTP – This is secure file transfer protocol that is built on a Secure Shell network. This ensures that the data being transferred across the network in encrypted, making it secure from hackers and other cyber threats. SFTP is not the same as FTP over SSH, neither is it directly related or linked to FTP.

Why would they be compared?

SFTP and TFTP are typically compared because they seem to be related to FTP. However, as mentioned above, SFTP is not directly linked to FTP, which makes this assumption wrong. A comparison between TFTP and SFTP would be similar to one between FTP and SFTP, adding the fact that TFTP is even less secure than FTP.


There is no relationship or point of comparison between TFTP and SFTP other than their primary function which is the facilitating of file transfer between devices.


Is TFTP more secure than FTP?

No it is not. In fact, TFTP is less secure than FTP because of the fact that the users do not need any authentication to access the data, which makes it available to anyone.

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