TiVo edge vs TiVo Roamio

TiVo Roamio vs TiVo edge

Are you looking for a serviceable DVR, with a modern interface, streaming convenience and comes at an affordable price? Find a convenient DVR for you in this TiVo edge vs TiVo Roamio comparison. From the late 90’s TiVo has changed the way people view television. The company paved way for many DVR companies today. For … Read more

Roku vs. Sling – How you can enjoy endless entertainment with a media streamer

Is Roku worth it?

Streaming players are slowly replacing traditional cable networks. If you need a convenient way to access multimedia content, you should consider streaming players such as Roku or Sling. These two can help you get on-demand content and prevent you from paying expensive cable costs.  Roku and Sling are competitive media streamers that continue gaining the … Read more

Roku vs. Firestick vs. Chromecast – Eliminate the confusion of choosing the best streamers

Roku vs. Firestick vs. Chromecast

The market contains streaming devices that make shopping for the best one a difficult task. If you are searching for one, some of the options you may have come across include Firestick, Roku, and Chromecast. Find out how they compare! Streaming devices may have the same function but different features. Every manufacturer of such devices … Read more

Roku vs. Firestick vs. Apple TV- What you should expect from different streamers

Amazon Firestick keeps losing the internet connection

Streaming different films has become easy today thanks to the introduction of streaming devices. Some of the streaming players you can choose include Roku, Firestick, or Apple TV. These are portable streaming devices that take entertainment to a higher level. Though all of them allow you to access different services, picking the right one for … Read more