How to receive wifi signal from long distance


Though you may have the cash to pay for your own internet, the idea of getting it for free sounds much better. You can get access to another person’s network even when you are far away through implementing certain techniques.

Even though wifi signals tend to weaken when the distance is increased, it is possible to tap into someone else’s network from a long distance. You only have to be creative and find the right tools. Ensure that you also have a clear line of sight. This guide will share some useful insights regarding how you can receive wifi signal from long distance.

How to receive Wifi signals from 1 km or more

If you want to get wifi signals when you are 1km away from a region that has wifi, you should consider getting a long-range wifi extender such as TP-link N300. Once you buy two of these, they can help you receive wifi signal up to 4 km with a line of sight. This wifi extender is designed to provide long-range wifi transmission. TP-link N300 uses the tdma technology that enhances its throughput performance.

You should learn how to hook them up properly to achieve the desired effect. Since it comes with a user-friendly design, you should not experience problems with the set-up. Start by hooking one of the wifi extenders to a router using an Ethernet cable then run it out to an adapter. Since this device is waterproof, you can even choose to mount it to a flag pole or telephone pole. Some people also mount the adapters on a tree.

You should also hook the other wifi extender where you require it. Ensure that both wifi extenders point at one another. Confirm that the indicator bars on the side of each unit light up. You will also need a long cat5 cable that can connect to your router.

If you don’t get a strong signal while using these two wifi extenders, you can try boosting them up by attaching a parabolic antenna such as TL-ant2424b. This antenna can also help you receive wifi signals from long distances. It offers 24 Dbi and features a welded steel reflector, which is meant to enhance its performance. Apart from featuring high gain, the parabolic antenna has a compact structure and is wind-resistant.

How to pick up wifi 5 miles away

Though picking up wifi 5 miles away may seem impossible, you can achieve this with the right tools. Investing in a super wifi antenna can help you harvest signals from a long distance. This is a highly performing antenna that can help you pick up strong wifi signals even when you are far away from the source.

Once you have bought the antenna, you should plug it into your computer. It is a USB gadget that needs a line of sight for it to work effectively. A line of sight is a form of propagation that can receive and transmit data only when there are no obstacles between the stations. The stations should also be in view of one another.

Using this antenna can help you pick wifi even in an overcrowded city. The antenna works with Windows and Macs PCs and different types of routers. Since it comes with at least two USB plugs, it can easily power through a computer. It is convenient to use even when you are on an outdoor trip since it does not require hooking through a wall outlet.

The super wifi antenna also comes with some useful mounting options to simplify your work. You should expect suction cups, a hook, a cable tie, a hanging lanyard, and loop material. Try using the suction cups to mount the antenna to a window or the lanyard and loop mounting strip if you want to mount it to a wall. Mounting this antenna as high as possible can enhance the line of sight.

If you want to mount this antenna outdoors to get a distant signal, you can use the included cable tie to mount it on a pole. Since the antenna is resistant to water, you don’t have to worry about it getting rained on when you mount it outdoors. You will also receive a 15-foot split cable when you purchase the super wifi antenna. You can easily install this antenna to receive wifi signal from long distance. If you, however, experience any problems, call the company’s agents for any assistance.

Some guys also achieve the same effect by building a Yagi antenna. This is a directional antenna that can also help you get wifi from miles away. Building a Yagi antenna is a simple project that you should consider engaging in. You need a computer, glue, paper clips, a 2.4 GHz device, pliers, scissors and sanding papers.

You should first print a scaled template of the Yagi antenna, then trim your paper clips and attach them to your template using glue. The Popsicle sticks can help you build the backbone of the Yagi antenna and hold it in place.  You can then connect the antenna to your wifi modem.

How to receive wifi from 1 km away
How to receive wifi from 5 miles away
Use a long range wifi extender like TP link N300
Mount a super wifi antenna outdoors
Try boosting the signal even further by attaching parabolic antenna like TL-ant2424b.
Consider building a Yagi antenna.


Everybody enjoys free things, and having free wifi signal can help you enjoy using the internet. You can connect to someone else’s network even when you are very far away. If you are 1km away from the source, getting a long-range wifi extender can help you tap into the network. Super wifi antennas, on the other hand, can help you harvest wifi signals even from miles away.


What easily blocks wifi signals?

Masonry and concrete walls are known to block wireless signals.

What if I don’t know how to build a Yagi antenna?

There is still the option of buying one online.

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