Can I use CenturyLink modem with Cox?

Many internet service providers often allow their customers to rent a modem from them so that they can ensure that it works seamlessly and properly. However, you also have the option to purchase your own modem. But the real question is; can you use a modem supplied by your previous ISP with a different internet provider?

No, it cannot. For example, you cannot use a CenturyLink modem with Cox internet. Normally, if your modem is left over from a cable internet provider, such as CenturyLink, it will not work with Cox internet services. You will have to purchase a new one or rent a modem directly from Cox to access their services. To make this even easier to comprehend, you cannot purchase or rent a modem from one internet provider and use it to access/enjoy services from a different internet service provider. All you have to do is explore other neutral manufactures such as Netgear, Asus, TP-Link, D-Link, and many others that produce universal modems and routers that are compatible with nearly all internet service providers.

Can I use my own modem with Cox?

Yes, you can always use your own modem with Cox internet. However, it is important to note that you cannot use any kind of modem with Cox. All you need is a DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 internet modem.

If you are not sure about whether or not your already existing modem will work with Cox internet plans, you can scroll through their website to acquaint yourself with a list of Cox approved modems. So, why would you want to use your own modem with Cox instead of renting one from the ISP itself? Here are some significant reasons why;

  1. You would like to save on your monthly rental fees

Renting a Cox modem would cost you about $9.99 every month. While this is much cheaper than purchasing a modem instantaneously, it can get quite expensive in the long run. This means that paying a lumpsum of $150 is much cheaper than paying $9.99 every month for a lifetime.

  1. You get to choose your preferred modem

Purchasing your own modem gives you the chance to explore all the high-performing options in the market. Further, this gives you the chance to choose the specific model that matches your specific internet needs and overall preferences.

Can I use a CenturyLink modem as a router?

Not necessarily. However, CenturyLink offers all-in-one modem/routers, which are referred to as a gateway. This gateway allows you to seamlessly connect your Wi-Fi enabled network devices to the internet without additional equipment. This means that this whole concept only works if you are using a combined device.

To make this even simpler to understand, a modem does not have a routing function so it cannot serve as a router. But, you can always use a CenturyLink modem as an extender or a repeater, depending on your specific internet needs.

Based on that background, we can reaffirm the fact that most of the CenturyLink modem/router combos feature electronics and software to provide both functions- acting as a router to create a home network and functioning as a modem that actively communicates with your ISP (CenturyLink). Other times, CenturyLink bundles a phone interface into the same box so that you can always use their VOIP settings.

Which is better – CenturyLink or Cox?

CenturyLink and Cox have been big shots in the telecommunications and network industry for quite some time now. They both offer amazing internet packages to accommodate all their consumer needs and overall preferences. Despite being great internet service providers to pick from, the two differ greatly in terms of their performance, speed and overall online experience. Before we give a verdict, the two tables below show significant differences between the two internet service providers as well as their pros and cons.

Differences between CenturyLink and Cox

Comparison Feature
Type of Service
DSL and Fiber
Price Range
$50 – $65 per month
$19.99 – $99.99 per month
No contracts
1 year contracts
Download Speeds
10 – 940 Mbps
25 Mbps to 1 Gigabit
Rental Equipment fees
A maximum of $15 per month or a one-time fee of $150
A maximum of $10.99 per month
Installation fees
Can cost up to $125
Can cost between $20 and $75

Pros and Cons

Internet Service Provider
–          No contracts on all their internet plans

–          No sudden price hikes

–          They provide fiber internet in some cities

–          Features low-cost plans

–          Offers lots of speeds that you can choose from

–          No contracts on most of their internet plans

–          Wanting customer service

–          DSL internet speeds can be as slow as 15 Mbps

–          Very poor customer service

–          Their high-end plans can dent your wallet


Based on the above comparison, we can deduce that Cox is the best internet option for anyone who is looking for reliable internet speeds and performance. However, CenturyLink internet services are the most ideal option for anyone looking for affordable internet plans, as they can always subscribe to the Price for life guarantee that no other internet service provider can beat.

Final Thoughts

Most routers and modems are compatible with nearly all ISPs that exist. However, you need to ask your service provider directly through calls or check through their website to confirm whether a particular router or modem is compatible with their internet services.


  1. Can you use CenturyLink modem with other provider?

No, you cannot. You might be able to use your own modem with CenturyLink as long as it works with the specific type of technology that CenturyLink uses in that particular area. However, if your modem is left over from cable providers such as CenturyLink, then it will not work with the technologies used by other internet service providers. So, you will have to purchase a new one or rent one from your selected internet provider.

  1. Can a modem work without a router?

Yes. A modem can provide full-time access to the internet with or without the router. However, to get the most out of your internet connection, you need to have a router.

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