Cisco Catalyst 2960X vs. Cisco Catalyst 2960XR- Which 2960 generation of switches is better?

If you are fascinated by the Cisco 2960 collection, then this is just the place for you. Here is 2960X vs. 2960XR with more. 

The evolution of Cisco 2960 Switches is quite fascinating. Beginning at the standard and feature plain original 2960, we have seen this family transition into an industry favorite. The Cisco 2960X and 2960XR are two of the most widely r. Both these models feature extensive capabilities with some of Cisco’s best technology.

Take a look as we compare these capable new generation 2960 switches to decide which of them is better.

What are the differences between the Cisco Catalyst 2960X and the Cisco Catalyst 2960XR?

Cisco Catalyst 2960X
Cisco Catalyst 2960XR
Layer network access
Layer 2
Layer 3
Yes, 8 maximum stack members
Yes, 8 maximum stack members
NetFlow l
Cisco IOS
LAN Base, LAN Lite
IP Service
Yes, up to 740W
Yes, up to 740W

Cisco Catalyst 2960X vs. Cisco Catalyst 2960XR- How these compare

Layer Networking Access

Layering offers more portable protocols, functionality compartmentalization, modularity, cost effective quality and interoperability among other perks. The 2960XR offers Layer 3 support, with the 2960X offering Layer 2 support with only a few Layer 3 benefits. While the 2960X offers only a limited selection of layer 3 features, the 2960XR offers advanced Layer 3 support for enhanced performance. Both series will deliver protocol independent multicasting, policy dependent routing, IP uncast and advanced IP routing for Routed access. The high performance routing perks offered by the 2960XR  include equal cost routing, host standby and virtual redundancy routing protocols, and enhanced interior gateway routing.

Power supply

The right power supply system will enhance functionality by boosting redundancy.  The 2960 X series features only a single power supply option with an additional expansion option to incorporate external redundant supply. On the other hand, the 2960XR series offers dual redundant power supply support.  The 2960XR would be a better choice if you are interested in a switch with an optional dual supply setup.

Flexible NetFlow

NetFlow helps administrators understand traffic mixes and pinpoint anomalies by recording and capturing specific packet flow. Both models support NetFlow Lite, with a number of 2960X models supporting full  NetFlow.

Cisco Catalyst 2960X vs. Cisco Catalyst 2960XR- A comparison review

Cisco Catalyst 2960X

If you are on the market for a highly efficient series of fully managed and stackable devices, consider reviewing the 2960X series. Various features and tools working alone or in combination deliver exceptional ease in functions including: configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting and on boarding.


The Cisco 2960X is a fixed configuration collection of devices dedicated to delivering operational simplicity and efficiency.  Ideally, the 2960X series is made for improved operational simplicity and excellence.

This series is available Cisco’s universal IOS software for image SKU on these devices. Specifically, the 2960X models are enabled with LAN Base and LAN Lite software feature sets. While the 2960XR series comes with IP Lite software feature set, this review only concentrates on the 2960X models of this collection.

Using the Flex-Stack Plus and Flex-Stack Extended technologies, users can stack 2960X models quite easily. In fact, the FSE allows for long distance stacking outside the wiring closet.

One of the most notable capabilities on this collection is the extensive management tools available for use. Network management tools for instance are instrumental in configuration and administration purposes. Switch management is accomplished using different device management features. These include the Cisco Configuration pro interface which is a web based system. With this users can monitor, configure and trouble shoot their systems quickly and easily.


Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960X-48LPS-L 48 Port Ethernet Switch with 370 Watt PoE,Black
  • Memory storage capacity: 512.0
  • LAN Lite models have reduced functionality and scalability for small deployments with basic requirements.

The Cisco C2960X-48LPS  offers an impressive performance with a forwarding rate of 107.1 Mpps and a bandwidth performance of 108 Gbps. it features 24 port which offer POE and UPOE support. Aside from POE output, the unit also relies on a dual field supply to promote redundancy and resiliency. It also uses StackPower and StackWise technology to help streamline consumption further.

This model works well with compatible options, and offers true stacking. You can monitor and control different switches from a single main point thus streamlining your output. The switch also offers autonegotiation, smartports and smart install which pick up connections and reconfigure switches to meet your expectations.

The Cisco 2960x switch is designed for increased ease of use, featuring multiple protocols and tweaks to enhance user friendliness. The switch will feature an integrated security system that covers multiple protection aspects. It will provide port protection and threat defense while upgrading your analysis and monitoring capacity.

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Cisco Catalyst 2960XR

Interestingly, the Cisco 2960XR is classified under the 2960X collection. The XR models carry some of the 2960X features, but offer in many aspects at the end of the day.  These Fixed configuration stackable multilayer devices are featured to deliver enhanced application visibility with great network resiliency and reliability.


Starting off with power supply, the 2960X R is specifically engineered with Dual redundant power supplies. This design makes provisions for a filed replaceable modular power supply, that accommodates a second power supply. Intelligent power management features on these devices enable flexibility in terms of power allocation on the network.

Unlike the original 2960 collections, the XR is only available in Cisco IOS IP Lite feature det. This is one of the 4 editions of Cisco IOS. With it, users can access basic Layer 3 enterprise class functions. The models on this collection are available in 24-48 10/100/1000 GE ports, with additional uplink interfaces. These include 4 SFP ports, or 2 SFP +ports.

Stacking onto these models is enabled by FlexStack, FlexStackPlus and FlexstackExtended. These work together to allow uniting of 2960XR models into a functional unit.

Switch and network management on these devices is quite simple. Configuration Professional, which is web based, is designed with an intuitive dash board for configuring, management and even trouble shooting. Network management on the other hand relies on the included full range of management solutions.


Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PS-I Catalyst 2960 Xr 24 Gige Networking Device
  • Catalyst 2960-xr 24 gige PoE 370W, 4 x 1G sfp, ip lite
  • Design that delivers high availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance

The 24 port Cisco WS-C2960XR-24PS is a switch designed for scalability, high availability and optimal flexibility in performance and price. It features 24 ports with POE and UPOE support, with 4 SPF ports also available. This device is made for seamless integration with compatible switches.

Additional smartports, auto install and autonegotiation protocols offer automated discovery and configuration for new systems. Moreover, this switch offers smart troubleshoot and auto Qos to help users address problems without any complications. Multiple control platform including a web based UI, Command line interface, over-air access Bluetooth, console access and a SNMP make management on this model quite simple.

The model offers a 71.4 Mpps forwarding rate and a 108 Gbps bandwidth performance. Aside from energy efficient Ethernet, the 2960XR switch also offers hibernation mode and EnergyWise technology for optimized consumption. It offers DCHP, auto secure, stack configuration, DTP, SDM, UDLD, Voice VLAN and intelligent network management alongside other security frameworks for safe use.

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Now let’s compare the WS-C2960X-48LPS to the WS-C2960XR-24PS

bandwidth performance
 108 Gbps
108 Gbps
Number of ports
Energy efficient Ethernet
Integrated security


Both the 2960X and 2960XR are highly functional devices with many tools and features integrated on them for functional purposes, and to allow easy and convenient use.

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