5 Best Mesh WiFi Systems for Xfinity in 2021 (Reviews and Guide)

Here are the best mesh WiFi systems compatible with XFinity.

If you are planning a WiFi system upgrade to the mesh system, and you have XFinity as your ISP, you need to make sure that the selected mesh system is compatible with XFinity and that it will ensure the best performance at all times.

You don’t want to realize that you make a mistake a little too late or to, later on, learn that you could have saved money if you bought a different mesh system. So, as you look at the mesh system that offers optimal coverage for your entire home, you also need to confirm XFinity compatibility.

To save you time (and money), we’ve taken time to review and analyze some of the mesh WiFi systems purported to be the best on the market today, and have narrowed down the list to the mesh systems below.

Comparison Table: 5 Best Mesh WiFi systems for XFinity

5 Best Mesh WiFi systems for XFinity
Best For
Speed/ Coverage
WiFi Protocol
Google WiFi NLS-1304-25 System (3-Pack)
Best Overall Mesh System


2 Ethernet ports



TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh WiFi System (3-Pack)
Large Home Coverage


6 Ethernet ports



Amazon eero Pro Mesh WiFi System (3-Pack)
Best Splurge


6 Ethernet ports



Meshforce M1 Whole-Home Mesh WiFi System
Best WiFi Performance System


1Ethernet port



NETGEAR Orbi RBK50 Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System
Best High-Performance Mesh System


3 Ethernet ports




5 Best Mesh WiFi systems for XFinity

  1. Google WiFi NLS-1304-25 System (3-Pack) – Best Overall Mesh System

Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage (NLS-1304-25),White
  • A new type of connected system for seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home, helping eliminate dead...
  • Replaces your current router, and works your modem and internet service. It’s compatible with major...

Designed as a whole-home network running on the XFinity system, and also capable of integrating with major smart home systems, this Google Mesh System is one of the best on the market today. The best part is that it is designed to replace a traditional router, and it works with all modems seamlessly.

This 3-pack mesh system offers extensive coverage of up to 4500sq/ft. while one mesh has coverage of 1500sq/ft. If you have a larger space or need bigger coverage, you could also add one more node.

Regarding performance, this mesh system features the Network Assist Technology, a function that will ensure you enjoy the fastest internet speeds at all times by selecting the clearest/ least congested channels and the fastest bands.

Each of these mesh systems offers speeds of 1200Mbps, and expanding the system with three packs means access to speeds of 3600Mbps, good enough for the whole-home performance. Then you have two Gigabit Ethernet ports (WAN and LAN), which ensure the best internet speeds.


  • Excellent device integration
  • Ease of use
  • Extensive coverage
  • Ethernet ports for wired connectivity
  • Simple, elegant design


  • No dedicated backhaul channel
  • The nodes have no Ethernet ports

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  1. TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh WiFi System (3-Pack) – Large Home Coverage

TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System(Deco M5) –Up to 5,500 sq. ft. Whole Home Coverage and 100+ Devices,WiFi Router/Extender Replacement, Anitivirus, 3-pack
  • If you're looking to ditch your traditional router extender setup for a whole Home Wi-Fi system, put the...
  • Better coverage than traditional Wi-Fi routers: Deco M5 uses 3 units working seamlessly to create a mesh...

With extensive coverage of up to 5500sq/ft., this mesh network promises the best whole-home coverage for your entire home. It boasts excellent multi-device connectivity for at least 100 devices, and it’s a great replacement for traditional routers and WiFi extenders. The best part is that this mesh system will be the end of spotty internet or dead zones.

This mesh system is also an excellent option for you, offering seamless and the most stable wireless system. Seamless roaming means easy setup since you only have to deal with one SSID and password.

Its adaptive routing technology means that the mesh system automatically selected the least congested and the fastest path for device connectivity, and the most flexible connections.

It features QoS, which ensures the best device prioritization, MU-MIMO for seamless device streaming and connectivity, and TrendMicro for the best security system. Each unit comes with two Ethernet ports for wired connections.

Regarding ISPs, this system is ideal for internet plans offering high speeds up to 450Mbps.


  • Guest WiFi access
  • Ethernet ports
  • High speeds
  • Large coverage MU-MIMO and QoS for maximum throughput.
  • TrendMicroTM
  • Easy setup and use
  • Efficient 2.4GHz band for best performance


  • None

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  1. Amazon eero Pro Mesh WiFi System (3-Pack) – Best Splurge

Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system - 3-Pack
  • Whole-home WiFi system - The Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system (3 eero Pros) replaces the traditional WiFi...
  • eero 2nd generation - With the most intelligent mesh WiFi technology and powerful hardware, the eero 2nd...

Designed to work with most of the smart home systems, with compatibility for XFinity among other leading mesh systems, the eero mesh system is one of the best mesh systems on the market today. It boasts the most intelligent mesh WiFi technology systems as well as powerful hardware, which allows for the delivery of high speeds and excellent performance at all times.

You might also like this mesh system because it is backward compatible with all the 1st generation Amazon eero products. The mesh network system also features TrueMesh Technology, which allows you to leverage the power of multiple wireless access points for the best wireless systems.

It’s easy to set up, and the world-class security features in this mesh system make it a great investment for your smart home network. Then you have the 6 Ethernet ports, two on each node, and the device’s support for internet speeds up to 550Mbps. If you are a gamer, the wired system means low latency and maximum internet speeds.

Thanks to its design, it’s ideal for spaces up to 6,000sq/ft., while the tri-band system ensures high-speed connectivity at all times. The Eero Mesh WiFi system supports a maximum of 128 wireless devices.


  • Real-time content filtering
  • Ease of use
  • 6 Ethernet ports for great wired connections
  • Parental and malware controls
  • Expandable system


  • Only one Ethernet port
  • Monthly subscription required for content filtering

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  1. Meshforce M1 Whole-Home Mesh WiFi System – Best WiFi Performance System

This 3-pack whole-home mesh system is one of the best mesh systems offering coverage for at least six bedrooms. It features a dual-band design, and theTrueMesh technology ensures that this upgraded mesh system boasts the best, seamless, and the most reliable internet connections.

MU-MIMO technology is the other feature of this mesh system that allows for the simultaneous multi-device internet access that relieves internet congestion in dense and busy networks.

The installation of this mesh system is easy and well-optimized for use by anyone. The mesh network’s app allows for easy network management, the addition of new nodes, placement of the nodes, and the management of the channels/ bands. You can add up to 6 meshforce points/ nodes, driving the system’s potential to at least 10,000sq/ft.

The app is compatible with XFinity and other leading networks, and it allows for a 4500sq/ft. Coverage. Some of the security features for this WiFi system include Guest access, WPA/WPA2 security levels.


  • Seamless network roaming with one SSID and password
  • Allows up to 6 mesh points
  • Parental controls
  • Secure connections
  • Dual-band system
  • Strong WiFi signals
  • Guest network access
  • Easy network management
  • Maximum throughout 1200Mbps/ pack
  • Reliable maximum internet support up to 100Mbps from XFinity


  • Only one Ethernet port

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  1. NETGEAR Orbi RBK50 Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System – Best High-Performance Mesh System

NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System with 3Gbps Speed (RBK50) – Router & Extender Replacement Covers Up to 5,000 sq. ft., 2-Pack Includes 1 Router & 1 Satellite White
  • Ultra-performance Mesh WiFi network blankets every inch of your home in super fast and seamless WiFi...
  • Eliminates WiFi dead zones and buffering - 5,000 square feet of consistent coverage - with speeds up to...

Netgear Orbi is an excellent whole-home mesh system that offers excellent performance, especially for larger spaces. It delivers the best speedy seamless roaming systems, and it boasts the easiest installation systems.

With Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output designed to offer the best simultaneous streaming to multiple devices, along with an app that ensures the best management of the network, this mesh system could easily be the best investment you make for your smart home.

The performance of this mesh is further enhanced by the six internal antennas, which are designed to deliver high speeds of 400Mbps and 866Mbps on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. On top of these bands, there is the third band, a backhaul band purely dedicated to communication between the satellite nodes and the base station/ router.

The back of the router has three Gigabit Ethernet ports, along with one WAN port and a USB 2.0 port for the best wired connections. The mesh system also features a seamless roaming system, which means that you can set up the whole system using one SSID and passwords.

The mesh system’s advanced security section of the app allows for easy setup of parental controls and overall network management. There is a traffic meter there too, and it allows for the management of traffic statistics along with your upload and download speeds.

Beamforming and MU-MIMO technologies ensure target high-speed signals to all connected devices, while MU-MIMO allows for simultaneous connectivity between multiple devices. The other features designed to improve the performance of this mesh system include static routing, port forwarding, and VPN service.


  • Easy installation
  • Great network management
  • Easy to configure
  • MU-MIMO for simultaneous device connectivity


  • It’s expensive
  • A little bulky

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Buying Guide for the Best Mesh WiFi System for Xfinity

XFinity by Comcast is a leading entertainment provider in the countries, and it is believed that its services cover as much as 35% of the population. This ISP offers cable internet services but recently rolled out its fiber services, gaining a stronger hold in the market.

To ensure that every consumer has the best internet access to match their needs, this company offers different internet plans with varying speeds from 25Mbps to 1000Mbps, which means that you get to choose what you can afford for the best experience.

If you are not sure if you should switch to XFinity or not, you should know that this ISP offers elegant features like the XFinity Flex, an intuitive dashboard designed to make your search across platforms like Prime Video and Netflix super easy. They also offer unlimited data options, and they allow for easy portability of service for anyone planning to move.

Now that you know everything you need to know about the XFinity Internet service provider, it’s time to look at mesh WiFi systems that are compatible with XFinity Internet.

Essentially, you are looking for the Mesh WiFi system designed to offer the best internet connectivity on the XFinity network. And since mesh systems work better and are more reliable than traditional routers and modems, you will be happy with your investment. Just make sure that it has the necessary firmware features allowing for perfect operation.

How then do you determine the wireless mesh system for the XFinity network?

What is a mesh wireless system?

Before we look at the features that you need to look out for in mesh systems, it’s important for you to understand what the system is, exactly, and how it works.

The mesh WiFi system is a home network that features an integrated set of devices that work together seamlessly, extending the network coverage to otherwise hard-to-reach areas/ dead zones in your home, while offering high internet speeds.

Though expensive than traditional routers, they boast an unrivaled level of performance, and you don’t have to worry about fiddling with the settings for the desired performance.

The mesh system makes use of advanced mesh technology that allows communication between the networking components. For seamless communication and best performance, this system features one main router that’s connected to your XFinity modem directly, along with a series of satellite nodes or modules.

Thanks to the connectivity and the seamless communication between the units, the system makes use of one wireless network sharing a single SSID and password.

Note that each of the satellite nodes in the mesh system works as a hop-point for the rest of the nodes, which means that the farthest nodes are able to deliver strong WiFi signals throughout.

This communication between the nodes and the router rather than one-on-one communications with the router is the reason for the exceptional performance of the mesh system.

Setup and Network Management of Mesh Systems

The setup and network management of the mesh systems are quite easy, with each mesh system equipped with an app that means easy setup and management.

You can add nodes with ease, the apps guide on the placement of each node, and you get to select the best WiFi channels for optimal performance/ throughput. The mesh wireless network is also easily expandable for larger coverage.

Features of the best mesh wireless networks

Multi-band design

The best of these mesh system comes with dual or tri-band systems running on the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz channels, often using 802.11ac wireless technology. The presence of more than one channel means that each system offers high signal speeds and excellent coverage throughout the house. While the 5GHz band offers the highest-speed signals at a short-range, the 2.4GHz band boasts a larger range, which means more coverage, albeit at a slower speed.

ISP Internet speeds

You might not be ready to hear this, but if you are planning to buy the highest-speed mesh system for your home, you need to make sure that you are subscribed to your ISP’s premium plans. The speeds you get to enjoy at home are only as high as what the ISP offers, nothing more. So, check your plans again and upgrade if you need to. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need the highest-speed mesh system.

Advanced technological features

Some of the technologies that make the best mesh WiFi systems include Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output/ MU-MIMO, a technological feature that allows for the simultaneous streaming of data to multiple devices.

Beamforming is the other technology common with mesh systems, and it ensures targeting of the wireless signals to your devices for the best performance and maximum throughput.

Band steering is common with some mesh systems, and it automatically picks the least crowded band on the network, hence the best internet connection.


Mesh WiFi networks are largely high-end systems that promise excellent performance, and you need to get the best high-speed options the market has to offer for the best performance.

But as mentioned above, don’t buy a mesh system/ router whose top-speeds is beyond the speeds from your ISP, unless you are planning to upgrade everything, including XFinity subscription. For consumer-grade internet connections, the fastest connection available is 1Gbps, via cable or fiber.

However, thanks to the design of the mesh systems and the communication system between the nodes and the base station/ router, these systems offer remarkable performance and top wireless speeds ranging from about 2.2Gbps to highs of 6Gbps. These high-speed systems allow for multi-device connectivity at the maximum possible speeds.

If you are on a budget, know that you don’t need the highest/ gigabit speeds for 4K UHD streaming.

Ethernet ports

Don’t forget to look out for the mesh systems that feature Ethernet ports because you need the ports for the best wired connections.

Mesh wireless systems have Ethernet ports on the nodes, as well as the base station. These ports make it easy for you to connect multiple devices to the network. If you are a gamer, you know that nothing beats the power of a stable internet connection, and the best part is that these mesh systems are capable of providing that.


The range of the mesh system should match the size and complexity of your home’s design. The good news is that you can always add extra nodes to widen your home’s coverage.

Smart Home Integration

Besides compatibility with XFinity, make sure that the mesh system you settle on will integrate with your smart home system seamlessly.

The other features you need to keep in mind include access to guest networking, parental controls, as well as device prioritization.


What is the cost of renting an XFinity modem?

The current market rate for the modem is $14/month and $168/year.

Which are the best wireless standards?

You will come across different wireless standards, and since they determine the speed and the performance of the system, make sure that the mesh system runs on the latest wireless protocols/ standards. 802.11ac, 802.11ad, and 802.11ax are the latest standards, with the last two offering the super-fast internet speeds. The good news, however, is that the performance of the systems running on the 802.11ac standard is equally stellar.

What is QoS?

Quality of Service or QoS refers to the feature that allows for the prioritization traffic to the devices on your network. This feature is common in all high-end mesh network systems.


There are numerous mesh WiFi systems on the market today, but the ones reviewed above are some of the best systems on the market today. They are all designed to meet your varying needs with ease.

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