(Solved) Why does my android phone say no service?


Has your android phone ever said no service and only allows you to make emergency calls? Here is how you can easily solve this issue.

Are you on the search for an easy fix for the “no service” issue on your android phone? More often than not, android users have faced this issue that can be quite annoying. This problem is usually network-based and can hinder you from making calls, sending texts and even connecting to your mobile data. It therefore goes without saying that when an android phone says no service it can be a huge bummer. Fortunately, before you get too frustrated there are ways you can solve this by yourself.

When your android says no service it is usually one of three things- faulty hardware, poor signal strength or some sort of bug (fault) in your device’s software system. More rarely, it can also be an issue with your hardware like a flawed SIM card or a defective SIM card reader. It is also possible that you have flawed configuration or a faulty app that is preventing your SIM card from connecting to your carrier’s service. Faulty software can also be blamed for such service issues. Save for a flawed SIM cared or defective SIM card reader, there are a few ways you can fix “no service” on your android phone by yourself.

How to solve “no service” on your android phone

First, if the reason why your android phone is saying no service because of poor signal strength, one way to sort this is by changing the network mode to GSM only. This usually works wonders because 2G signals have more penetrating powers and are much stronger compared to 3G or 4G. Also, the ‘no service’ or ‘failed to send SMS’ on your android phone is usually triggered by poor signals that is unlikely to happen if you are on 2G. To change the network mode to GSM mode, here is how to go about it.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Navigate to Network Settings

Step 3: Tap on Mobile Networks and then Network Mode

Step 4: Select GSM only and there you have it

Secondly, manually select your carrier because this usually helps your device to successfully connect to your device. To do this, first go to Settings then navigate to the Network Settings. Once there, tap on Mobile Networks, Network Operators and then allow the device to search for available networks. If your phone does not go ahead and do this automatically, click on Search Networks and select your device’s carrier from the available networks.

Thirdly, while it might seem too easy, you can switch the airplane mode on and off. Sometimes, your SIM card may not be properly registered on the mobile network but luckily, toggling with the airplane mode can reinitialize the process and you are back to service. To do this: Navigate to the home screen>on the notifications panel click on Airplane Mode to enable it>Leave it on for a few seconds to a minute>Switch it off.You can also go to Settings and enable airplane mode from there.

If your android phone still says no service even after all the steps above, you can do a soft restart and even a factory reset.

Step 1: Press and long hold the power button until the reboot menu pops up

Step 2: Click on restart and hopefully the issue sorts itself out.

If your android phone still says no service, you can do a factory reset and here is how to do it:

First, be sure that you have backed up all your important data because it will be wiped out if you do not. After backup, Navigate to Settings>Click on System>Select Reset and more specifically Factory Reset>Enter your PIN and password to start the factory reset process and there you have it.

Finally, you can also go ahead and verify your IMEI number. Simply stated, IMEI is the unique number given by the manufacturer to identify your device. It is also used by your SIM carrier to ensure you get network service on your phone. So, when your IMEI is not properly configured or it has been replaced, your android phone can say no service. To check if your IMEI is okay, Navigate to the dial keypad>Type in *#06# and press dial>Check if the IMEI given matches the one that came your phone box.

If the problem still persists, double check your SIM card as well. A simple SIM card replacement might be all you need to get back on the grid.


In this article, I have highlighted all the reasons why your android phone says no service from software issues, poor signals to an incorrect IMEI number and even hardware problems. Fortunately, I have also analyzed how you can easily fix these issues and your phone will be back in service.


How can one deal with poor signal reception on your android phone?

You can buy a phone booster which will amplify the signals you are already getting.

Can you still use your phone with no service?

Yes. Some apps come with offline capabilities but being on the grid is always ideal.

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