Access point vs. Router vs. Repeater – What are the differences between these network devices?

Access point vs. Router vs. Repeater

Different devices have been designed to help you access your Wi-Fi with ease and to give you a chance to experience ultimate network performance. Among these devicesare the Wi-Fi access points, wireless routers and wireless repeaters. Let us take a look at the differences of these network devices in enhancing your Wi-Fi experience. As technology … Read more

How does a TP-Link extender work?

How does a TP-Link extender work

Wi-Fi extenders are network devices used to extend the range of the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network for better connectivity in longer distances where your Wi-Fi signal does not reach or in areas that have weak signals. TP-Link is among the manufacturers who make suitable extenders to solve your connectivity issues. Let us expound … Read more