Tethering Vs Hotspot – which is better

Tethering and Hotspot, which one should you use, well this can be quite confusing but the concept of how the connection is done is very easy and once you grasp it,  you should be able to choose one that suits your style. Basically what happens in tethering is that different media are used, most commonly Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB.

A hotspot on the other hand doesn’t require any negotiating media in between the device and the hotspot, all you have to do is pick up the signal and connect your device to the network. It should be remembered that most of the networking devices have Wi-Fi modules that obliterate the need for media before a connection can be fully established.

What are the differences between Tethering and Hotspot

Accomplished by using a USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Accomplished through Wi-fi sharing
Internet use
High-speed internet connection required
Works with Medium to high-speed internet connectivity
Difficult to connect multiple devices at one time
Can accommodate multiple devices at one time
Free, only cable needed
With the hotspot device, hotspot services run monthly
Battery usage
Consumes less battery power
Consumes a lot of battery power

Tethering vs. Hotspot – How do they compare?


From the table above, it is clear that there are up to three options that people can explore if they want to use the tethering method to connect to other devices to access Wi-Fi. The fact that tethering offers up to three different methods to access the internet could be a good option, but let’s not forget that unless it is Wi-Fi tethering, then the number of connected devices will reduce.

When using Bluetooth to connect to another device, you will probably experience difficulties in connectivity as the process is lengthy and devices are configured differently. So with regards to the device that is being used to transmit internet, the correct process must be followed to allow connectivity or bridging.

Wi-Fi tethering allows the sharing of internet to the internet-enabled devices, but by using WiFi. Since the introduction of Wi-Fi and the pervasive nature of the Internet, many people prefer to use this option.

Tethering over USB is the easiest, and fast, and even better is that power consumption is low, because the device can be charged as it is being used with the internet. The above is no to say that there are no hardships with USB tethering, on the contrary, is that you will need specific software and drivers that must be available on both devices, for the connection to be complete.

Important to note is that since the introduction of WiFi, not all the devices are configured to support the USB tethering option. Back to mobile hotspot and this is the easiest and the best option when compared to tethering as the connected devices only need to input the password of the hotspot device and automatically receive internet signals on the various internet-enabled.


If you understand the process of tethering especially via Bluetooth then you will know that you cannot connect so many devices toyour network. The same goes for when you are using a USB port, as it only allows connectivity to one device, and the reason we have WiFi and hotspot.

So as regards usability, hotspot is the better option because it is quite reliable and easy to use, and even better is that more than one device can connect to the network.

Battery use

When you hotspot a lot of battery power will be needed when compared to tethering, but it also depends whether it is USB tethering or Bluetooth or Wifi tethering, of the three USB tethering, seems to the better option because you can be charging your phone as you use the internet. But for Bluetooth and WiFi, your battery will run the same way it will run when using hotspot only.

So if you are looking to conserve battery power, then the best method to access the internet is through tethering but by using a USB cable.

Tethering vs Hotspot- A comparison overview

Tethering Overview

Wi-Fi tethering

Tethering involves connecting two devices using a USB cable, one of the devices will then transmit internet to the other internet-enabled device. The above method is reliable if your phone does not have other relevant applications that might allow it to access internet over WiFi or through hotspot. Tethering when compared to other modes of sharing internet will not eat into your battery life because the connected devices also get charged, and it is also cheaper.

But with the development of various applications that can be installed and used to transfer large amounts of data including music and videos, Bluetooth tethering is slowly becoming obsolete. WiFi tethering is currently commanding the internet streets and is going to remain relevant for a long time until another technology that accommodates many devices and allows simultaneous streaming with high internet signals is discovered.


  • Reliable for the analog devices
  • The connection is secure
  • Flexible and less expensive


  • cannot connect many devices

Hotspot Overview

Tethering Vs Hotspot

Hotspots are a convenient and reliable way of accessing the internet, remember that through the hotspot device, you can access the internet from anywhere and at any time even if you are moving, all you got to do is ensure that the mobile hotspot is in your backpack or pocket. Another thing with the mobile hotspots is that they are secure at least when compared to connecting with WiFi in your hotel or conference room, where security is not watertight.

Mobile hotspots offer a one-month internet plan that comes with other benefits such as calls and SMS’s, now compare that to paying for the internet every day. Well, the above could be quite costly. Overall, setting up a hotspot either at home or in the workplace can be beneficial to all the users and in the long run, cheaper with regard to the number of connected devices.


  • Accommodates many devices
  • Not limit when it comes to bandwidth usage


  • Costly during setting up

Verdict: So, which one is bet6ter-Tethering or Hotspot?

Hotspot is the better option because the monthly option tends to be cheaper when many devices are connected and even better is that hotspots accommodate many devices.


  1. Can hotspot gain access to different carriers?

Yes, hotspot devices work with different carriers and you can alternate depending on the one that offers the best service.

  1. Can Bluetooth Tethering work with multiple devices at a time?

No, Bluetooth Tethering allows connection to one device at a time

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