Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi: Which is better?

Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi

Without a doubt, the world is leaning more towards embracing an era of wireless technology as they provide the flexibility and convenience of accessing internet from anywhere in the world. However, wired Ethernet connections still have many advantages over Wi-Fi. Let us review which provides a better and more reliable connection between Ethernet and Wi-Fi. … Read more

Is Ethernet safer than Wi-Fi?

Ethernet keeps disconnecting windows 10

Upstream and downstream power levels are crucial when determining if your modem router or cable modem receives enough power. But, how do you increase downstream power levels if they are too low? Cable signal levels must satisfy three signal levels to ensure optimum performance. These three signal levels include upstream levels, downstream levels, and Signal … Read more

WLAN vs. Wi-Fi- What is the difference?

Hotspot vs. Wi-Fi

Contrary to popular belief, WLAN and Wi-Fi is not the same thing. WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network, while Wi-Fi refers to Wireless Fidelity. Read on to discover the differences and similarities between WLAN and Wi-Fi. Over the years, data communications have improved immensely as people can share files and information with more comfort … Read more

Why is the wire twisted in a cat5 cable?

wire twisted in a cat5

Since 1881 when Alexander Graham Bell patented twisted-pair wires, they are increasingly popular in data communications. But, why is the wire twisted in Cat5 cables specifically? Twisted cables are one of the more popular forms of wiring used in the application of data communication. These wires provide the actual path over which electrical signals flow … Read more

Why does my Wi-Fi router keep turning off?

my Wi-Fi router keep turning off

If you are experiencing issues on your connected device that results from your Wi-Fi router turning off repeatedly, it could be because of multiple reasons. Let us take a look at some common issues and ways to fix them. Wi-Fi routers have become increasingly popular over the years. They allow people to connect to the … Read more