CenturyLink C1100T vs C1000A – What modem should I consider for my CenturyLink Internet?

Although the internet technological landscape has changed rapidly, it still remains essential to have a good modem in your home to access the internet – after all, it makes a major difference to whether your internet connection is seamless or you struggle with a bogged down network connection.

CenturyLink is among the largest telecommunications companies in the country, and it always helps to use reliable routers to maximize its services. Among these options are the C1100T and the C1000A, which we will do a review of to see which one works best for your needs – whatever they are.


What are the differences between the C1100T and C1000A?

Dimensions (inches)
9.84 x 6.69 x 3.7 inches
5.6 x 9.0 x 1.6 inches
Wireless protocol
CenturyLink Prism TV and CenturyLink internet
CenturyLink internet

CenturyLink C1100T vs. C1000A – How do they compare?

Wi-Fi protocols in use

Wireless standards are an important consideration in the router you choose, as certain protocols create faster connections compared to others.

The C1000A modem uses 802.11n, g, and b standards, which give it the benefits of both bandwidth and range, as well as connection stability. However, as the b and g protocols are older than the n protocol, the internet connection is slower and less stable in the C1000A, although their lower implementation costs allow you to purchase the modem at a cheaper cost.

On the other hand, the C1100T uses 802.11n, which improves on the speed and reliability of the 802.11g standard by boosting the bandwidth through MIMO technology. Its improved signal intensity also allows its compatibility with different devices to increase, especially if they use the 802.11a, b, or g standard.

Comparing the two, we find that the C1100T is the better choice as your internet connection is likely to remain stable throughout use, as well as a slightly faster connection on CenturyLink’s DSL network.

Number of ports

The C1000A has 6 ports – 1 DSL port, 1 phone port, and 4 Ethernet ports. On the other hand, the C1100T has 8 ports; one DSL port, one phone port, one WAN port, four Ethernet ports, and one USB port.

Ports are ultimately important to the versatility of your router, despite the wireless DSL internet connection both these modems provide to their users – nothing beats the stability and faster speeds that wired connections give you. Ultimately, you are better off with more ports to facilitate faster and easier connectivity, which means that the C1100T is the better choice between the two.

Compatibility with different devices

While the C1100T is compatible with both CenturyLink Prism TV and CenturyLink internet, the C1000A is only compatible with CenturyLink internet service. Therefore, if you want a modem that allows you to connect both your TV service and other devices to the internet in a stable connection format, the C1100T is the slightly better choice between the two.

Energy efficiency

Although this may seem like a minor difference, it is still quite significant between these two modems, and the growing consciousness of sustainable energy denote a growing importance of choosing efficient internet access equipment.

The C1000A is a router that tends to overheat during usage, likely due to the additional Wi-Fi protocols it uses as well as its power demands. Unfortunately, it does not include a power-saving mode in its extra features, unlike the C1100T, so it still consumes high amounts of power even during inactive periods.

On the other hand, the C1100T includes a power saving mode among its extra features, which allows you to use it for long periods without worrying about overheating problems and reduction of its long-term efficiency.

Therefore, the C1100T is a better choice for users who are conscious of energy-saving equipment, as well as improving its long-term durability as its inner components do not wear out as quickly.


CenturyLink C1100T vs. C1000A – A comparison review

The C1100T review

If you want a reliable and overall stable internet connection, the C1100T is a worthwhile consideration. Since it relies on the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, it will ensure your connection remains steady and reliable at all times.

It has a 2.4GHz frequency band that spreads out the coverage area, and you will appreciate its ease of setup and use. It also comes with unique security aspects, which include DMZ, intrusion prevention and detection features, and SPIF (State Package Inspection Firewalls). These features make it a great choice if you have a static IP, as it will provide you adequate online protection as you browse through the internet.


  • Quite affordable compared to most modems
  • Good security features
  • Includes all accessories you will need during setup and use
  • Plenty of ports that include USB and Ethernet


  • Lacks a 5GHz frequency band
  • Does not have support for dual Wi-Fi standards
  • May not offer fast internet speeds due to its reliance on a 2.4GHz band

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The C1000A review

ActionTec Model C1000A Modem and Wireless-N Router and Self-Install Kit
  • Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n Wireless Built In
  • Uses Encription Modes: WPA, WEP, and WPA2 for enhanced security

This is among the strongest routers available for most internet connections today, thanks to its inclusion of a dual core 32-bit processor, Gigabit Ethernet switch, and powerful wireless N radio. This also allows it to support plenty of high-bandwidth multimedia applications, including online gaming, media sharing, and IPTV.

The best aspect of the modem is its reliability and backward compatibility with earlier Wi-Fi standards, which lets you connect to any DSL plan that you can access, while still using a stable home internet network.


  • Fast enough to comfortably handle high-bandwidth applications
  • Relatively affordable compared to other routers
  • Includes plenty of features for a DSL modem


  • Tends to overheat and lose connection quite frequently
  • Can experience random periodic reboots

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Conclusion: So, which is better? The C1100T or the C1000A?

While DSL internet is largely on its way out, CenturyLink still relies heavily on it, which makes it necessary to use a compatible router. After analyzing both options in this review, we find the C1100T is our preferred choice as it provides a stable internet connection that covers a wide area in your home.



Do all CenturyLink modems need routers to function optimally?

Yes, CenturyLink modems need routers, as they fulfill separate roles and do not replace each other. The good news is that CenturyLink, like most ISPs, provide both routers and modems in one device, helping you to save costs.

Will I need to install a landline to use the C1000A modem?

Yes, in most cases. CenturyLink configures their DSL routers, including the C1000A, to work alongside landline phones.

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