How does tethering work?

Wi-Fi tethering

With the increased growth of Wi-Fi hotspots, the use of tethering has become scarcer over the years. However, tethering is an excellent resource for people looking for internet access on the go. Many people look for ways and technologies that enable them to connect to the internet while on the go. While there are numerous … Read more

How does a hotspot work?

How to have unlimited hotspot

Are you looking for internet connectivity on various devices while on the go? Your mobile phone could just be the answer. Despite Wi-Fi connectivity being available in most areas, there are certain places where there is no Wi-Fi connectivity. It is normal for your cell phone to provide internet access using mobile data, but it … Read more

Does using mobile hotspot hurt your phone?

no coax outlet

When using the mobile hotspot feature on your smartphone, you transform it into a little hotspot hub for nearby devices. However, does using mobile hotspot hurt your phone? Just about every smartphone can work like a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot. Using your phone as a hotspot allows users to share their cellular data with other devices, … Read more

Why is my wifi signal weak all of a sudden?

wifi signal weak

If you have been having problems with your wifi signal at home, you need to find out why this sometimes happens. A poor wireless signal can slow you down, especially when you depend on the internet to work from home or play online games. Though wireless routers have simplified our lives, certain obstacles can affect … Read more

What modems are compatible with Xfinity voice?

What modems are compatible with Xfinity voice

Do you own Xfinity voice service? You should consider buying a compatible modem that features a phone jack. Some of the options that you can pick from include Arris SVG2482AC, Netgear C7100v Nighthawk, and Motorola MT7711. Each modem comes with distinct features that you should focus on as you compare them. We will discuss these … Read more