Can YouTube TV do picture in picture

Is 5mbps fast enough for YouTube

YouTube TV is a streaming TV service that offers a wide range of video services including live TV, on-demand video, and cloud-based DVR from over 85 TV networks. The streaming TV space is still rapidly changing with the latest feature being picture-in-pictureallowingone to continue watching videos on YouTube TV while using other apps. YouTube TV … Read more

Can I unplug my router and move it

What happens when you unplug router

Internet connection depends on your router and other devices connected to it. Sometimes, we want to move a router to another room or location especially if the internet speeds are slow. Wireless routers are very important devices since they’re all that we connect our wireless devices to including phones, PCs, and other devices. So, can … Read more

Can I move my Wi-Fi router to another house

Can I move my Wi-Fi router to another house

When changing houses, we all strive to keep everything the same to avoid changing a lot of things. This helps us to familiarize ourselves with the new surroundings faster and settle quickly. Besides, you may wish to take your Wi-Fi router and connect it from a friend’s house if yours isn’t for instance working. Since … Read more

Best UPS for modem and router

How long will a UPS run a router

The time duration it takes a UPS to power a router and modem is proportionate to the UPS rating. This is true since the higher the UPS capacity the more the router and modem will last. Hence, it’s more expensive to purchase a UPS will a higher rating compared to one will a lower rating. … Read more

Best SIM card in Germany for students

Best SIM card in Germany for students

The cost of cellular data, calls, and texts is proportionate to the SIM card provider. This is because different SIM card companies offer different rates. As a student in Germany, you want a SIM card that not only enables you to communicate but also at an affordable price. The best SIM Cards With that, let’s … Read more

Best coaxial cable for internet

Best coaxial cable for internet

We use a coaxial cable to connect our PCs to the internet. The cost of a coaxial cable is proportionate to its length and quality. The longer the coaxial cable, the more it costs and the wider the range it can cover. Coaxial cables are insulated and hence are less affected by interference even in … Read more

(Fixed) Windows 10 Wi-Fi disconnects frequently

Windows 10 Wi-Fi disconnects frequently

Despite being one of the most reliable operating systems, some Windows 10 users have reported online that they have encountered issues including frequent Wi-Fi disconnects on Windows. Others complain that the Wi-Fi adapter is automatically disabled and can’t be enabled until a restart is performed. Windows 10 Wi-Fi disconnects frequently because the Wi-Fi driver installed … Read more