What to do with old CenturyLink modem?

Anytime we purchase a new router or modem, the older one stops being as useful as it was when it was new. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should throw it in one of the cupboards in your home to gather dust.

Currently, several people are working from home, meaning that everyone is looking to upgrade their internet for faster speeds and increased bandwidths. Other people are looking out for better services, while other have been won over by cheaper internet deals, so they prefer to change internet providers. As a general rule of thumb, most internet service providers claim that you can only use their services if you also use their routers and modems. All these mean that most people are often left with a spare router or modem, and there is a huge possibility that most routers and modems will end up being disposed of. So, what do you do with all the old routers and modems lying around your house?

You can use it as a guest Wi-Fi connection, return it to a CenturyLink store near you, and configure it to play internet radio, sell it to someone who needs it more, or donate it.

What can I do with an old modem?

The table below gives a summary of all the things you can do with an old CenturyLink modem/router.

What to do
Use it as a guest Wi-Fi connection
The modem connects to your already existing, password-protected network. However, it gives new devices password-free access
Return it to a CenturyLink store near you
To avoid any unnecessary costs, it is important to return CenturyLink equipment to their rightful owners when you are switching providers, when you purchase your own device or when you need a replacement
Configure it to play internet radio
As long as you are ready to install the DD-WRT or OpenWrt custom router/modem firmware and purchase a USB soundcard, you can always configure an old modem to play internet radio
Sell it to someone who needs it more
There is always someone looking for a more affordable modem or you can always find tech collectors that can pay a hefty price for an old modem. So, just sell it!
Donate your old modem
Some organizations that rely on good will are often comfortable working with reliable internet speeds. Donating the modem can always help them out.

Can I use old CenturyLink modem?

Yes, you can. However, an old modem isn’t as efficient as a new one. Generally, as modems get older, internet service providers including CenturyLink have to faze all of them out of use. Retired/older modems may connect to the internet, but you are likely to experience multiple connection issues and it may not deliver optimized internet service. While troubleshooting your device may help you for a while, it may not be a long-term solution.

Instead, you should consider replacing an old CenturyLink modem as soon as you are able to. When ready to upgrade your modem, you can always call the CenturyLink customer service line and order a new modem. Also, you should consult with the representative assigned to you about finding the most ideal modem that aligns with your CenturyLink internet plans, needs, and preferences.

Can I return my modem to CenturyLink store/Do I need to return my CenturyLink modem?

Yes, you can and you need to, especially if you are renting the device. Whether moving, upgrading or cancelling any service, it is your responsibility to successfully return CenturyLink equipment in good time.

There are several reasons why you would need to return your CenturyLink modem or router. More often than not, it is either because you are not getting fast internet from CenturyLink or because of port connectivity. It could also be because you were given a malfunctioning device from the get go. In addition to that, it can be because you have chosen to change internet providers. Whichever side of the spectrum you are on, you are eligible for returning the modem or router that you had received from CenturyLink.

When returning their equipment, do it as soon as possible. While at it, ensure that the modem or router is in very good condition and undamaged. You should also package it perfectly, label it and ship it to the CenturyLink store. Do not forget that it is your responsibility to ensure that the modem or router get to the CenturyLink store safely. So, you should always track the shipment until it gets to the rightful owner. Otherwise, you will be subjected to a hefty fine.

What should you keep in mind when returning CenturyLink modems and routers?

If you aren’t too careful, you may find yourself paying for what you didn’t really intend for. That said, you should keep the following tips in mind to avoid any challenges when returning CenturyLink equipment;

  • Ensure to have some form of proof or record to show that you have shipped the equipment. You should take a video and maintain a receipt, just in case the shipment doesn’t get to its rightful owner (CenturyLink).
  • Ensure that you have packaged the modem or router very well to avoid any damages during shipment. To be safe, you can write the word ‘fragile’ on the package, so that anyone who comes across the package can handle it with care.
  • Continuously track the equipment to avoid incurring any loses in the long run.


Technology changes faster than you know it and as this happens, network equipment is bound to stop working as efficiently as it did when it was first produced. So, if you have had a modem for a prolonged period of time, upgrading to a newer one might be beneficial for you in the long run.


  1. Where do I turn in my CenturyLink modem?

To return your CenturyLink modem, the first thing you need to do is to contact support staff so that they can provide you with an ideal drop off location closer to where you are.

  1. Can I use my friend’s old modem?

The answer to this question depends on the service that your friend had and what you currently have. At first, you may not successfully access the internet after setting up the credentials. However, once you call tech support and have them align your ‘PPOE credentials’, you are good to go.

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