Amazon Prime Video not working on Fire TV Stick – Causes and how to fix

Amazon Prime Video like most streaming services runs smoothly without issues. However, at some point you’ll experience some issues. These are common technological issues. 

Your Amazon Prime Video is not working on a Fire TV stick because your account may be inactive, your app is not up-to-date or you don’t have enough internet bandwidth. This can be resolved by ensuring your account is active, rebooting your Fire TV Stick, uninstalling and reinstalling your Prime Video app or restarting your router.  

These issues might be in the form of: 

  1. Your Prime Video app keeps crashing or showing errors
  2. You have a frozen or blank screen
  3. Your videos have audio and/or visual problems

A summary table of causes of Amazon Prime Video not working on Fire TV Stick and how to fix

How to fix
Amazon Video Prime app not working on Fire TV stick.
Your Prime Video account is inactive.


Your internet bandwidth is not enough.


Amazon Prime Video software not up-to-date.

Check to ensure your account is active, and pay the subscription fee if it’s not.


Check your internet connection and restart your router.


Launch Prime Video app on another device.


Reboot your Fire stick.


Clear cache on Prime Video app.


Update your Prime Video app software.


Stop other processes using your internet.


Reset your Fire TV stick to default settings.

Causes and how to fix

Ensure your Amazon Prime Video account is active


  1. Ensure your account is in good standing with subscription payment as Prime Video isn’t free.
  2. Visit your Prime Video account settings page and ensure its paid for and active.

Check your Internet connection


  1. Ensure your router or mobile data has a stable internet connection by running a Speed test on Google.
  2. Reset the router by unplugging its power cable from the power source and plugging it back after a few minutes.
  3. Check to confirm if Prime Video is back on.

If the issue persists, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance.

Open Prime Video on another device


  1. Run Amazon Prime Video on another device or run it in a web browser.
  2. If it works, then reboot your Fire TV Stick as it’s the one with the problem.
  3. Once rebooting is complete, try the Netflix app again.

Reboot your Fire TV Stick


You can do a restart using two ways: 

  1. By pressing and holding down theSelect and Play/Pause buttons together on your Fire TV Stick remote.
  2. You can also restart it by going to your home screen and select Settings > Device > Restart
  3. Once it completes restarting, try opening the Prime Video app.

Update Prime Video app


  1. Find and highlight the Prime Video app and press the Menu button. A menu appears on your screen’s lower right corner.
  2. Select More Info to proceed to Prime Video’s detail page. If there’s an update available, then you should be able to see an Update button
  3. Select Update to perform an update.

Clear cache

Cache is temporary data on the Fire TV stick that prime Video stores while operating. One of the most common causes of apps not working correctly is because of corrupt cache or the cache being too large. The solution in both cases is to clear cache.


  1. To return to the Fire TV Stick home page, press the Home button.
  2. Go to the setting menu and select Applications.
  3. Select Managed Installed Applications and select Prime Video to clear its cache.
  4. Finally select Clear cache then go back and launch the Prime Video app.

You may also use the above steps and clear other app’s cache as well cookies on web browsers such as Firefox.

Update Fire TV Stick

Software updates are released regularly by Amazon and you need to keep your device up-to-date. Your Fire TV Stick might be outdated and all it takes is a software update.


  1. Press the Home button to go to your home screen and navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Device/System > About.
  3. Select Install Update or Check for Updates to perform an update. Your Fire TV Stick is up to date if you see ‘Check for Update’.
  4. Your TV will go off and the updates will be installed. This might take 5-15 minute, don’t unplug your TV from the power source.

Stop unnecessary internet activity

Amazon Prime Video will not work on your Fire TV stick if you have low internet speeds. In case you share your network with others or you’re performing another action such as downloading big files, then your internet speed will be low.

Disconnect other unnecessary devices and pause any other action on the network. You can ensure your router and Fire TV Stick are closer together.

Reset your Fire TV Stick

For your app to work properly on your Fire TV Stick, you may sometimes be forced to clear cache, clear data or install and uninstall it. However, what if your Prime Video is still not working correctly? You can do a factory reset which deletes all your apps, settings and clears data stored on your Fire TV Stick which returns your device to how it first came, with no customization.


  1. Go to your home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote control.
  2. Go to Settings and select System/Device.
  3. Select Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset.
  4. Give your Fire stick time to finish performing a reset and once it’s done, set it up again.

You sometimes are not able to access your settings menu due to a black or frozen screen. Press the right side of the circle and back buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.

Confirm that you want to proceed or not with factory reset, if you don’t, then your system will automatically do a factory reset.


In order to get back up on your Fire TV Stick with much inconvenience, follow the above troubleshooting solutions from the simplest one that doesn’t involve a lot to the complex ones.


 Is it possible to uninstall Amazon Prime Video app from my Fire TV Stick?

 You can’t uninstall Prime Video app or any other apps that come preinstalled with the device.

Why is my Amazon Fire TV Stick not updating?

If you’re unable to update your Fire TV Stick, it could be because of your internet connection. Check your internet device and troubleshoot where necessary.

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