Certain apps not working on wifi but work on mobile data – How to fix (-Solved)

Have you noticed apps such as google play store and Yahoo not working on wifi but working on mobile data? This is a common issue that some mobile users report from time to time.

It can be frustrating when you have wifi in your home but cannot use it on your smart device. Some of the things that can make certain apps fail to work on wifi but work on mobile data include the router security, incorrect time and date on your device and router, auto settings in the router and wifi optimization.  You can try to fix this problem in different ways. Read on!

How to fix such wifi connection problems

If all your apps on mobile data are working well but not working over wifi, you should try doing the following.

Forget the wifi network

Go to the system settings on your mobile device and proceed to the section labeled wifi. Click on the specific wifi network you have been trying to connect to, then tap forget. You can then reconnect by choosing the wifi network again. Ensure that you enter the correct password.

If your wifi network has a common SSID, your mobile device is probably attempting to use previously stored details from a different connection. If, for instance, you visited a certain place and connected your mobile device to a different wifi network, the device will automatically remember the connection. Telling it to forget the connection can help you solve your wifi problems. Ensure that you use a unique SSID of your wifi network to prevent your smartphone from getting confused.

Reboot the router

Restart the router

Sometimes, your phone may not pick up wifi from the router as expected. This can prevent certain apps from working as usual. You could try rebooting your router to see if you solve the problem. Unplug your router for about ten seconds. Once the period is over, you can plug the router back. Wait for a few minutes for this connection to reestablish.

If you still don’t get any internet connection on your device, you should proceed with rebooting your modem. Ensure that that you also test the rest of your devices in your home, such as your computer. Since your modem comes with battery backup, unplugging it from the electric outlet is not enough to reboot it. Look for a pinhole button on one of the sides of the modem to reboot it.

Focus on the router’s security

The router’s security can also be the cause of the problem. If you still cannot access certain apps on wifi, you should, therefore, check if the router’s security is interfering with your connection. Check the manual of your router since it should guide you to the settings screen. Once you are there, you should look at the available security options and turn them off temporarily. Check if you can now use wifi to access the apps on your mobile device. If you can now connect successfully, the security was the issue.

You should, however, not leave your wifi network unprotected. Try reactivating security using a different protocol. If you have been using an old security protocol such as WEP, you should consider using WPA2-PSK or WPA-PSK. Leaving the router’s security off is risky since it can expose you to a lot of threats.

Check the QoS settings

Under the router’s settings, you will come across a section labeled QoS. Quality of Service is an essential feature since it prioritizes particular connections over the rest. If, for instance, you like streaming videos through your smart TV or playing console games, this feature is quite useful. You can boost the wifi connections in your mobile device by turning off the QoS settings.

Let your device use the 2.4 GHz band

Let your device use the 2.4 GHz bandCan you connect wifi and Bluetooth at the same time?

Are you using a dual-band router? Such routers use two bands, namely 5GHz and 2.4 GHz band. Try setting your device such that it only uses the 2.4 GHz band. This is because auto settings in the router sometimes cause wifi connectivity problems. To make these changes proceed to system settings then wifi. Click on the menu button then choose the wifi frequency band. Change the settings from Auto to 2.4 GHz only.

Check the time and date on your mobile device and router

Any discrepancy between the smartphone’s time and date in relation to the router can also lead to wifi connection problems. You should, therefore, ensure that the date and time on your smartphone are correct. To make the necessary changes, go to settings, then click on the date and time. Check the sections labeled automatic time zone and automatic time and date. Once you have done this, check if you can now access the apps.

Turn off wifi optimization

Wifi optimization is an option that is used for battery saving. It does not, however, improve the wifi performance. As you attempt to save battery, turning this option on can reduce the performance of some apps on your phone. You should turn the wifi optimization off so that the apps on your phone can work well on wifi.

What can make certain apps not to work on wifi but work on mobile data
How to fix this problem
The router’s settings
Turn them off and use a different security protocol
Wifi optimization
Turn it off
QoS settings
Ensure that it is turned off
Auto settings in your router
Let your device only use the 2.4GHz band
Discrepancies in the date and time
Ensure that your device is set at the correct time and date.


Wifi connectivity issues are sometimes challenging to fix, especially when you don’t know the cause. If certain apps cannot work on wifi but work well on mobile data, you can try solving this through the options we have provided above. All the best!


Can iPv6 prevent me from accessing certain apps through wifi?

Though this internet communications protocol is known to be effective, it sometimes causes problems with some servers. You should, therefore, consider disabling IPv6.

What if I currently use WPA2 and still experiencing this problem?

Consider changing your encryption mode to AES.

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